Bet Direct Automated Betting


FTS Bet Direct Client Betting


With Betdirect You simply only have two things to worry about.

1.Enter Your Chosen Stakes

2. Press Start


That is all there is to it.

No URL’s to enter that crash when the so called gurus servers crash

No selections to make in tiny fiddly tick boxes.

No worrying about whether to continue betting a system when a tricky patch comes.

It is all managed for you.

Bet Direct is a 100% secure Client Bot that sits on your system, connected to your Betfair account allowing you to bet numerous systems to your chosen stakes whilst getting on with your normal day to day life.



With Bet Direct your license automatically secures you 3 client bots.

1. Football – Capable of receiving both Pre Match and In-Play Bets

2. Backing Horses – Set to receive 3 horse backing systems with more to be added

3 Laying Horses – Set to receive 3 horse laying systems with more to be added.

That is the joy of Bet Direct, we do all the work you simply press start. It is future proof we can manage, add or remove systems at our end.

Things You Need To Know

FTS Bet Direct Requires A Subscription to GRUSS BETTING ASSISTANT – Additional £6 Per Month.

FTS Bet Direct requires a computer with an internet connection to be left powered on throughout the day/night so it can receive bets. We recommend a VPS and we can explain and set that all up for you if you wish (additional monthly charge).

Bet Direct is loaded with systems that represent formidable profit generated over the FTS ethos of long term approach to investing money.

FTS Bet Direct is not a get rich scheme or an instant answer to household debts. All the systems are proven over 3-5 years and all will experience ups/downs and quiet periods.

The future power of Bet Direct is endless. We will be adding systems to it throughout the years to come and you canned and build your portfolio as your profits grow.

You simply choose your systems (You can use the 3 included systems just fine there is no obligation to add any other systems) set your stakes and press start. A systems added on the future, you are welcome to add it to your portfolio.

The customisation and flexibility of Bet Direct is a total NEW REVOLUTIONARY way for you to approach your betting. If I bet it, you bet it, when I bet it!

For the initial launch of Bet Direct there are just 30, 365 day licenses available.

We have set a dedicated support email and will monitor prices and functionality closely on a day to day basis.

If we feel we can issue more licenses we will do so at a later stage.

Once the main license holders are running we will be able to issue software and licenses for the individual subscription services on Bet Direct.

BUT for this initial launch there are a strict 30 licenses and they include selections to Rock Solid Lays, Triple 1 Lays and all Pre Match Football for the entire year.

The breakdown of the services is as follows
Rock Solid Lays – A laying service that lays only short price horses generally favourites. Average yearly profit since 2012 is 48.78 points per year. Named Rock Solid as that is what it is, a slow steady burner, suitable for larger stakes as exposure is low, liquidity is plentiful as average price is 2.68 – SELECTIONS INCLUDED FOR 365 DAYS IN LICENSE COST

Super Lays – A targeted laying service across UK and Irish races with a maximum of 2-3 selections a day. Max Price is set at 7.0. Average profit last 18 months 8.6 points per month. – SUBSCRIPTION BASED SERVICE AT £39 Per Month

Triple 1 Lays – The Rolls Royce of FTS and Ian’s personal laying system. This service cannot be operated manually. Triple 1 is a strategy based on market movements and has generated over 700 points profit to 1 point lay stakes since June 2012. Max Price is 9.0 and this service can have volatile runs and swings of 30-40 points but will always profit. – SELECTIONS INCLUDED FOR 365 DAYS IN LICENSE COST.

Bet Direct Backs – A backing service across all codes of racing. Bets submitted 20 seconds before the off on Betfair. Over 400 points profit since 2013 an average of over 120 points per year and regular winners. Long losing runs are not expected. Average price 6.8. – SUBSCRIPTION BASED SERVICE AT £39 Per Month

All Weather Backs – an All Weather racing specific race targeting certain courses and class of races. A ratings based service with solid returns of over 400 points since June 2012. No price filters this service can go on volatile runs but profit figures compared to bet numbers are excellent. – SUBSCRIPTION BASED SERVICE AT £39 Per Month

HS Backs – Another of Ian’s personal betting systems. This service has a maximum price of 8.0 and is 100 points ahead already in 2016. Because it is backing horses at the top end of the market generally 3rd/4th favourites losing runs are short. Over 800 points profit since Jan 2013 shows the consistency of this service. – SUBSCRIPTION BASED SERVICE AT £39 Per Month

Football Pre Match Bets – A vast range of bets that are impossible to share on any standard service as often market conditions and the all important price factor will be the deciding factor in whether a bet is placed or not. Covering numerous markets across 20 leagues assured steady profits are the outcome for this service. –SELECTIONS INCLUDED FOR 365 DAYS IN LICENSE COST

Football In-Play Bets – Pre advised in play advice is slowly becoming a thing of the past as is the need to sit in all day to watch a screen and end up with no profit. FTS operates the bets in play algorithms to pick trading/betting spots in play. This advice is impossible to share but Bet Direct makes it possible. When I make a move in a market you do to. 20 leagues, numerous markets and only the best spots picked. Bet Direct In-Play takes the trading/betting of in-play football markets to a new level. SUBSCRIPTION BASED SERVICE AT £59 Per Month

The Joy For You is You Can Go About Your Daily Life as Bets For The Services in Your Chosen Portfolio Are Fired Into Your Client Bot and Placed To Your Stakes.

NO Emails to Check or Wait For, No Mythical Prices To Chase. Simple Profitable Betting

Bet Direct Licences Will be Available for 30 People on Thursday 7th March from Midday Onwards.

Bet Direct Betting Systems Commence Monday 18th April

NOTE – You Must have GRUSS and You Must have a Computer permanently on or Use A VPS which we can set up and install software for you.