Don’t Panic Part Two

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My time as a comedian it would seem in my last post on Saturday upset the troops more than when I have a rant. As someone who is renowned for being grumpy, I thought it was quite funny personally, but the responses at times were even funnier. The comment from someone who I assume is called Julie from her email address but chose the username Stevie Gerrard made me smile the most. “ What a load of Bollox”. This comment was posted at the foot of the Saturday blog post. I must also assume that Julie supports Liverpool and did not take graciously to my thoughts on Liverpoooool so decided to express herself as coherently as her chosen namesake. Made my day! I do enjoy the interaction after a blog post.


More worrying was that the sarcastic approach I was after to highlight how marketers try to lure you in was missed by some totally. 22 emails and 1 comment asking me if I would share the loophole.


Just to clarify guys, there is no such thing as a bookmaker’s loophole. Just check their books at Companies House and see the profit numbers if you don’t believe me and for marketers to email saying that a loophole exists is nothing short of fraudulent. Bookmakers do make mistakes pricing occasionally and our skill as punters is to spot those and capitalise on them.


I had an enlightening read a few weeks ago. Mark Iverson a successful Betfair trader who has done very well, and about 12-18 months ago got to Premium Charge status, posted a link on Twitter when Skybet announced it was terminating its affiliate program. I clicked the link and it was to a forum of bookmaker affiliates and it was a real eye opener. People were going to lose 6 figure incomes annually from this one company alone. If you’re not aware how this works, these people send you to bookmakers and get paid for your losses and misery. They post tips and links wanting you to lose. It is in my humble opinion the equivalent of online vermin and I would love to see more bookies follow Skybet and remove the affiliate set up.


It allows people such as all these bookie bonus sites to portray themselves as your friends and they coin in fortunes when you go on and lose your discipline and lose money with the bookmaker they sent you to. Long standing FTS member and friend Chris who has specialised in those bonuses says that even people who follow things like bonus bagging and win £20 free bets are seen to post on Facebook when they have then lost four figure sums mug punting as they cannot help themselves. It is what poor punters do, bad losses always will wipe out small wins.


One conversation I had following Saturdays post was with a long standing FTS members about email marketers in general.  He had received the emails I received regarding the bookies loophole but went on to explain that he set up a Gmail address just for these marketers and has set his own small business up trying to expose them. He has had death threats and all sorts of abuse but says he gets some sort of enjoyment from it.


He named people like (and this is unverified by me simply passing on what I was told before this lot start on me), Betfan, Betting Rant, Malcolm from GHB, Football Advisor, Racing Advisor that email him every single day, sometimes twice a day bombarding him with not advice, but products to sign up to. Every single day 20-30 emails touting some nonsense. It would drive you round the bend but I am sure a lot of you receive these emails and feel pressured when they have not bought the goods, when the emails such as I received along the lines of “What is wrong with you?”


I used GHB for a while before going to BetEngine and I was amazed at how many emails I received at that time, I tried to email the support to ask them to stop or verify the claims and only got abuse back. I liked GHB as a bot but the emails were a right turn off for me. I now use BetEngine and only ever hear from Alistair if I want something support wise and it is excellent by the way. Malcolm (GHB) openly boasts he has made over £1,000,000 selling betting products. I purchased a few back in the days we did reviews on site and they were simply awful. Have any of you genuinely won with him or bettered your betting experience interesting to hear the other side? It always seemed to me that he would mention after things had won without giving you a reason why you should have backed it before hand, it was all a bit, “if you had done this you would have had 3 winners”. Richard used to do the same on our forum and I regularly pulled him up on it.


It is a sordid old world the online gaming one and I will be blogging more on it going forward.


Anyhow currently I am sat on a plane waiting to take off for Madrid as tonight I go to watch the mighty Lilywhites take on Real Madrid in the Champions League. It is a bucket list trip for me, I always wanted to go the Bernabéu. I went to the Nou Camp earlier this year for the opening game of the season to see Barcelona v Betis and watch Messi the greatest of all time in my opinion, so to visit both the big Spanish sides in a few months is nice particularly having Spurs involved. I don’t expect Spurs to get a result tonight. Spurs were dire on Saturday against Bournemouth and any performance like that will see Madrid win by a couple. If having a bet, I would side with Madrid on the Asian Handicap -1.5 or even -2. This is a huge step up for Spurs.


