FTSIncome | RSS Feed http://ftsincome.co.uk Tue, 28 Jul 2015 19:32:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 New Additions http://ftsincome.co.uk/new-additions/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/new-additions/#comments Tue, 28 Jul 2015 12:24:52 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=17529 I have a great announcement for the FTS family today.

Gamblingsytemsreviews.com a website ran by a good friend of mine Larry is closing down with immediate effect. That really should be a sad announcement but it is to the great benefit of FTS. The providers of the two most profitable services on GSR – 5 Star Kings and The Golf Guru- contacted me some time ago to ask me if I would take over running their services. I refrained as it was not fair to Larry at that time but with the announcement of GSR now closing I will be adding the whole GSR package to FTS including Larry himself.

I will take over managing those two services with immediate effect and also be looking at other profitable services that GSR had available to members, whether these manifest themselves into services remains to be seen and will only happen should we be convinced they will benefit FTS and what we are building here.

I will be employing Larry directly as a racing consultant. I have known Larry many years and many of his racing contacts are people I know but no longer deal with as our paths moved in different directions and betting the information for me became impossible with account closures etc. Larry is out and about betting “hot horses” daily from great sources such as those behind FSK and gets access to the best information. The sources behind Five Star Kings will now provide me with the information directly first, but Larry will act as a liason with other sources to see if we can provide “late” information in any way on fancied strong horses or a re introduction of the FTS race card going forward which was a great success.

Larry will help me analyse and work through the racing as well as doing the results so we can offer the best racing package along with the likes of Will Lattimores service etc going forward.

I have emailed those of you on the Horse Racing Portfolio directly this morning to explain the initial effect on that service and over the coming couple of weeks the Racing services on FTS excluding the excellent Will which will remain the same – will receive a revamp. If you are already a member of 5 Star Kings (or the Golf Guru) you do not need to do anything, Larry will be contacting you directly this coming week.

As with any service you should only ever join it if it suits your betting style, bank size and mindset. there will be no hard sell but we have what I believe is the best set up possible going into 2015/16 and people can build their own portfolio at their own level to actually stop bumbling around and make profit

Free Bets – if you sign up to the FTS free bets – ( You can join here in the box on the Home Page), we will be adding more of these over the next couple of weeks and Larrys own Free bets that he provided to GSR will start on FTS tomorrow , Larry has provided these free on GSR since May 2nd and they are 48 points up, so will be a welcome freebie.


Football FTS ONE, the FTS Odds sheets will be announced later this week

The Statolite area will be opened on September 17th after we have about a month of data from the current season and then will be updated daily and Soccerstato itself is without doubt the best football tool on the planet – Period not even an argument and now Steve has built in some of my systems to the software it is an essential betting tool for success.

Golf Guru provides high priced golf interest at a minimal cost

The FTS Racing set up will now comprise of the great Will Lattimore,  The Select Service, Five Star Kings and a revamp to the HRP set up

Bet Direct covering racing first and then football will finally be ready to go over this next month ( It will, it finally all works!)

Chris will start his Bonus Bagging features in August

Andy will be blogging about his betting experiences “from a normal punters” point of view and sharing his results, high, lows and mental battles that hopefully help a lot of you in similar positions and prone to the same mistakes


We will leave no opportunity for failure and with the addition of videos, articles, tuition etc then I really believe that what has been a long project for me will get to where I want it all to be very quickly now.

And next week we also will open our Win A Trip To Vegas competition so look out for that.


It is an immensely busy time but it will quieten down over the next few weeks when we have these changes all up and running. Seminar and FTS Pro past members I will be answering your queries and sending you info re FTS ONE etc this next week. VIP members I will send you all you need for the new season from Wednesday next week onwards.

I will say that this will be an end to the changes , we have had a few revamps and people such as Kieran etc have come and gone. We have a good team, FTS is a monster and too big for one man so I want to publicly thank all those who have helped me, sometimes not enough hours ever in a day but we have pretty much got there and all users will benefit and most importantly profit. Larry is a welcome addition.


I have been ill this week so please bear with me if awaiting email queries, you miss a day and have another 2000 to trawl through!


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New – Daily Free Tips – How To get Them http://ftsincome.co.uk/new-daily-free-tips-how-to-get-them/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/new-daily-free-tips-how-to-get-them/#comments Thu, 25 Jun 2015 12:14:46 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=17216 One of the joys of FTS over the years is that amongst the crowd , (admittedly a minority compared to the number of visitors over the years) I have developed some very strong and friendly relationships. One of the benefits of this is that various skills can be accessed between ourselves for the benefit of the crowd.

One of these benefits is now the kind offering from some members to provide free tips. These will be across racing and football and the Racing tips start today. Long term FTS member Andrew will be sharing his own racing tips daily when he has selections at no cost to anyone ever! This will be replicated by others with some football tips when the season starts and I shall chip in also when I have some tips worthwhile for it.


This is not just meant to be a freebie and get on with it, I have evidence of all the results and hopefully they continue – BUT ANY TIP IS BACKED/LAYED at your own risk and we don’t want to hear any negatives. Many people used to try this via the forum but as I expected over the years the forum fell into a state of disrepair as it was used for nonsense and abuse mostly and the finding something useful was like trying to find Lord Lucan and the good info generally got lost. I will be revamping the forum sometime in the future but it is way down my priorities to be honest and I don’t use it myself.

