Dont Panic Captain Mainwaring – I am on it. (Part 1)

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The first of a 2 parter, with part 2 due Tuesday as a full football program today and I have to get up to Wembley for a 1-1 draw.

Liverpool take on Man United in a few hours time in what is billed as the best game in UK football. I am sure it is unless your a Everton, Celtic, Rangers, Spurs, Arsenal, Torquay, Plymouth, Bristol Rovers, Bristol City, Sheff Wed or Sheff Utd fan and countless other clubs. You have to give Sky credit they do it with the Darts, Ryder Cup, whip up a frenzy like no other.

It will be a good game I am sure and I would side with United. I think the top 4 this season will be United, City, Chelsea and Arsenal. I still am going for Chelsea as champions despite their set back to City. The move to Wembley I think has done for Tottenham, one more season at the Lane I think they would have been right in it this season. Liverpool I know peple think I am biased. The loss of Mane is huge and at the back it is at times comedy. Liverpool have done well under Klopp against the top 6 but Spurs have also done well against the top 6 in the last 2 seasons. Better in fact than they have ever done in Premier League history. Spurs have definitely improved but the records show that Liverpool under Klopp are performing pretty much the same. as they did under Rodgers. I personally  think Spurs and Liverpool both have inproved performace against thier main rivals because for 2 years those rivals have not perforned up to standard and I see that chnaging this year as United and city look different sides.


I have Layed Liverpool Top 4 finish for 10k at prices from 1.94 to 2.2 averaging out and Tottenham averaiging around 1.7 for 5k. I like thes epositions I canot see anyway they both get in and Liveproll will drift if they lose today which i think they will. No man is better when his team is playing well than mourinho of having a smash and grab and 0-1 United if it happesn will be hard to turnaround.

Anyway more pressing is the emails I told you about last week regarding this betting loophole. It is in golf and I think we should all pack everything else in and dive in. I never knew the bookies knew nothing about Golf. What an idiot!! I have been following the Golf Guru ( 70 points up again in 2017) when all I needed was the loophole.


It is so unfair I felt it only right for the first time in my life to help the bookmakers out. I mean we simply cannot have it and I know it is genuine as they have emailed me 21 times now and still rising to tell me about it. The first emails were the intro but then it was almost blind panic and questioning my sanity wheh their analytics showed I had not signed up. I was expecting a van and straight jacket to meet me off the plane when I got back from Malta this week. It has to be right.


Any how I took unprecedented action and have informed the bookmakers I felt it was only fair,. if this loophole bankrupts the bookies what will happen to the FOBT’s and the virtual greyhounds. The game will be fecked.

So I sent a few emails to the bookmakers customer care departments and I will now act as a bookies informant on this scandalous loophole. I copy a couple of the emails below as these were to my mates so feel I can share, have a read and I will be back on Tuesday with more.


and then to BetVictor




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  1. Haha. I’m one of the fortunates. I have the players for the current rounds and, OK, none of the five bets in the CIMB Classic are going to make it, but one of the five in the Italian Open has a decent chance of a place, so crikey bookies, you are in deep trouble.

  2. Can’t wait for the 2nd half on Tuesday! Bit naughty though Ian, I mean………having a go ‘at the bookies’ ~ bit like biting the hand that feeds you!

    P.S. Free entry to your next scheme for the best comment?

  3. No Ian, no! How am I going to get my loophole subscription back if you warn the bookies? That was my retirement pot you just scuppered. Oh well, back to laying Liverpool again, I guess.

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