I have been asked what I think about the Catalonia independence issue and can I see Barcelona playing in the Premier League? I think the issue itself is messy and I heard this morning Canvey Island have followed suit and wish to declare independence from the UK. The world has gone mad and I think the independence fad is just getting going, it all seems very destructive.


Under no circumstances can I see Barca in the Premier League. How would it possibly work? Who would drop out? What about Celtic and Rangers? They would want to join if that was the case. The Primera League itself would not want to lose one of its two prized assets it would kill that league.

I do envisage if football continues as it is some form of a European Super League where the greed of the top clubs sees a breakaway and the likes of Barca, Madrid, City, United, PSG etc. form their own league. It would be a shame denying football fans of the chance to see the best players at their clubs. In the Premier League already we hear of unrest as the big 6 want a bigger slice of global TV rights. Why should they get it? If I was chairman of one of the other 14 clubs I would not be voting for that. We need to get more parity in my opinion not bigger gaps.


Results went our way Saturday to be fair. Having said I still fancy Chelsea they go to Palace who had not scored a goal and succumbed to a defeat. Arsenal conceded late at Watford – it was never a penalty by the way- City blew Stoke away and Liverpool United played out a 0-0. I think this approach from Mourinho of playing to not lose rather than to win will ultimately cost him the title. 30 points are up for grabs against the rest of the top 6 and not scoring on his last 9 of these I don’t believe you can give that amount of points away. You will slip up in these games with this approach.


City do look exciting but they did start last season with 10 wins and there is a long long way to go so I may look at what price they touch for the title and lay them with a view to trade.


Spurs have Julie’s (Stevie Gerrard) Liverpool visiting on Sunday and Julie will be pleased to know I think they could potentially give us a beating also. We are struggling at Wembley and a game against a fast-moving side will expose us more than most. Bournemouth who are struggling cut through us at times so Liverpool will certainly get plenty of chances.


I asked a few questions in past blog posts about services and trading days etc and if people wanted me to set them up. Responses for the most part have been positive and I will be keeping a tight handle on any services and numbers involved quality of bets and pricing going forward as I think there is huge room for improvement in this area.

On Thursday I shall be opening the following


Trading Day on January 27th. This will be solely a full on intensive trading day with the focus on making money on the day and going forward for you. I shall be starting the day downloading my Football Data sheets for that Saturday, showing how I then use these to calculate and spot the value trades sharing my value algorithms and formulas with attendees. We will then spend the afternoon executing the trades with emphasis on staking, entry and exit points. When we end the day, attendees will be able to execute things themselves the very next day and I will haven video set up for ongoing support. We will be limited for numbers on the day as the room only holds 10-12 people. It will be in Birmingham and if demand I will repeat in London a month later.


The 30-point plan will also open on Thursday and this is a one-off payment to win 30 points from football tips singles and doubles supplied by an FTS member. We will have 30 spots for this to protect prices and bets are 4-5 days a week. Nothing further to pay it is a one-off fee for 30 points.


The Portal has had quite a bit of interest so I am going to bring that forward. Existing Portal members can sign up from Thursday this week to 31st October with a view to starting 1st November. Those not in an existing Portal ( or those in current Portals who wish to wait a bit) can then sign up from 20th – 31st November with a view to startling 1st December. I will post full details in a dedicated blog post on Thursday.


I also have a couple of other mentions from FTS members


We are looking at a race day for 2018 maybe at York and I will have details of that shortly. The whole racing. Set up on FTS has been revamped. My new ratings database is maintained daily with multiple sets of ratings and some fantastic elements to it. I shall look at how it suits the website best once the flat season is over.


That will wrap up 2017 and early 2018 there will be no new products just consolidatiung what we do and I will be blogging and videoing.


Enjoy your day and Up The Spurs – I shall be tweeting from the stadium tonight, signal permitting, could be a good ole spurs rant.