Only tips that are proven long term profitable will be sent as Free Tip so don’t think these are not worthwhile they are simply to help those who struggle to meet subscription costs etc get started and build a bank. My suggestion is you follow along to start with.



In order that I don’t bombard people with these who don’t want them in order to get the FREE TIPS daily they will ONLY  BE SENT to those who opt in to the FREE COURSE & TIPS Mailing List only. If you have already opted into my course then fine, your tips will follow today onwards. If you have not opted in yet then simply pop your details in the box below and you will receive the next batch of free tips after you have signed up.

Todays first tip is 2.20 so I will send them out around 1.45 PM and then each morning going forward. I will do regular results updates on here and email tips daily from now on.



6 Steps To Become A Professional Trader!!
FTS Will Give You Everything You Need To Succeed At Betting For FREE!!

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FTS 2015/16 – FTS ONE http://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-201516-fts-one/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-201516-fts-one/#comments Wed, 24 Jun 2015 11:39:18 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=17198 I am now finalising plans to bring the whole FTS family together so time for a quick update.

The seminars are full now and I am very excited about what I will be sharing on those weekends and seeing some old friends and taking their betting to the level it should be. I have a very clear picture of how to take things forward in the seminar and setting those in attendance up correctly and explaining how they should proceed is key to that. I will be covering many methods over the weekend so attendees have your brains switched on!!

The automated family of betting systems which will be known as Bet Direct will now be launched early July. The bots are all functioning as they should bet wise we have just had some licensing issues. The horse bot shall be launched first and then the football bot shall follow shortly after.

The learning zone will open towards the end of July/Early August and will contain newsletters, articles, videos and be updated regularly. Access to this initially will be free for the first 6 months and probably beyond it is not something I envisage charging for unless it becomes something that starts to take a lot of time support wise. There will be protected content for people who take paid FTS membership and who are owed the GA newsletters.

There will only be one single FTS membership next season called aptly FTS ONE. Those of you on the existing free manual selections will no longer have those selections e-mailed however they will be posted on site daily each morning so as promised access to those will continue as long as I am running the site. I will issue a password for those who bought the original FTS manual and wish to access these selections in the first week of August. These selections do continue to be highly profitable.

FTS One will contain everything you need to succeed. The weekly odds sheets will be delivered each Friday for the 4 major European leagues and I will share with members what works from them. The art of football betting is very difficult and possibly getting harder and we will always have the edge. The FTS odds sheets have rated over 4000 games for members. The returns if you backed those games blindly without using the information in the odds sheets shows how it is impossible to win unless you have the inside edge.

Screenshot 2015-06-24 11.37.58

The above graphic shows the total for betting every outcome of every one of those 4000+ games and how every outcome bar Lay the Draw (which does not work apparently) loses and quite heavily. That is because of tight markets and the factor of commission, obviously winning at the conventional bookmakers is just as bad as prices are not as good as we see on the exchanges. These results are mirrored for the period 2007-2012 before I produced the odd sheets commercially for FTS members to use.

It is clear that I have not explained well enough how to use these odds sheets over the previous 3 seasons so that is part of the focus of FTS ONE membership. I no longer sit at a PC day in day out, trading and losing my profits by making bad decisions or making trades to obtain a green postion irrespective of whether it is value or not. The odds sheet allow those with access to simply place set and forget bets on a Friday morning and that is it. It will take literally 10 minutes and you will be long term profitable and time free.

Just applying simple filters to the odds sheet weekly creates profitable selections. We see in the above graphic the biggest deficit backing blind is backing the Draw which had you done so in those 4000+ matches would see you lose over 357 points in 3 seasons. Looks difficult to turn that deficit around but using the odds sheets and filtering the selections to certain criteria changes your outcome dramatically

Screenshot 2015-06-24 11.51.34


In this second graphic I have applied a few of my filters and you can see have turned a 357 point deficit to an 88 point profit, around 30 points a season and rock solid. You could also lay the home teams in these games for a further 40 plus points profit. Now all of a sudden we are winning. No trading, grab the odds sheet, apply the filters and place your bets all done on a Friday. The number of bets by filtering is vastly reduced and no opinion is required. I often back outcomes that I think in my mind have no chance only to see them profit.

Once you get your head away from trying to win a gazillion points and understand a few simple systems that make 20-30 points each, without opinion and as I have always touted take a long term view and manage a portfolio you will win. FTS One is aimed solely at achieving that. I really do all the hard work for you.

I have over 20 of these systems and will share some of them for FTS ONE members, you will simply have to click a few buttons Friday mornings. As long as you set yourself up correctly then you will turn your punting on its head. No decisions, no watching markets just discipline and stake management.

The second part of FTS ONE will be based around our new stats section currently being built – STATOLITE.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 12.02.21

Our amazing Stats section will see reports run and published daily and explain the stats and how to make the best of them. Strategies will be available within the STATOLITE area to enable those with access the ability to bet and trade profitably daily. It really is an awesome section if I do say so myself. FTS ONE members will gain access to the section as part of their membership. If you don’t wish to join FTS ONE you can still have a small monthly fee for paid access to the stats section and strategies.

All in I know what we have set up is the most profitable football betting/trading platform online. I know we have failed in helping people use the info and that has now been addressed. Ultimately though it will still come down to the individual. There is a wealth of services and strategies online. A new football site pops up each week. They are confusing require decisions or days and days at a PC. Here at FTS we have cleaned it all back to basics and you will simply need discipline and bank management. I will do what I can to keep you on track but as I quoted JG in 2007 a winning system in the wrong hands will still lose.

