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This has been a terrific and educational journey for me and I would recommend it to anyone serious about improving their trading, betting or punting.

There are three main lessons I’ve learnt:

keep emotions out of decision making;

look for value and don’t put money in the market if you think there isn’t any;

research and keep records.

All common sense but what I lacked, and what FTS has shown me, is how to turn that common sense into common practice.

ScouserKen M.

I have been a member of FTS since its very early days. In those days Ian concentrated on his Lay The Draw system. However since day one Ian has been more interested in teaching people how to gamble correctly than simply producing a list of bets to be used parrot fashion. Over the years the educational aspect of FTS as become more prominent. However Ian as always attempted to bring to the table systems which he believes to be highly profitable. The systems that FTS promote today are not the systems that were promoted several years ago (anyone else remember the spread betting service?). It is this continual education that is the main reason that I still maintain a relationship with Ian and FTS. I know that Ian would help me out if my gambling company into real trouble; not by bailing out but by guiding me and mentoring me to help turn the situation around. Ian has helped me understand that what we do is not ”for fun” but that it is a business; and like any business this requires comprehensive records and an investment of time and energy in order to return rewards. The FTS portfolio does contain some very profitable systems when used correctly; but I’ve also been able to use the knowledge I have gained during my association with Ian to run systems which are not part of the portfolio. For example my main sports trading is in tennis; using the skills I have learned under Ian’s mentorship I have put into place the form analysis, the record-keeping and the betting structure needed to make a profit from this. I very much doubt that without the skills I would be able to trade tennis profitably long-term. In conclusion then I am happy to endorse and recommend and FTS; not for the systems you will gain access to, but for the advice you will gain on how to elevate gambling from a hobby to a successful business. ArthurArthur
Hi Ian, Like to say thanks for all the years of service, I have been a member since the start and still receive the fts selections, very impressed with Ians knowledge and commitment to the whole FTS website, no other websites are like this. I have been a member of the silver service in the past and the info was second to none, last year I missed out because of work commitments, but I intend to rejoin this year. Keep up the good work, Kind Regards Paul RoachPaul R.
Ian and FTS are by far the most important website I ever found in relation to gambling. Ian is straight talking and by his own admission not always right but he is a proven winner and has taught me to be a winner. Last year I made in excess of £12,000 Tax Free using FTS and that is all down to the education Ian has given me. The seminars are a complete insight into how Ian works. The FTS Odds sheets are the best football betting product in the internet bar none by a country mile. I have learned to not system hop, to apply myself and to understand osing streaks and what it takes. Ian works tirelessly to help you if you adopt this approach and has always answered every email I send him. Absolute top service by an absolute TOP MAN. PS – I will also addIan introduced me to Will Lattimore and his horse racing service is the best service I have ever been involved with on horse racing.Dan S.
I have been a member of FTS for around 8 years. Through that time there has been many changes, yet with one consistent criteria; to make members profit. Not just profit but Consistent Profit. Throughout my membership, I have been educated in all aspects of gambling & trading, such as discipline, staking, betting banks, dealing with losing runs, importance of a betting Portfolio, to mention just a few. Eight years ago I was a losing punter, 2014 I average monthly profit of four figures. It’s never easy and I’m still learning. And even now, feeling excited to hear there are new changes coming on line. Finally, I have to say, Ian has been the most important man I have ever met throughout my betting experience. BrianBrian
Hi, I joined FTS in October 2008, having previously dabbled in a few other football systems which were mainly all promise and hit and miss really.I found that FTS taught me discipline and bankroll management and not to chase losses which I had been doing, to the detriment of my bank.Also I began to do research on matches and to keep a record of all my bets and specialising on certain areas of matches was also a new feature for me.I have made some nice profits each year since and would highly recommend FTS! BillBill