FTSIncome http://ftsincome.co.uk Thu, 11 Feb 2016 10:30:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 KD Pro Club & Bet Selector January Results http://ftsincome.co.uk/kd-pro-club-bet-selector-january-results/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/kd-pro-club-bet-selector-january-results/#respond Wed, 10 Feb 2016 12:56:49 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=19101 Just a very quick update on the results for KD Pro Club & Bet Selector from January.

HT CS Lays: 4.0

A couple of losses in the middle of the month marred a really good run of 12 straight wins, but that’s the nature of this sort of system. As previously mentioned your results might differ from mine but hopefully you’ve still picked up a good few points. Just try and ensure you are consistent.

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Seems to be 1 step forward, 1 step back at the moment but as I’ve said multiple times this is why we can never look at football over a few months or even 1 season. We just have to look at the PL table this season to see how crazy it has been. The challenge is to stick with it.

As the table is getting long I have just put January’s matches. To see others please see previous posts.

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3 Leagues total since start of service: -8.77

Bet Selector - 3 League.xlsx

5 Leagues total since start of service: -29.50

Bet Selector - 5 League.xlsx

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The World is Flat! http://ftsincome.co.uk/the-world-is-flat/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/the-world-is-flat/#comments Sat, 30 Jan 2016 13:31:33 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=19038 It would seem following my rant about Twitter the other day that things have taken a turn for the worse with some rapper in the States claiming that the world is flat! Each to their own but the troubling part is people were starting to be convinced by him. Just a quick update on a few areas. I have been around the country this last two weeks doing a few 1-2-1 sessions and seminars. I have seen 2 troubling cases of people betting absolutely anything. One guy has done figures in excess of 5k on certain services and I will be covering that in a future post. The other was doing what many do and seemingly searching for the holy grail and what looked in my mind to be spreading himself far too thin. I am sure now they will be on the right track but it is prudent for all of you to check what your betting, how many services, to what stakes and where it is getting you.

Staking too big for both your mindset and your wallet is a common theme and people should realise a couple of services to manageable stakes is always a better starting point. No matter how many times I say it, running before you can walk, trying to get rich to quick and this search for instant gratification is rarely successful. The key is to stay in the game and build a process that absorbs losers and keeps you heading in the right direction. I showed one of my guys a £1000 bet this week and said could you place that bet – he rightly answered no! In effect it is no different relative to bank size as a £10 bet but mentally people need to be ready to lose big money as well as win big money, other wise you are doomed from the start if that is your goal.

Racing wise price is all important. If your betting horses and kidding yourself your getting the prices etc and you really are not then you need to work out if it is really for you and should be included. Just being part of something is not what this is about, it has to suit you and fit in with your portfolio and your end game. Staking more at shorter prices to “make up the difference” is no solution. Trying to pick  winning bets is also no solution. I have a list of bets everyday without fail, I am 100% certain I am not good enough to pick which will or won’t win.

We have also done the first two masterclass series one in London and one in Birmingham and it was great to see some new faces. At these two venues once again it just seems that no one really had  plan. It was much the same sign up to everything or start things and give up so hopefully we can get these guys set up over the next couple of sessions and on to greater things. For those not attending take a bit of time to examine exactly why you do this and where it is all heading.

From the July seminars in 2015 we have had a tough time on LTD as big teams have failed to perform at different times such as Chelsea, Juventus, Valencia etc. I am aware of it, I still will stick to the fact that it is cyclic but I will email you guys after this weekends football about the approach and some reassurance so no need to panic. I will also resume the July ’15 seminar horses in a couple of weeks when the floods and abandonments settle down. It is pointless in this type of weather.

I am home for a couple of weeks now and have some big changes to make to the site, mainly on the horse racing side and then adding the newsletters and some tuition on the footballing side. I hope to complete this myself over the next fortnight and will post details shortly. All these changes will be for the better, will save people money in the long run and enable me to run the site more efficiently. I have emailed those of you on certain racing services this morning

I have today began my email amnesty and deleted every email in my inbox. I had to do something and that was the only way forward. I know there were some emails in there that needed answering. IF you had sent an email that needed attention please resend it now and I can get back to you. I shall be checking email going forward first thing in the morning and last thing at the end of the day and clearing down. I will not be answering emails throughout the day as it is just eating my time up too much.  All service emails are sent everyday and selections can also be accessed in the members area. I must get 100 emails a day asking where things are. I will stress if you continue to use email providers like Hotmail, Yahoo etc then emails may not always come through to you. Every day every email is sent and I am no longer tolerating what is abuse from some people saying where it is. I never miss a day and have not done since this site started in 2007 even sending emails when I was in hospital. If an email does not come through we have a back up in the members area for FTS One, Will, Goals Goals Goals, FTS Selections. I will look to add member ship areas for Prime Football and the Free Bets also.