Now for the bad news, membership will be limited. This is no sales threat, membership to everything will have strict number restriction. Yesterday I administered 3400 emails, that was my email from last week. I cannot run this service or any of them for huge numbers and do it justice so there will be a strict order of priority for membership.

VIP members you will be set up firstly on all services over the next few weeks and details will follow.

Seminar attendees from 2013 and 2015, Portal members and existing FTS Pro and Pro+ members will get priority to sign up first.

Remaining places will then be released on general availability. 

PRICING WILL BE FINALISED ONE WE HAVE EVERYTHING IN PLACE I TRULY HAVE NO IDEA ON PRICE AS YET – as always we will be fair. I see one day seminars for £2300 advertised this week in comparison mine is £519 for two days and far far superior that is for sure. We price according to the work required weekly/daily not to make a marketing profit. If I wanted a huge profit the odds sheets alone would be £500+ a month they are that valuable.

We have an early bird list open at http://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-one-2/ and whatever your status on FTS it is worth adding your email here as I will be letting those on the list know more details as we progress through July.

In other aspects on FTS we also have a lot more new additions to add. We have a brand new set and forget racing service starting in July.

We will be running a MATCHED/RISK FREE blog where our resident expert will be posting bets and the best advice on how to maximise this ever growing arena in betting and  help those without a bank yet to grow one at no risk whatsoever.

FTS member Andrew will be doing a  blog over a couple of services sharing his experience, results and mental battles. It will resonate with a lot of members I am sure and help them stay on course as that really is all this game is about.

So I cannot wait, I am very enthused , I know we have a great set up and it will all come to fruition over the coming weeks.

I will be setting up a personal Twitter before the season so that my Spurs rants (and there will be some I am sure) are not entwined with FTS information as I know that has upset a few. Twitter will be a source for informing you when selections are sent, stats updated and general announcements etc so it will be worth following @ftsincome. Those who wish to engage on the personal banter I will let you have my new Twitter when it is ready

So if your interested in FTSONE I would put your name down using the link above.

BET DIRECT I will email out when we are set and VIP’s are all set up.

STATOLITE, Matched Betting, Learning Zone I will email when these sections open up.

2015/16 is the season we definitely add more winners to the stable. The key is as always not to dive in, assess your situation, ask questions and start at a level that a) suits you mentally and financially and b) that you will see through. I will not be banging the if you chop and change drum any more.

You will be bombarded with services to join over the next few weeks as the season approaches. I know what we will have and it will profit, whatever you decide, join a service for the right reasons not because of a load of hype and sales talk. FTS will be the simplest most profitable service of the season that I know and we will be fully transparent.

We hope your part of the future if not we still wish you the best going forward.



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Royal Ascot Day 5 http://ftsincome.co.uk/royal-ascot-day-5/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/royal-ascot-day-5/#comments Sat, 20 Jun 2015 08:56:40 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=17166 Further small losses yesterday but not a disaster. Just needed one of the bigger prices to get its nose in front instead of placing. Today will be the day!

2.30 Had nothing positive about the favourite and only one horse has been given clear mention. DESSERTOFLIFE is the pick and I was quite surprised to see the price.

DESSERTOFLIFE £20 EW 16/1 (1/4 Odds , 3 places) -£40

3.05 A fair few covered here and stroing word for the favourite Mahsoob but at 7/4 I have missed the price so exclude that. FIRST FLIGHT and EDUCATE are two mentioned for place money so I will have a small interest each way there and hope it is another underperforming hot pot as favourite.

FIRST FLIGHT £20 EW 9/1 (1/4 Odds 4 Places) -£40

EDUCATE £20 EW 18/1 -£40

3.40 Telescope is fancied strongly, I have also seen good word for Eagle Top and Snow Sky but will take a watching brief and let this race pass.

4.20 Big prices and this may be the one that cements the week. MOVIESTA and GORDON LORD BYRON have both had decent mentions and are right up my alley price wise shop for best place terms

MOVIESTA £25 EW 18/1 (1/4 Odds, 4 Places with B365) -£40

GORDON LORD BYRON £25 EW 25/1 (1/4 Odds, 4 Places with Hills) -£50

5.00 Ascot. Nothing strong in this race so just a couple of small plays for interest only.

LOUIS THE PIOUS £15 EW  25/1 (1/4 Odds, 5 Places) -£30

BASIL BERRY £15 EW 25/1 -£30

5.35 By now the fate is sealed and this is simpky the last roll of dice. Another hot favourite, another I wll try and get beat and hope I get the one that does.

TIMES UP £20 EW 12/1 (1/4 Odds 3 Places) -£40

MARZOCCO £30 EW 6/1 -£60

Its been a ride follow at your peril and good luck

Day -£370

Meeting -£541.87

Nothing good to say come the end. I cannot bleat bad luck it was simply down to choices and I made the wrong ones. The only positive is that these results highlight what we are trying to get away from with the new FTS set up and that is the process of having to repeatedly make the right decisions. It is almost impossible to profit this way over time. A bet is bet because it is value not a choice of A or B because I have a load of information. If I had chosen to back Curvy, Snow Sky and Space Age I have a nice profit on the week. I made the choice to omit them as bets  to keep outlay down and it cost me dearly. This is replicated day in day out by punters. A bad week, thanks for reading sorry it did not pan out , I think it is the first blogged big meeting we have had a big loss so we are in front but just a shame I went the wrong way repeatedly. I will wipe my mouth and be back. Thanks to those who posted comments.

