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Team Harry Kane have qualified for the World Cup 2018 then. It must have been England Pep was referring to, it can’t surely have been the mighty Spurs with match winners all over the field. I see Geoff Banks bet have pushed England out to 26/1 for the World Cup, I may have a bit of that as I expect they will go off around the same price as Belgium in the 16/1 area onde the Sun ramps up a bit of a patriotic following next year and the country gets into the grip of thinking we can win it – we can’t! It may make a nice trade though.

It is time now to get into some more regular blogging again. I have been extremely busy but I am currently sitting in a million pound apartment in Malta, overlooking Valetta harbour and the cathedral thinking to myself why dont I do this more often. Sit in the nice climate do a bit of betting and share a lot more info wth you as I have been remiss in this area.

Truth is my daughter now lives in Malta and this is not quite the relaxing break the above picture portrays but the apartment is nice and Malta is a place I like a lot.

The season is now well underway and the biggest hassle has been that Betfair have changed all the league names and seem to be trying to uniform things by having the country name first. It has caused all sorts of issues here but for you guys if you use Macros or excel databases do make sure you are picking games up in leagues that have had names changed.

I have had a stirring in my loins to resume digging out the email marketers again this last week or so. Those who have been with FTS or read the blog since the early days will know that I used to do this regularly and it led to all sorts of aggravation, even death threats in one area but in particular this week one well known marketing firm who I think are a complete waste of space have been bombarding me with “a betting loophole” and it really has pissed me off as there are no loopholes there is dicipline and hard work.

Their email is basically asking me if I can read as I have not taken this “amazing offer” and it has pissed me off.  I know an ex betfair employee bought one of this said companies products at the start of the year. As expected it was garbage and they ended up having a long standing private row as it was never ever going to work  as it was complete BS but it took over £30,000 for the guy at his claimed subs numbers so lets double it and say probably closer to 50/60k and his main answer to my friend was I can sell gambling products that is what I do and tough shit on the subscribers they are mugs. I just thought what a prick. This week emails series has cemented it so I might dig deeper in that this week now I have more time and lets have a good old FTS vs the marketers row and get involved myself and report back for you.

Truth is I will have more time now, the summer was particularly hard but together with a solid team of people that have heped with, football databases, excel, bots and the racing set up on FTS, things are now organised much better and my time is freer to bet, make videos and get a lot of you guys going again.

You will see the site has been trimmed down we only have the one football service now in Ultimate and I expect that to do very well once the internationals are over. Racing wise we dont have the Power Ratings anymore just Will Lattimore and his tips which aftr a lean spell have picked up nicely through September. My own racing set up has changed and I will go over that more when the flat season is over in a few weeks and we just have winter jumps and the All Weather racing to focus on.

David is plugging along and has vowed to do so at no extra charge until in profit. The Golf Guru is pretty much at the year end after this week and will put his clubs away then until January after what has been another year where he dug out some lovely winners at 66/1, 45/1 etc. He is going to offer 2 and 3 ball betting and a more comprehensive service going forward so I am sure that will also be good. The Syndicate  and (Pro) some of you joined also will push in into 2018 and i expect to do well goig forward. Bankbuilder also restarted and I am having some input there now as did not trust some of those selections come the end last year. Betdirect I will have more informartion for you guys next weekend.

I don’t really want to set about any new projects unless I have interest in them. Everything takes a long time to put together and if it is not what people want then it is not worthwhile for anyone

Footballdatadirect.com in essence replaced Soccerstato as my footall statistics source and now offers 45 daily sheets covering that days football fixtures, numerous stats, current 6 game form can be compared to long term form and current season. It really is comprehensive and a goldmine and it is there I really want to start with you guys.

It is virtually impossible not to be able to profit from that information but it requires three significant elements. Game selection, discipline and loss management when trading.

Speaking to people over emails just on the strategies I use people try and trade too many games, let trades run far too long and still, 10 years on, lose their discipline. It is relatively easy to make 5-10 points a month consistently, being selective when the trades are in your favour, entering at the right price and managing the situation if it goes against you. I am not a fan of betting to win a target but I do think a good exercise for you guys may be to aim to win just 5 points in a month being very selective and congratulate yourself when you do. I always say the key to winning is to first stop losing and now with the international break is as good a time as any to look at your betting portfolio and get it sorted for the rest of the season.

I didn’t do any seminars this year but I am thinking of running a couple of trading workshops in the New Year. I was thinking of Birmingham and London but happy to look at other locations and the days being plain and simple all day trading. Choosing a football match day, and starting with game selections and strategies through to prices and value and actually all placing live trades together. I dont want to put it together if it is not something people are interested in. I would guess costs would be around £249 for the day not including accomodation but including the conference room, wifi, lunch etc so if it is something that interests people email me and if I get a decent group to make it worthwhile I will look at dates and get it set up. I would say mid – January would be a good time, get Christmas out of the way and still leave a good 5 months of the season and the World cup to operate in.

If it is not required my advice to all is simply be more selective, watch your prices and stakes, control your losses and more often than not less is more, 3 trades a day, 2 winners, one controlled loss is a lot less stressful than trying to systemise every strategy and sitting there for 10 hours straight to end up nowhere.

A couple of other mentions in 2012 I started the FTS Portal which really is a betting investment fund I manage. People who invested £1000 now see it at over £5200 or over £6300 depending on what plan they went for. I will be starting a new one in January 2018. It is like an ISA to me and a long term plan not a short term thing. Existing Portal members already have expressed an interest so they will get the first chance  I will set their version up in December then open remaining spaces in January. I do limit it as I can only run it for a certain number with a view to getting the bets/trades matched but if interested let me know.

I have been burnt by service providers before but one FTS member has been proofing to me a 30 point plan whihc he now achieved 3 times betting solely on football fixed odds, mostly singles but occasionally doubles. Once again not something I want a load of effort in setting up if not required but he has asked if FTS members would like it, you need a 40 point bank and he will charge £47 with nothing further to pay until 30 points have been won. I would say it is 15-20 bets a week so bets most days when football is on and all place and leave bets that can be put on when email arrives.

So a few bits happening I think best as we have a quiet week to operate the following


If interested in the Trading Days – please email ftsincomemail@gmail.com with Trading Day in the subject

If interested in the Portal and an EXISTING Portal member who wishes to start in December please email ian@ftsincome.co.uk with December Portal in the subject

If interested in the Portal investment of £1000 and NOT AN EXISTING Portal member then please mail ftsincomemail@gmail.com with NEW Portal in the subject

If interested in Jeff’s 30 point plan please email ftsincomemail@gmail.com with 30 Point Plan in the title.


I can then collate everything and act on what is required.


Ultimate and FDD members I will be adding videos over this coming week and a few more bits of analysis

I will also be making some changes to the FTS site and the basic education when I return from Malta.

I will be back with a further blog post next week on a few different topics including the way I see football heading, the Top 4, Barcelona, potential FTS Raceday 2018 ( just a day at races no seminar) and some other points I have to share, have a great weekend and enjoy the break in the football.


One final thing I have a ticket spare for Real Madrid v Spurs on 17th October so anyone who wants to meet me in Spain or knows someone dsesperate to go and attend the game let me know as we are going to stick it right up em! Team Harry Kane! ( If it is someone I like I may treat them!!)