Daily System Trials – 23rd April

Daily System Trials Post – 23rd April

Phoenix Half Time Score Lays

Service Overview: As the title suggest this service simply involves laying the Correct score market at half-time in certain matches. The Author will provide us with information on what games to lay and when to get involved in certain matches. The lay bet is never higher than 5.0. I have been tracking this service from the 1st July 2013

Daily Selections:                                                                                  

  • 17:30 France L1: Paris St-G v Evian TG (Lay any Half-Time Score)
  • 17:30 France L1: Toulouse v Lyon (Lay any Half-Time Score Except 0-0)


Click to view the trial and results:

Goals, Goals, Goals

Service Overview: Using a certain set of filters and criteria the author careful selects games to lay in either the Under 2.5 or Under 3.5 goal market. The spreadsheet I received is showing around 70 net points profit since the end of May 2013. I cannot verify these results, so officially we will start on the 1st August 2013.

Under 2.5 Lays (leave to be matched at 3 in play)

  • 17.30pm France Ligue 1: PSG v Evian TG

Under 3.5 Lays (leave to be matched at 2 in play)

  • No Selections today

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Gordon Gekko Selections:

Service Overview: These selections involve backing short-priced odds. Matches are usually on fairly liquid markets so getting bets on shouldn’t be a problem. All results will be subject to the usual 5% commission. Results will be posted within the next few days.


  • No Selections today

Click to view the trial and results:  

Should anyone have any questions please E-mail me @ Kieranftsincome@gmail.com



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