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Royal Ascot Day 4 http://ftsincome.co.uk/royal-ascot-day-4/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/royal-ascot-day-4/#comments Fri, 19 Jun 2015 11:40:04 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=17155 I spoke too soon and took a pasting yesterday and it just shows that any method where you have to choose the bets from a selection of possibles will doom most of us to failure as the law of sod takes over. To pick only the winning bets is quite frankly impossible and I omitted Curvy and Space Age which of course won and the ones I went with lost. A day that would have been so different had I gone the other way and I know many of you have experienced that sort of day with many services where you have to make a choice rather than having a set list of bets.

An interesting lesson in mindset again today yesterday after winning on Tuesday I had 18 emails by 11.30 asking when I was posting bets. Today after a pasting yesterday, ZERO emails. I am obviously confined to the dustbin and they have moved on to a different source for today. I don’t mind. EDIT One request on Twitter from my new best friend @RUSTYBLACKHEART

So into Day 4 having wiped out the profits a tough day ahead as many favourites fancied and that is not my game

2.30 Been good money for Illuminate in the ante post market and into 4’s for today so no value in that anymore. I have had loads of mentions so at the prices JERSEY BREEZE is one of small interest and FRENCH at a huge price features from a couple of sources.

JERSEY BREEZE £20 EW (1/4 Odds 3 Places) -£40

FRENCH 100/1 £15 EW -£30

3.05 I have had strong words for the top 2 in the market BALIOS and STRAVAGANTE so I am having a small play both of them win only.

BALIOS £48 Win 9/2 +£216

STRAVAGANTE £66 3/1 -£66

3.40 Hootenanny is being touted as if it cannot be beat. I am sure some of it is Moore loyalty money after the week he has had. Not for me surprise, surprise. I have had good word for 2 in this race so will back both in the hope Hoot turns out to be right nanny and I hit the forecast. I should man up and back them win only but as I have been so unlucky this week I will hope to nick a couple of places if something freak happens and one of them does not win.

ADAAY 10/1 £25 EW  (1/4 odds, 4 places) -£50

TIGGY WIGGY 8/1 £25 EW -£50

4.20 I am taking on the favourite again. Everyone is raving about Found but they were for Ivawood and Pleasach also earlier on the week so not for me. Need to find the one to beat it though and I have, LUCIDA wins and SPERRY finishes second a nose. There you go that is a prediction.

LUCIDA £40 Win 4/1 -£40

SPERRY £20 EW 16/1 (1/4 Odds, 3 Places) -£40

5.00 Time for some prices and when of these wins I will join the “I told you so brigade”. I will be once again taking advantage of Mr Powers extra place offer and relieving him of some hard earned around 5.10PM

CONTINUUM £20 EW 33/1 (1/4 Odds, 5 Places with Paddy) -£40

LIBRAN £20 EW 22/1 (same terms) +£90

FAMOUS KID £20 EW 28/1 (same terms) -£40

5.35 By now I will be pushing wheelbarrows of cash around and the only thing left is to add the cherry on the cake. Favourite Aloft – Not a chance, get into the double figures man. (in case you have not worked it out every time you back Aloft at 3/1 and it loses you need 2 winners in the next 3 races to make profit, my way – I have loads of races I can blank)

FUTURE EMPIRE £20 EW 16/1 (1/4 odds,3 places) +£60

GREAT GLEN £25 EW 8/1 -£50

Follow at your peril, results will be updated Saturday.

Day Total -£80

Meeting -£171.87

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Royal Ascot Day 3 http://ftsincome.co.uk/royal-ascot-day-3/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/royal-ascot-day-3/#comments Thu, 18 Jun 2015 10:29:42 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=17127 Nice to turn a profit yesterday. I text an FTS member a selection list yesterday which would have brought up the place pot at 300/1 for a 6 line investment so just a stake of £12 would have paid £600. Neither of us was on, so I am not after timing, I usually do the placepots for small stakes at these big meetings but have had a lot on this week and was at an exciting meeting in London yesterday PM and it just slipped my mind. Hey ho! We still had a good day with the blog tips and I know some of you have a bit of profit to play today.


2.30, King, Log, King, Log, King, Log. It apparently is only between these two and everyone seems split. Common sense says leave the race alone but I have also had a mention for a big price. So I will take the best price of the two market leaders LOG OUT ISLAND which has been steadily supported all morning and have an Each way on AJAYA and hope the King loses his crown.

LOG OUT ISLAND £30 Win 2/1 – £30

AJAYA £15 EW 25/1 (1/4 Odds, 3 Places) – £30

3.05 Taking on the favourite Time Test which I have had nothing strong for with a couple at better prices. PEACOCK I have had strong word for to run a big race ( one of those can’t be out of the frame shouts – yep said that about Ray Ward!!) and also NAFAQA which is my sort of price and Paddys are paying first 4 in this race – beautiful!!

PEACOCK £25 EW 11/2 (1/4 Odds, 4 places Paddy Power Only) +£7.50

NAFAQA £20 EW 14/1 (Same bookie terms) -£40

3.40 We have a daily no bet race and this is it. Pleasach is fancied like a Harry Kane hat-trick in the North London Derby but not for me at 11/10 as I have also had a word for Curvy so I will give it a miss and watch it all unfold.

