Cheltenham 2019 Day One

As always each year I post my Cheltenham Bets which you are free to follow at your own peril. It is one of my favourite sporting events of the year, I absolutely love the week and cannot wait for it to start.

We have had some nice winners over the years and also some beatings it is one of those kind of meetings. I get good info, often too much of it and often discard the wrong ones and it is hard to win. I am happy to throw a couple of K at the meeting each year for the excitement, obviously hoping I turn a profit.

I will post all my selections here and the results at then end of each day (Wednesday may not get done until Thursday). Hopefully get some ammo early to fire back at the rest of the week.


Day 1 – All Exchange Prices Only I dont have betting accounts

As I state follow at your own peril, my money is on – £795 ( more than I would of liked Day One but hey ho) invested it will only go 3 ways, A Great Day, a Bloodbath or somewhere inbetween.


1.30  Everything I have had is concentrated at the top of the market. I have had mentions for 4 of the top 5 in the beting. A couple quite bullish re Al Dancer and one strong on Vision Dhonneur. As always I like a price so I have had £40 on Vision Dhonneur at 14. One person is very strong on Angels Breath so I have also had £40 on that at 7.2. I have then had £25 on Al Dancer as a cover and I would kick myself if it did win andI left it blank.

Vision Dhonneur £40 at 14.0 -£40

Angels Breath £40 at 7.2 -£40

Al Dancer £25 at 5.2 -£25

Running -£105

2.10 2 very strong words for me in this one, Glen Forsa and Duc Des Genievres and that is where my money is. Small mention for Ornua but I have left that alone ( can’t back them all – head in hands when it wins).

Glen Forsa £40 Win 5.9 -£40

Duc Des Genievres £60 Win 7.8 £395.76

Running £250.76

2.50 The full on 24 runner cavalry charge and I have 6 possibles in this one. Mister Whitaker an obvious chance and is in our Trends PDF so that has to go in. I have had good word for Give Me A Copper. At prices I had word for Royal Vacation early and that then made the trends PDF as a qualifier and a couple of sources have put up Lake View Lad, so 4 in this one for me.

Mister Whitaker £50 win 9.6 -£50

Give Me A Copper  £50 Win 11.5 -£50

Lake View Lad £25 Win 27 and £25 Place 6.4 £105.95

Royal Vacation £25 Win 48 and £25 Place 10.5 -£50

Running £206.71

3.30 I have had the top 3 in the market napped to me. One who I trust a lot says Apples Jade is bet of the week. Given how I bet I have left alone those 3 and I had a word for Melon so in case there is a slip up I have backed Melon small but hope to see a good race pan out and I hope Apples Jade does win for my man as I know he has a few quid on but I wont be crying missing a 3.2 shot if it does. Whereas if Melon won and I left it untouched that would be upsetting. Should be a cracker whatever

Melon £25 Win at 24.0 and £25 place at 4.8 £67.15

Running £273.86

4.10 One of those where people talk as if the favourite can’t be beat. It can I and hope it is as I think it is too short so that makes others value. Roksana has a great chance I am told and offers an appetising alternative. At a price I have had 2 mentions for Jester Jet. One where I stick my head out and say the favourite doesn’t win and hope I land on the right one. Stormy Ireland and Limini were other considerations kicked out.

Roksana £40 Win 9.0 £310.4

Jester Jet £30 Win 36.0 and £30 Place 7.8 -£60

Running +£524.26

4.50 By now hopefully I am a right god few quid up and these just become icing on the cake time.  Word for about 10, A Plus Tard a favourites chance but ignored for me. Highway One O One tipped up to me again in two places and a PDF shortlist so has to be included. One person very keen on Red Indians Chances and a couple of mentions for Cubomania. Both of those at prices so make up my bets.

Highway One O One £40 at 14.0 -£40

Cubomania £25 at 23 and £25 Place 4.8 -£50

Red Indian £25 at 24 and £25 Place 5.9 -£50

Running £384.26

5.30 The wheelbarrow will be nearly full now and just an 18 runner amateurs to get it overflowing. I think I have the value with Ballyward, had many a string fabcy for this and on at 4.0. At a bigger price Chef Des Obeaux is where my money landed, other mentions were the 2nd and 3rd favs, OK Coral and Discorama but given word is strong for Bally happy with my bets here.

Ballyward £50 Win 4.0 -£50

Chef Des Obeaux £25 Win 17.5 and £25 Place 5.5 -£50

Running £284.26



15 thoughts on “Cheltenham 2019 Day One”

  1. Hi Ian
    Nice return today, keep up the good work. Same return everyday of the festival will be great. Well done for today.

  2. Started off with the first winner and as per every year thought this was going to be the one – dreaming again – downhill from there. You need a bit of luck but had several fallers but managed to end up level on day so roll on tomorrow.

  3. Hello,
    I don’t know what to say… I only know “Frankel”, and that’s all…But everybody speaks about Cheltenham. Who is Cheltenham?

    Thx Ian,


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