FTS 2015/16 – FTS ONE


I am now finalising plans to bring the whole FTS family together so time for a quick update. The seminars are full now and I am very excited about what I will be sharing on those weekends and seeing some old friends and taking their betting to the level it should be. I have a very clear picture of how …


Royal Ascot Day 5


Further small losses yesterday but not a disaster. Just needed one of the bigger prices to get its nose in front instead of placing. Today will be the day! 2.30 Had nothing positive about the favourite and only one horse has been given clear mention. DESSERTOFLIFE is the pick and I was quite surprised to see the price. DESSERTOFLIFE £20 …


Royal Ascot Day 4


I spoke too soon and took a pasting yesterday and it just shows that any method where you have to choose the bets from a selection of possibles will doom most of us to failure as the law of sod takes over. To pick only the winning bets is quite frankly impossible and I omitted Curvy and Space Age which …


Royal Ascot Day 3


Nice to turn a profit yesterday. I text an FTS member a selection list yesterday which would have brought up the place pot at 300/1 for a 6 line investment so just a stake of £12 would have paid £600. Neither of us was on, so I am not after timing, I usually do the placepots for small stakes at …


Royal Ascot Day 2


Day two of the Royal meeting and I escaped relatively unscathed yesterday, could have been better but racing is volatile and hit and miss at these meeting with fine margins often deciding your fate. Straight into todays races and a lot more caution today as it seems a hard day to find winners and information has been not overly strong …


Royal Ascot Day 1


A quiet time on the football at the moment and I have nothing for today in the Copa America. Paraguay game may have a few goals in it. The favourites have certainly struggled early on. Today though sees the start of one of the world great racing festivals as Royal Ascot gets under way. 30 races ahead of us and …


All New FTS & Copa America 2015


Have a good look around! The all new FTS is here and growing very fast now. I have finally had a bit of time to get the house in order and all is progressing very nicely. You will see a fresh new look on the home page and an easy to navigate menu. The current profitable services are accessible by …


Condolences & Upcoming.


Time for a quick update. I have had some family time this last few weeks getting a few visits in whilst my son was home from university before my upcoming birthday this weekend. A myriad of sport seems to have passed by with the Masters, Boat race and National all falling on one weekend and then the FA Cup semis …


Bond, Automated Betting, Beating The Odds, Sorry and A Good Ole Moan Up!!


It is a very long time since I did regular blog posts. It was not really a conscious decision. Time was the main factor I found myself unable to find the time to have a good old rant, which in general were what my blog posts were. When you say the same thing year after year for 8 years now …

25k Anyone! – FTS Horse Racing Seminar Sneak Preview


Only 4 days to go now guys to Ealing and look forward to seeing you all there. I have uploaded a quick 1 minute video of the results of the systems I am going to give you on the day, show you how to find the selections yourself or automate the whole thing if you wish to going forward and …