4.20 14 runners and words for about 8 of them so obviously one of the harder races. I adopt my price principle here so the biggest price I have had good things for is WINDSHEAR so that is worth interest. I have then heard doubts about the ground for the favourite (it is grass after all) and good words for the next two in the betting MIZZOU and KINGFISHER. So a 3 bet race and lets hope the favourite and grass don’t get on! (the racing aficionadi are now closing their browsers in disgust)

WINDSHEAR £25 EW 33/1 (1/4 Odds, 3 Places) – £50

MIZZOU £20 EW 5/1 – £40

KINGFISHER £20 EW 8/1 +£20

5.00 Another 30 runner charge – not proving my speciality as yet. 3 again in this race and two of them I will take advantage of Mr Powers generous 6 places. PORTAGE I had had strong info for so that goes sin but on 5 place terms as 10/1 the winner is favourable over Paddy’s rather stingy 8/1. UDODODONTU which took me about 10 minutes to work out what it said as the price shortened has also had a good mention and also RESONANT which has a nice mention and rates high.

PORTAGE £ 25 EW 10/1 (1/4 Odds, 5 places) – £50

UDODODONTU £20 EW 18/1 (1/4 Odds, 6 Places at Paddys) +£70

RESONANT £20 EW 20/1 (1/4 Odds,6 Places at Paddys) – £40

5.30 I am now either bathing in £50 notes or heading towards the mire. If it was bathing I would be conservative here and probably just watch the last whilst sipping champers, but as we are putting these on in advance I guess it is all in. (Remember those 2 words Chris Jones!). Have had 4 strong words all for horses the middle of the betting. I can’t back 4 horses that is just greedy and reeks more of searching for a winner rather than trying to make a profit so I have applied my scientific approach write the 4 horses down, screw them up and pick 3. Never fails. Joking aside PUTTING GREEN was always included as hear good word and shortening in places, ROCKY RIDER is included as it is the biggest price and I like big prices. The other choice is between DARTMOUTH and Space Age. I am opting for the former again as it is a slightly bigger price. If I am in the mire before this race and Space Age romps in expect to hear of another earthquake down in the South East.

PUTTING GREEN £20 EW 20/1 (1/4 Odds 4, Places) Ladbrokes and B365 have 20/1 price is going elsewhere -£40

DARTMOUTH £20 EW 14/1 -£40

ROCKY RIDER £15 EW 33/1 -£30

Total on Day – £292.50

Meeting -£91.87


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Royal Ascot Day 2 http://ftsincome.co.uk/royal-ascot-day-2/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/royal-ascot-day-2/#comments Wed, 17 Jun 2015 10:27:54 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=17120 Day two of the Royal meeting and I escaped relatively unscathed yesterday, could have been better but racing is volatile and hit and miss at these meeting with fine margins often deciding your fate.

Straight into todays races and a lot more caution today as it seems a hard day to find winners and information has been not overly strong

2.30 BOSSY GUEST has been mentioned in numerous places and is also up top in my ratings I use to upset the favourite. Had a couple say they are unsure about Ivawood and certainly wouldn’t back it at 7/4 so that is good enough for me.

BOSSY GUEST £30 EW 8/1 (1/4 Odds 3 Places) +£30

3.05   I am told Acapulco has been laid out for this race ( not sure how you lay any horse out for a 23 runner dash). The one at a price I have had a mention for is DELIZIA so I will have a small interest there.

DELIZIA £15 EW 12/1 (1/4 Odds 4 Places) – £30

3.40 is again a no bet race for me. Integral I am told is very likely to win but at 10/11, 4/5 in places I will just let it pass me by.

4.20 I am told to take Free Eagle on as a few think that won’t be winning. Rather than lay it at the price I will go for the one I have been told should run well THE GREY GATSBY

THE GREY GATSBY £40 EW 13/2 (1/4 Odds 3 Places) +£25

5.00. Money has already come for the one I am told  will run well MUNAASER. 30 runners so I am assuming there is a fair element of lottery to it. PIRI WANGO at a big price also has cropped up in mentions and is my sort of bet asI like to take the big prices in these races.

MUNAASER £25 EW 18/1 (1/4 Odds 5 Places) – £50

PIRI WANGO £20 EW 50/1 – £40

5.35 Another race  it seems not a lot of confidence from those I know in the favourite and TOUCHLINE is the one they give the nod. REALTRA and OSAILA are two others that had decent words for, so 3 in the race for me to finish off and hope the favourite doesn’t bolt in.

TOUCHLINE £25 Win 8/1 – £25 

REALTRA £20 EW 28/1 (1/4 Odds 4 Places) – £40

OSAILA £20 EW 14/1+£350


Daily Total = +£220

Meeting Total +£200.63

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Royal Ascot Day 1 http://ftsincome.co.uk/royal-ascot-day-1/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/royal-ascot-day-1/#comments Tue, 16 Jun 2015 09:18:36 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=17106 A quiet time on the football at the moment and I have nothing for today in the Copa America. Paraguay game may have a few goals in it. The favourites have certainly struggled early on.

Today though sees the start of one of the world great racing festivals as Royal Ascot gets under way. 30 races ahead of us and I am sure some of it will be thrilling racing. You will be uninvited with bets I am sure and bookmaker offers particularly for new accounts and affiliates/marketers trying to lure you into so you lose more with the bookie and they get paid. That seems to be all the game is these days, 5/1 Gleneagles today for new accounts knowing they get enough takers who will go on and do their brains later.

