Cheltenham Days 1, 2, 3 & 4

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Welcome to my Cheltenham Bets Blog, as always you follow at your own peril, I will try and be as speedy as I can posting info and returns but mega busy at minute. All bets will be on Betfair. I have a load of info so hopefully I pick the right ones. Just refresh the page and it will show the latest updates.

FESTIVAL TOTAL: +£1,021.88

Day 1 +£1094.93

Day 2 +£383.94

Day 3 +£8.75

Day 4: -465.74


Day 4 Friday

We are here it comes and goes so quickly Day 4 is upon us. Native River  is the Gold Cup fancy and more on that come race time

1.30 good words for two in this race Mega Fortune and Charli Parcs and that is where my money will be. The favourite is fancied but not for me at the price compared to Charli who I am told should go up the hill well. Soldier in Action also mentioned to me by a couple of sources at a fair price.


Charli Parcs £40 win 5.4 – £40

Mega Fortune £25 Win 14, £25 place 3.8 +£43.46

Sometimes you have to hold your hands up winner was faultless, good ride on Mega Fortune to stop the damage


2.10 Mick Jazz a non runner as of this morning and not heard a word about North Hill Harvey from anyone, mentions for the next 4 in the betting Ivanovich, Wait For Me, Air Horse One and Winter Escape. The latter seems to be the strongest info also Court Minstrel fancied EW at a big price


Winter Escape £40 Win 13.0, £40 Place 3.8 -£80

Court Minstrel £20 Win 42.0, £20 Place 8.6 -£40

Bloody Mullins!!!! Winter Escape just done for a place, fair play to the winner


2.50 Only heard about the first 4 in the betting here and again will dismiss Death Duty on price alone. I am betting Wholestone that I have had good words for and will back that up with Augusta Kate – watch Mullins and Walsh flop now


Wholestone £50 Win 8.8, £30 Place 2.5 -£6

Augusta Kate £25 Win 7.4, £25 Place 2.5 -£50

Bloody Mullins – a good run from Wholestone limits the damage. Time for a winner


3.30 Gold Cup I am on Native River which my people tell me has everything for the race. With Mullins form, Djakadam has opened fav and is the biggest threat. A few this morning fancied it is more open than it seems and we might see a surprise winner with More of That, Minella Rocco and Bristol De Mai all punted for sall interest. I will have More on That for EW interest

Native River £75 Win 6.0 -£75

More of That £25 Win £18, £25 Place 4.4 -£50

Third for Native River ran a good race beaten by a better horse on the day, always a thrilling race to watch

4.10 need to find a winner on the day and get those blue numbers on the board and nothing like a 23 runner one to get you going. Half the field not a real chance and a strong favourite with On The Fringe which some genius told me is the most likely winner. I have had a few big price mentions, Paint The Clouds, Ask The Weatherman and Sweet as a Nut but not a race to go mad in I feel


Paint The Clouds £25 Win 13, £20 Place 3.5 -£45

Sweet As A Nut £25 Win 18.5, £20 Place 4.5 -£45

Thought we had a squeak with Paint The Clouds for a minute but alas not to be all change come the end in that race in a thrilling finish. Festival racing put the winner up.


4.50 Another 23 runner ot get out of a bad Friday. A lot of info for this race this morning. Battleford an obvious chance but no value at the price. I am told Castello Sforza is well treted for the race so that is an investment and I will back it up with Runfordave I also have had a word for. Coo Star Sivola is another I have have word for but think Lizzie Kelly may still be getting over the Gold Cup dsappointment


Castello Sforza £40 Win 13.0, £25 Place 3.7 -£65

Runfordave £25 Win 9.0, £25 Place 3.1 +£26.35

Battleford being punted heavily pre race and someone knew with the winner. A place for Dave is all and we have one left to end a see of red


5.30 About 1k up going into this one so a winning week but very difficult today to find the back of the net. Eveyyone and his dog has said La Prezien to me for this race 24 runners and 4/1 I will use it as a saver that is all. The Game Changer was popular this morning and is my main investment. I was told Dandridge has been laid out for this race and also had Gardefort told to me at a big price

