Black Friday Advice

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I don’t know about Black Friday, it was certainly Black Saturday last weekend when Spurs failed to turn up against the boys from Woolwich. I do often wonder how certain people in all walks of life get to the top of their profession and certainly one of the individuals that applies to is Moussa Sissoko. I saw nothing of him at Newcastle ( I thought Mike Ashley was a genius for getting 60 million for Sissoko and Wijnaldum two of the so called stars that saw Newcastle relegated) that made me think he was an average player let alone a top player and his time at Spurs has cemented that opinion. He is right up there in my 39 years now a Spurs fan as one of the worst I have seen in the white shirt. He cannot even control the ball let alone run dribble or pass it. Somebody somewhere saw different and for an apparent wage of £70,000 a week felt he was the man. Poch the genius obviously sees something too. Arsenal just forced Spurs to play down the right from the back every time taking Eriksen out of the game on the left and letting the trampoline chested and lead footed Moussa just keep turning the ball over to them. Arsenal were by far the better side and I thought Mike Dean had a great game for them and looks to be a good signing.

On to Dortmund and Spurs look like Arsenal now of the last few years. Play well to win out there and secure top spot in their group was a good result but the inconsistency in performance is there for all to see. Cue the 0-0 on the weekend against West Brom. I have to be pleased though as when the draw came out I didn’t expect to see Spurs playing Champions League football after Christmas. Dortmund after a decent start to the season look well below their best and if it continues I can see a managerial change there.

Not much other news I am very much enjoying my break and in particular the not having to check email all day every day is very pleasant I have even seen the outside a few times, daylight is quite nice.

BUT onto today’s main topic and it is not a long one. Black Friday is upon us, Amazon and the like have somehow is just a few short years managed to make it stretch for 9 or 10 days. Of course what the big guys do the little guys will follow and you are going to be bombarded and I mean bombarded. It is actually called in the online gambling marketing world,

Black – Bombard the feckers into submission until they buy something- Friday.

So, my little piece of advice is do not buy anything , nothing, nada, zip. Do not fall for it. One service is offering deals every 2 hours, I mean WTF! Agora, Betting Rant, Race Advisor, Malcolm whatever his face is, all of them who bombard every day including Christmas Day will go into full mail out mode I am sure, it is  like they are water boarding you by email, they just go on and on until you cave in, in the end to make them stop. Then they start again with the next one. The sales copy makes me want to weep. Fake Mug Bets I will say it again Fake Mug Bets have you ever heard anything like it. The list will be endless marketing BS junk arriving like machine gun fire with one intent to get them richer and sod you that is all it is about.

So my advice turn the computers off don’t even look. DO NOT BUY. Anyone turning up to an FTS Trading Day having bought something from a gambling marketing email on Black Friday will be in for it. I will know by the whites of your eyes if you try and lie to me! It is going to be horrendous, garbage after garbage already is queued up in the ether with the sole purpose of making them rich and you skint.

Those who do look just count how many you get and report back in the comments section.

It will all be time sensitive, only 6 subs available, must end by Midnight Friday – garbage. Saturday their systems will have miraculously failed on Friday so they have errors and that has led to just a few more spaces left. Sunday a cat sat on the list of names smudged it and they counted wrong and still if your quick you can get in.

It is all complete and utter bilge and I am begging you not to fall for it.

So that is it I am off back to my break, I do have a couple of quick offers to tell you about – I’m joking, I’m joking calm down

Please do not fall for it and think of it as just Friday as it used to be years ago and still is today. If you get tempted just picture me giving you a slap.