Anyway enough of that here are the FTS selections for today, follow at your peril. These all come from numerous sources so I simply try and pick the strongest information. These are my own personal interest bets, not anything to do with any selections that System Builder, Will or the HRP generate. I like to have a small punt at there big meetings and if I get a pasting today I will be back tomorrow but may use the info differently! Bet and follow at your peril , it may just back up a section you have seen already.

2.30 I have had a good word for 3 horses none of which is the favourite. ABLE FRIEND has been strongly recommended to me so I will have dabble on that. I have had equal words for Toormore and Night of Thunder. Night of Thunder also comes out top on a couple of ratings sets I look at but at times like this I go for price. So TOORMORE gets my vote for a second bet

ABLE FRIEND £40 Win 11/4 – £40

TOORMORE £25 EW 8/1 (1/4 Odds 3 Places) -£50


3.05 I know nothing about racing and have had no words re the favourite in this race but 5/2 in an 18 runner charge is never my type of bet. Two who I have top of ratings and also mention for are BURATINO and AIR FORCE BLUE so I will have small plays on both of them.

BURATINO £25 EW 10/1 (1/4 Odds 3 Places) +£281.25

AIR FORCE BLUE £20 EW 7/1 +£14.38

3.40 Paddy Power owned Sole Power goes for his third victory in the race. I don’t like bookmakers winning anything so hopefully we can get it beat.I am going for a couple at big prices here that have rated well and had a mention and hope they can show a turn of foot. STEPPER POINT and TAKE COVER

STEPPER POINT £25 EW 33/1 (1/4 Odds 4 Places) – £50

TAKE COVER £25 EW 40/1 – £50

4.20 It seems the word is Gleneagles cannot be beaten. 4/6 is not for me and given what everyone else is saying the prices don’t look great in behind it so I am not betting I will take a watching brief and let all the punters open new accounts for the 5/1 Gleneagles on offer for a tenner. You probably then have to spin 2k through the mathematically perfect Roulette to withdraw it – so cynical!

5.00 I have good word on RAY WARD and many shrewd judges, even TV pundits, talk that it cannot be out of the frame so I have to include that in the days selections where I probably would not. I think the value may well have gone early on this one. Beyond that horse I have had mentions for about 5 others so it is now stick a pin in time for some big prices. In situations like this I tend to go for the approach, bigger price the better, so if one does come in I get a nice payday, funnily enough it has worked out nicely over time.

RAY WARD £30 EW 7/1 (1/4 Odds 4 Places) -£60

RHOMBUS £20 EW 40/1 -£40


5.35 Just the 27 runners and I of course have studied the form and breeding of all of them. Being 2 year olds any rating seem to focus on the top of the market and that does not interest me at all. Where Will Lattimore would say pace pace pace I will say price, price, price. SILVER WINGS has been mentioned and the price certainly appeals. DREAM DREAMER again heard a couple of things about and the name is probably apt and finally AREEN is one that apparently is expected to go well. All 3 off nice prices so will have a tickle on all of them.

SILVER WINGS £20 EW 66/1 (1/4 Odds 4 Places) -£40

DREAM DREAMER £15 EW 40/1 -£30

AREEN £15 EW 16/1 +£45


So a few quid invested, hopefully I get a winner or at least a couple of placings.

Birmingham seminar is now closed we still have a couple of places in Ealing for 11th/12th July.

Come along if you can it really will be worth it and the content is exceptional for attendees, methods and results that will not be beaten elsewhere and you will be able to move forward for a lot less time and struggle than you probably do now.


I am not around much this week I will post the Ascot selections daily but my son is finishing up his exams etc at University and has been extremely stressed with it being his first year so I am up and down there and will be bringing him back this week and then I have a speaking engagement this weekend in Europe. Football looks quiet if anything does come up I will post it as normal.


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All New FTS & Copa America 2015 http://ftsincome.co.uk/all-new-fts-copa-america-2015/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/all-new-fts-copa-america-2015/#comments Thu, 11 Jun 2015 10:28:10 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=17073 Have a good look around! The all new FTS is here and growing very fast now. I have finally had a bit of time to get the house in order and all is progressing very nicely. You will see a fresh new look on the home page and an easy to navigate menu. The current profitable services are accessible by the left hand menu with full results posted. We will have the learning zone added over the next few months with the newsletters, videos and simple strategies that you can adopt.

Our brand new stats section has been built and this will be launched next month. It is superb and I shall be doing videos and articles on how to use the individual statistics to make some cash. I have given some of you a preview of this and feedback has been great. It will only grow we have 14 statistics published daily so far and I will be adding sections of my own strategies.

This will all form part of the new FTS membership for next season. We will always have free membership but the paid membership will be streamlined so that you only get the best and relevant profit making information all in one place. We will have one new paid membership FTS ONE with everything in one place for you and a new manual explaining how to utilise membership fully. Spaces will be limited as always

I will soon be doing a blog post on the FTS odds sheets and include a video of how the last 3 seasons have played out. I now have over 4000 matches I have priced up for FTS members over 4 leagues and recorded all results etc. Those at the January seminars have had my master sheet for the second half of the season and seen a significant improvement in their use of the odds sheet. The video will explain how you can use this sheet alone to generate profits in 20 minutes a week maximum with “no shall I, shan’t” I decision making required

We now have a full stable of services on FTS we have a new racing service to be added with limited mebership and the Bet Direct automated services will start very soon. The bots are all built and running we just have a licensing niggle to sort out and that is being taken care of now.