Game Changer £50 Win 13.5,  £20 Place 3.9 – £75

Dandridge £25 Win at  9.4 – £25

La Prezien £35 Win at 5 -£35

Gardefort  £20 Win 30, £20 Place 6.8 +£95.45

If no returns about £800 profit on the week. Gardefort a valiant second, thanks all who joined in hope you had a good week. back to sme dross racing next week now, should do more of these though. Will update figures in morning


DAY 4 Above This Line

Day 3 Thursday – I wont be live this afternoon but Kav will be stepping into the breach to post and keep you updated – Good Luck. No Placepot

Hi all, I’m getting into this watching this racing malarkey!! Those of you who have met me know that my knowledge of racing is even more limited than Ian but I have actually enjoyed watching Cheltenham this week and I’m really looking forward to the Racing Weekend next weekend! Onto betting, even though I don’t know anything about racing, I do regularly win at it purely because I listen to people who know a lot more about it than me, and to people who WIN at it like Ian does…

Anyway, we’ll kick off 1pm onwards and hopefully we’ll have another profitable day today! Good luck everyone.

1.30 – Right here we go. Looks like it’ll be between the front 3 in the betting so a tentative bet.


Top Notch £40 Win 5.0 -£40

Not a great surprise there… onto the next


2.10 – 24 runners and quite open, we’ve had lots of info going for Rocklander. So this is our main bet and a back up for Golden Doyen.


Rocklander £30 Win 15.0, £30 place 4.4 £60

Golden Doyen £25 win 25.0 , £25 place 6.0 -£50

Difficult one to call and it was open. Good win by Davy Russell.


2.50 – This one is a watching brief for us. Should be between Un de Sceaux and Empire of Dirt but we’ve had a small mention for Vaniteux at 20.0 EW if it stays as 8 runners.

Went according to the script. Glad to have left that one alone.


3.30 – We’ve been told by people in the know that Unowhatimeanharry will win this unless something crazy happens like a fall. But at that price it’s not for us.


Ballyoptic £25 Win 15.5, £25 Place 4.0 -£50 

Nichols Canyon £25 Win 13.0, £25 Place 3.75 +£368.75

What a race! Ruby Walsh on a roll now. Nice to get on the board for the day.


4.10 – Bit of a minefield but loads of mentions going with Henryville so as we’ve had strong word for this one it’s our main bet. Also having a back up on Rock Gone.


Henryville £40 win 18.0, £25 Place  5.5 -£65

Rock Gone £20 win 30.0, £20 place 6.2 -£40

Both ran like my nan. Never mind, on we go…


4.50 – Been told Ruby should win on Lets Dance and you wouldn’t put it past him. He’s on a roll but can’t have it at 6/4 so Airlie Beach and Dusky Legend are our picks.


Airlie Beach £40 Win 5.9 -£40

Dusky Legend £25 win, 50.0, £25 place 7.4 +135

That was impressive from Ruby & Lets Dance but a place for Dusky Legend keeps us ticking along.


5.30 –  OK, onto the last one. We’ve had solid info going for Doctor Harper so that’s the main bet with a backup on Mall Dini.


Doctor Harper £50 win 18.5, £50 place 4.7 -£100

Mall Dini as a back up £25 Win 8.2, £25 place 2.52 -£50

Didn’t get the last hurrah but not a bloodbath of  a day and we come out level ready to fight another day.

Really enjoyed it today guys and thanks for following. Ian will be back tomorrow.

Day 3 +£8.75

Day 2 Wednesday – Good Luck to All

Todays Placepot

16 Lines at £4 a line £64

Leg 1 – 1

Leg 2 – 2,11

Leg 3 – 5,7

Leg 4 – 1

Leg 5 – 6,8

Leg 6 – 5.8


1.30 here we go – I heard Matt Chapman say on some or other TV show last week that if Neon Wolf runs it will not be beat. Well at this end it seems the whole world has come on for Bacardys with me this morning no one can see it being beat so that is my pick. A few good each way mentions, Shattered Love,  Willoughby Court and Messire des Obeaux so in that situation I have to take the biggest price. Lets hope the Wolf gets beat.


