Aintree Day 1

I will post my bets for the 3 days. I am too pushed for time to do a synopsis. I will try and do a results round up at end each day but no guarantees if not results will be updated Monday

As with Cheltenham these are my own bets, no system or long term plan, just bets for this meeting, if I come through the meeting unscathed I am happy so you follow at your own peril



La Bague Au Roi £30 Win 2.68 -£30

Glen Forsa £50 Win @5.4 -£30


Christopher Wood £40 Win 14 and £40 Place @ 3.0 £37.6

Pentland Hills £25 Win 3.45 £59.41


Bristol De Mai £50 Win 5.4 -£50


Melon £30 Win 11.5 and £30 Place @ 2.9 -£60

Supasundae £30 Win @ 13 and £30 Place @ 2.92 £405.07


Ucello Conti £30 Win 10.0 -£30

Road To Riches £30 Win @ 24 and £30 Place @ 6.6 £132.96


Eamon An Cnoic £30 Win @ 8.2 -£30

Azzuri 25 Win @ 15.5 NON RUNNER


Farne £25 Win @ 18 and £25 Place @ BSP -£50

The Glancing Queen £25 Win @ 8.8 £189.15

Running – £544.19


11 thoughts on “Aintree Day 1”

  1. To say there is some crap out there is an understatement, especially around the bigger festival events. Add to that the amount they try to charge, on top of the numbers of people they try to sell it too and you have a recipe for disaster. Then factor in their results!

    All of that makes the fact that this is FREE, yes FREE people, UNBELIEVABLE! This and Cheltenham together will probably pay for next years subs if you joined a service! Not just FREE though, for a laugh and a bet and some interest, but FREE and makes a damn good return. Just great information and well presented.

    Just let that sink in a little will ya 🙂 and appreciate the effort behind this and the honesty that goes with it. Not a sales gimmick in sight!

    I am sure he would not mind a few subscribers from it to the racing service, but if they do, they are in for another good ride and it would be worth it! However, that is not why this is done!

    As always Ian, many thanks for the great information along with the winners and profits. Long may it continue!!!

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