A long standing FTS member will be blogging about his own experience with a couple of services, the highs, lows mental battles so that some of you can relate to that and follow along and ride the waves together. I have found certainly since doing the seminars and the great help people have shared on Twitter with others who attended that groups work better together, having someone to email, Tweet etc in bad time sis invaluable. There are bad times fact, no one wins every single day and it is getting through them that is key to everything.

We will also have a free matched bet section, an FTS member who now makes great profits doing bonuses and matched bets is going to provide a free blog with some bets weekly so that those of you on small budgets can build a betting bank from scratch with no risk whatsoever. This will start in July.

WHO WANTS TO GO TO VEGAS? — I have been given 2 flights to Vegas as a promotion. I will be putting them up on site, I shall throw in 5 nights accommodation at a Strip Hotel at my cost and it will all be available in a FREE DRAW starting in July. Details will be on site and if the dates fit, my wife and I will join the winners (if the winner wants us to of course!) and share the experience. It is a great prize and no risk to you so look out for the emails next month onwards. I will tie the draw in with the start of the next football season.

Once all that is done it will be very much education, education education. I know the faults of most gamblers, staking, chasing, giving up, panicking, jumping from method to method out of lack of confidence and I will address all that. The service is almost relevant f your brain is not there and you are not aware of what to do.

On the home page of FTS you can access a 6 part refresher course to start to tune your brain up. Simply enter your details and you will automatically get a weekly email for the next 6 weeks steering you in the right direction and then further ongoing help. All FREE.

The Portal is flying and is my greatest achievement in betting for sure far better than anything I have ever done for myself. I love doing it and it is a real challenge but the guys involved I will say are superb, really good guys (and gals) who give me no grief and let me get on with it and as such that is flying and will only continue to do so.

In July we have the last seminars of 2015 and these will basically allow those who attend to mimic my set up and do things on their own going forward. Those attending will get all my sheets, results, macros, staking guides. There will be no excuse and I have spent thousands of hours getting to this situation, learning from my mistakes and building something that is truly fool proof as long as you keep the brain in gear. A betting bank is a tool of the trade that is all it is and it is allowed to fluctuate, unfortunately most don’t get that and quit at the troughs and miss the peaks. That will be a thing of the past.


So have a good look around, register for the course, register for free membership if not done so already and I promise you now the next 12 month we will take you to a complete different level in your betting. That has been my sole mission form day one, a good few have done it now we need more on board in the right direction not floundering in the water without a life jacket.

Ok I hope you enjoy it. If we pissed you off in that past apologies, there was a period of lack of interest and too many cooks. I am now back piloting and the mission is clear, get you winning and EXPLAIN how. It is that simple. I hope you give us a chance as I guarantee you I will help.

Copa America 2015

Football domestically is done with. I still have summer action in Sweden, Japan etc but Copa America starts late today. 12 teams and some of the finest payers on the planet will grace the tournament over the next few weeks. Chile hosts the tournament, it used to be a home/away affair but changed to one country hosting mid 80’s and Chile get it this time and conditions are wintery I am told.

It is not a huge punting event for me and I will tend to pick my opportunities daily but I offer some overall tournament thoughts below that you can follow at your own peril. I wont be punting this big I will be trying to win but it is simply small action for me.


The tournament has been dominated by Brazil over the years but this year World Cup Runners-Up Argentina are favourite’s at a best priced 3.0 with Ladbrokes. Brazil and Chile vie for second favourites positon both at 4.5 and 5.0 flip flopping at various bookmakers and Colombia then are priced at 7.0. It is in my humble opinion pointless looking past these 4 teams.

I do expect Argentina to lift the trophy but it wont hot up until the semi – finals I expect when the top teams have to play each other. I may look to lay Brazil in the later stages if the price fits. If you want a pre tournament bet then I cant see past the 2/1 Argentina but it is not for me.

Surprise surprise, Lionel Messi heads the Top Goalscorer market at 4.5 with Betfred ( all the scam/marketing sites would of course have a bookmaker affiliate link on the word Betfred there). I like the price on Aguero at 9.0 and have had a small dabble EW there. The problem is who the Argentinian coach Martino will deploy and where. I am a big Higuain fan and it is not clear whether Higuain or Aguero will spearhead the attack. If Aguero starts I am certain goals will flow as his conversion of chances is superior to Higuain. Of course then we have to contend that the maestro Messi does not just go it alone.

Group betting looks sewn up in 2 groups. Chile will win group A and 1.55 is a fair price but the value may be better just better backing them in the matches individually. The same can be said for Argentina in Group B, 1.33 looks to be an opportunity to buy money. I will be simply amazed if they don’t win the group, the opposition looks very weak. It is however not my sort of price and I will look at the matches and see if any options look better day to day. I will try and tweet any bets if possible.

Group C is a two horse race with 2 of the big 4 present and Brazil are of course short price favourites. I have had a small dabble on Colombia. They impressed me at the World Cup, have some talented players and Brazil still have defensive frailty. It is a match bet and Brazil do deserve the favouritism but it is not sewn up by any means.