Bacardys £60 Win 5.5, £40 Place 1.96 -£100

Willoughby Court £25 Win 17.5, £25 Place 4.9 + £503.43

Bacardys hampered but a nice start went with Willoughby Court and a nice price. Second day running placepot down swanny in first.

2.10 the nature of the day is a few mentions for each race. This race I have heard positives about 6 of the 12 runners none of which include the favourite Mighty Bite. the strongest info is for Whisper so I am going to just back that win/place


Whisper £50 Win 7.8, £50 Place 2.68 +£32

Incredible not quite sure what to say, fair play to the winner to get back up, loose horse done for us but Whisper looked well beat at the last to be fair.


2.50 – Just the 25 runners easy- Strong (as strong as you can with 25 runners) words for Tombstone and Peregrine Run with numerous mentions then for a few bigger pries each way. Not a great betting heat for me simply a token bet. I dont want to back 5.0 this field so I will go for the most positive each way I have had and that is Taquin Du Seuil

Bet Taquin De Seuil £25 win 20, £25 Place 5.2 +£77.7

Right to dismiss the favourite and then hit the bar with Taquin.


3.30 Not having a bet Douvan 2/7 favourite I am not keen on taking things like 11/4 for betting without favourites I would rather back Gods Own at 20 and take my chances but I will just be watching.  I see services advising 2 point win on Douvan for the average punter betting in tenners seems a waste of time in my opinion.

Well my knowledge of racing is limited but that is one of the worst 1/4 shots I have seen in any sport. Glad I left it all alone Ugggh!


4.10 I had a word for Third Intention and was then told when pursuing that further that the horse is unreliable – I am a Spurs fan for hecks sake unreliable is in the sporting DNA. I was then told by someone I do trust that the green and gold of JP McManus will definitely win the race and he has the front 3 in the betting, as I have no idea which of those is best I will go for the 4th in the betting which does not have the green and gold stripes and  I have had a strongish word for. See how scientific the process is


Bless The Wings – £25 Win 13.0, £25 Place 3.15 +£27.57

Third Intention £30 Win 60.0, £20 Place 15.0 – £50

They were right, it was Green and Gold and Third Intention was Spursy! A 2nd place for Bless keeps damage to minimum


4.50 two to to go – I did enjoy the ITV coverage today found Sir McCoy quite amusing particularly putting down Luke Harvey now and then in great style but he also knows his horses

22 runner handicap hurdle but I have some decent inof here and not too many runners covered. The favourite Divin Bere is respected and Noel Fehily is the man in form. My main bet however though is Poker Play and i will have a back up in Project Bluebook so a couple of nice prices to focus on


Poker Play £30 Win 22.0, £20 Place 5.3 -£50

Project Bluebook £25 Win 17.0, £25 Place 4.2 +£53.24

Would never have landed on any of those – pants! Ooh correction didn’t realise 4 places for Project Bluebook


The lucky last a NHF race again had about 8 bits of info so sorting through it, Cause Toujours is my main bet and and good words for West Coast Time at a nice price. Other mentions I have had are Carter McKay the favourite, Western Ryder and Fayonagh so hopefully I have picked right.


Cause Toujours – £40 Win 6.8, £20 Place 3.1 – £60

West Coast Time £25 Win 17.5, £25 Place 5.1 – £50

Bah humbug went wrong way, wont get them all right but not a disastrous day by any stretch will do totals in morning.  Not about tomorrow PM as hospital calls but I will post all the bets before I go and do returns Friday we then will have live blog Friday PM fpr the Gold Cup

Day 2 +383.94

Day 1 – Tuesday

I have  Placepot going also 64 lines @ £2 per line

Leg 1 – 1,3

Leg 2 – 2

Leg 3 – 18 , 20

Leg 4 – 2, 7

Leg 5 – 1, 18

Leg 6 – 6,8


1.30  Had a really good word for Bunk Off Early from two sources and Ballyandy is also fancied. Mullins and Walsh combine for the favourite Melon but I have only had one small word saying that will win so more than happy to take it on. At a big price I have had two tips for Pingshou so I have to have a small dabble or I will be headbutting the wall if it wins


