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Welcome to the ALL NEW FTS website. Owned by punters for punters FTS is now in it’s 8th year of providing the very best service online for punters of all levels. FTS is Europe’s leading betting portal enabling you access to FREE TIPS, ADVICE and a range of tools/services without equal online leading you to TAX FREE PROFITS no matter what your interest or betting levels. From novice to experienced profitable bettor FTS has everything you need.

6 Steps To Become A Professional Trader !!

6 Steps To Become A Professional Trader!!
FTS Will Give You Everything You Need To Succeed At Betting For FREE!!

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1Run by punters for punters. We will help you and tell you regularly where our money is down across a range of sporting events.

2FREE TIPS – New Regular FREE TIP SERVICE from FTS longstanding member Andrew. A full service covering many sports and also securing regular risk free bets delivered to your inbox

3Our Amazing FREE Email course that will get you going like a Pro Bettor and secure you a further £200 or more in FREE BET income for a couple of hours work

4Ian’s FREE Antepost write ups for the 2015/16 football season. Last season turned up Burton Albion as 16/1 winners


5Full access to the FTS website including Ians Blog and the Free Content in the Learning Zone* and Statolite*