Those who like goal markets and in-play action I would suggest the group stages offer the best chances. I expect the knockouts to be tighter affairs so if goals are infrequent in the group games for the first hour then looking to lay CS late on may be a good play and one I will be keeping an eye on. I would also envisage some trading around the 2-0/2-1 scoreline offering up opportunities, backing those scores to start and then laying off as goals go in to green up all round.

It should be a good tournament from a viewing perspective and as I say I will try and post some bets on Twitter time permitting.


Not one mention of Spurs – I am cured!! Well done Chelsea on the Premier League, Well done Arsenal on the FA Cup – see I love you all!!

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Condolences & Upcoming. http://ftsincome.co.uk/condolences-upcoming/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/condolences-upcoming/#comments Thu, 23 Apr 2015 12:19:23 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=16595 Time for a quick update. I have had some family time this last few weeks getting a few visits in whilst my son was home from university before my upcoming birthday this weekend. A myriad of sport seems to have passed by with the Masters, Boat race and National all falling on one weekend and then the FA Cup semis and Champions League quarters, April is a great month for sport.

I snagged a place on Matsuyama in the Masters at 70/1 having posted my tips on Twitter, I was pleased to see the Golf Guru also put up Matsuyama and with a few winners this last few weeks including Johnson at 20/1 and just last week Aphibarnrat at 35/1, Golf Guru is really a service you should all be part of, low cost and a few bets placed Wednesday and that is it, for just that the service is over 180 points up since launch and always provides weekend excitement. Back to The Masters and Spieth was sensational. I just feel the tournament is losing something as a spectacle now. The equipment goes so far that the par 5’s on the back 9 no longer require any more than mid irons for these guys so the days of Seve and Curtis Strange hitting fairway woods into the water are long gone and as such I think the tournament will wain for excitement. We will always wonder at the course and flowers etc but as a sporting spectacle it is a bit lacking for me these days.

I didn’t see the National or have a bet in it for the first time in years, the fairytale was a McCoy victory but unfortunately it never landed, it would have been great to see.

Having always supported Oxford in the boat race owing to childhood family ties, but with a son now at Cambridge I was asked if my allegiance had changed – Hell No!! Oxford delivered another crushing defeat – beautiful!

Timmy has got Villa to Wembley, inflicting a defeat on Spurs at the Lane on the way and I need to cheer him on now with Arse as the opposition! We know the semi finalists of the Champions League – for supposedly the best club competition in the world it is highly predictable, perhaps Juve sneaking in is a slight surprise. I am getting more and more drawn to the Championship (probably a good thing with the direction Spurs are headed), it is getting more and more exciting each year and this season at the top is unbelievable, supporters of the teams involved must not have any nails left and still twists and turns to come. Burton Albion have saved the ante-post portfolio with Shrewsbury as back up in that league it should be a nice profit.

I know a lot of you are waiting for the changes and you will see that the site now has a new much simpler plainer look. This will be the way forward I want things much easier for you guys. Kostas is currently away in Stockholm but when he is back we will add the service pages. We will be proceeding with Will Lattimore, Goals, Goals, Goals, Stallion and a new complete FTS Membership for next season. I am going up to see Soccerstato Steve next week to finalise the new stats section which will be part of the set up and the other learning tools will be added once these things are finalised over the next couple of weeks.

We are awaiting the launch of the automated betting service but I have some sad news. Art who has become a great personal friend and a good friend to FTS over 7 years, lost his mother on Tuesday after a long battle with illness. Art is developing the bot but obviously personal issues are far more pressing Art is free to take whatever time he needs. I will update everyone when the time is right. Art has been a huge part of FTS as a moderator, friend, reviewer and I am sure you all join me in passing on our condolences. Time like this put a winning or losing bet into perspective and having lost my own mum 10 years ago I know how sad it is.

I have been asked many questions about the bots. It is simple really bets will be placed by me and will be replicated your end to the stakes you set. It is that simple nothing else will be required by you except a funded Betfair account and an active Gruss Betting Assistant subscription which is £6 per month currently. The bots will have a cost for the software which will include a set period for selections and then going forward a monthly fee per service you wish to operate. We have in play football and set and forget football options and here is the bets from last Saturday and Sunday which would have been in the bot. Don’t worry about missing out as this will repeat going forward. 13 bets placed 12 winners and over £1800 profit in just over 24 hours

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 14.52.34

The horse backing bot in live testing so far is up well over 200 points for 2 months and I am very excited about that going forward.

Current VIP members will be set up first and then those who attended the 2015 seminars will be first in the queue to buy the bot licenses. After those are sorted then I will offer it widespread. There will be genuine limits on the bots availability as we need to offer full support for these including tech issues if anything goes wrong etc and also ensure that all bets get matched at the prices for it to work.

I will post more details on the bot, systems it will operate and open a list for interested parties midweek, next week. I shall give advance warning before this list opens up by email and then as soon as Art is able we will get the ball rolling.

So everything is on plan still the improvements are vast and widespread and simply make your life and chance to profit as easy as they could be.

I will be running two summer workshops one at the end of June and one at the beginning of July in Birmingham and London with the sole aim of setting people up from scratch across both football trading and racing, sharing my exact plans for the 2015/16 season and the bets I will be having with a full portfolio of methods and selection processes so anyone serious about moving forward make sure you attend, those who have attended previously it is another step on again so nothing duplicate for you. Dates will be published once I have them booked up.



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