Bunk Off Early £60 Win 8.6, £40 Place 2.6 – £100

Bally Andy £40 Win 4.5 – £40

Pingshou £20 Win 48.0, £20 Place 12.5 – £40

Nuts cracked in the first, out the placepot and -£180 , fair play to the winner won well


2.10 I am told Altior will win, watching the TV Starbet claim to have layed a 400k bet on Altior. The one I have had words for is Forest Bihan so a small interst there, also good words for Charbel


Forest Bihan – £20 Win 32.0, £40 Place 3.5 -£60

We will never know but I think Altior was always winning despite Richard Hoiles thinking Charbel had a chance. Time for a winner in the next couple


2.50 23 runners and I have had a load of words for runners in this, some bullish others tentative.

Go Conquer gets the first of my investments at a nice price. I have had similar info for the front 3 in the betting all of which are fancied – don’t need to be a genius to work that out I cant pick between them and don’t want to back all 3 as no value in that so another I have had a decent word for is the fourth in the betting Henri Parry Morgan so I will have my saver there.


Go Conquer £40 Win 28.0, £40 Place 7.0 -£80

Henri Parry Morgan £20 win 14.0, £20 Place 4.1 – £40

Damp old squib day just done for a place with Go Conquer. Onwards and upwards, great race and a tremendous win for top weight to repeat last years victory.

A place for Festival Racing with Noble Endeavour advised at 11/1


The big race of the day

3.30 Champion Hurdle – My Tent or Yours is my each way pick at a good price in what looks a very competitive renewal, good mentions for various at the top of the market but I am going for Buveur Dair which I have had  a couple of bullish tips for

My Tent Or Yours £40 Win 20.0, £30 Place £5.1  +£80.30

Buveur Dair £30 Win 6.6, £30 Place 2.32 +£203.03


1st and 2nd a bit better, (prefer them the other way round!!)

4.10 The race seems to be around 3 horses and I have heard nothing for any of the others so rather than stab in the pack for a big one myself I will stick to those 3. I cant back Limini at the price as heard a negative for that and heard a lot of positives for Apples Jade and Vroum Vroum Mag so I will bet the latter two and hope the negative on Limini is correct so I can get into profit.

Apples Jade – £30 Win 5.1 +£121

Vroum Vroum Mag £30 Win 4.4 – £30

Turned out nice – great race very brave horse.  A nice winner for Will Lattimore advised at 9/2 and a successful lay on Limini for his lay service. Bar the first would still be going in the Placepot so a little bit annoying that one


4.50 Another big field with 18 runners but still had some firm information and have 3 or 4 prospects in Beware The Bear, Champers On Ice, Martello and a small mention for Arpege Dalene. My main bet I have narrowed down to Champers Ice and I bet this in a small patent earlier with Buveur Dair and one in the last so hopefully he gets across the line. I will have a saver on Beware The Bear

Champers On Ice £30 Win 9.2, £30 Place 3.1 -£60

Beware The Bear £25 Win 6.4  £25

Never really got a run for my money there would never of had the winner – that race summed  up betting on racing. Just noticed Edwulf was  successful 2 point place lay for Mr Lattimore


5.30 one of my strongest bets of the week so far is Tully East in this race so hopefully goes well, this was the 3rd horse on my patent so nice if it comes in. A fair few other words, Sizing Tennessee and Two Taffs fancied well in certain quarters and the latter makes up my back up.

Tully East £100 Win 12.0, £50 Place 3.45 +£1195.60

Two Taffs £30 Win 9.8 -£30

The Lucky Last! Nice lovely when a plan comes together a nice winner, EW double up in the patent and all it takes at this meeting is one win to turn things around. Had an abusive email after race 2 which shows the mentality of most. A decent day now BUT only 25% the way through so a long way to go. Hopefully I can get back tomorrow. Will add the running total later.

Day 1 +£1094.93

Day 3 Will Appear at Top of Page from 1.00 PM