The site will be cleared down racing wise as we now have Bet Direct ready to launch. This will be strictly limited as we need to control prices, bot numbers and ensuring bets go on and also support for bots not working etc. This is not a mass marketing exercise but more a set up to allow people to bet systems they otherwise could not. Details again will appear on site over the coming weeks with the launch of both a back and lay version of the Bet Direct horse bot. Football will then follow later. I make no apologies for people missing out this is a set up that has taken us over a year to develop and will be managed correctly. I want this bot running in 5 years time for people not crashing and burning because we got greedy and let the world have it.

Will Lattimore will be offering a festival only service for all of the major festivals in 2015. Will and I will be doing a webinar before Cheltenham and details of his festival package for the year will be made available at that time. Will will also be offering a lay service for the exchanges. Many of you have used Wills expertise to back horses and had to stop with accounts closed and stakes being restricted. Will lays horse himself and again will share those with a limited number of people to protect prices.

As always everything here is optional. People are crazy if they join and sign up to everything. I have some eye watering spreadsheets that one of my 1-2-1 has shared with me on so called expert services he has done his brains on so the focus will always remain here to accept losers and losing spells come and go but long term to develop everyone a winning portfolio.


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A Lovely Start To Saturday Morning. http://ftsincome.co.uk/a-lovely-start-to-saturday-morning/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/a-lovely-start-to-saturday-morning/#comments Wed, 20 Jan 2016 15:59:43 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=18978 I have not done a blog post for a very long time and it is purely down to time constraints I am busier than ever. I was at my third 1-2-1 session yesterday with a long standing FTS member and his first question was when is the next rant – about to show the guy how to win 5 figures a month and he is more concerned about when I am going to go off on one next, love him. I had mentioned to FTS ONE members I was due to have a good old rant on the website blog about a particular subject much of which is banging the same old drum about how 99% of you act, react and behave in general that any form of marbles anyone had in relation to gambling, long term view and general expectations evaporate. A big part of that rant was Twitter and before I get into full guns blazing. How about this for a way to start Saturday morning. I was sitting at my computer in my office with a cup of tea and formulating my bets for the day, setting Soccerstato systems in place etc when my phone beeped for a text message around 6.25 am. It was my son asking me who I had upset and warning me to be careful and perhaps it was time to close the FTS site down. In the text message he attached a link to Twitter. I do try and refrain from bad language on the blog but I have to post these as is, to highlight an example of what I have to deal with. Anyone who thinks my wife and kids should be subject to this over betting has got a real issue and trust me Chris and anyone else I will give you my address come on down!




Now I have not responded, I don’t know who Chris is and I have called the police (well my son did) and they kindly came round and discussed this with me this morning. That may sound dramatic but there is a clear threat and I whilst I expect the Police will not do anything they have told me they will provide the name and address of the person once they obtain it and I can then inform their family and employers etc of the behaviour.

When I look at it in its full essence the game referred to is an Original FTS selection that I posted Friday evening along with other games. These were the selections that were part of the very first LTD trading manual in 2007 that I agreed to provide for life and have stuck to. Trading them is very profitable and indeed this very game whilst ending in a draw provided two trading opportunities to exit with a small loss or about level. The advised price was 4.0 so this outburst would intimate a lay stake of £5333.33 was placed on this game and left. I am guessing at those stakes and risk factors I won’t be informing Chris’s employers because he must be a multi millionaire with no need to work. Chris must of had some nice wins along the way but I never got any chocolates or champagne sent to me.

Joking aside it is not even remotely funny and I simply have had enough of it. People generally in my life of FTS just make me sick. I will put it in simple terms – clueless imbeciles. I get it, I understand people don’t like losing money. I understand the emotion of it what I don’t get is why people make no effort at all to change and take a long look and actually set themselves up properly.

I had a great weekend

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 14.21.42

And the thing is I will continue to have great weekends and great weekdays and I have to ask do I really need the shit like above that a number of people like to dish out.

A lot of it is down to the likes of Twitter and 24 hours news who spout garbage continually. I no longer use Twitter. I did use it, to inform people of things and to rant about Tottenham, which in itself was a tad sad but it provided a few with entertainment and gave me an area to vent rather than come out of White Hart Lane swearing to myself how shite we are and people looking at me like I was a lunatic. I also believe Pochettino read my tweets as Mason and Bentaleb, so often the subject of my venting and the reason behind our often abject performances don’t get in the team now – at last he has realised! However this particular avenue of venting I decided to stop as being on Twitter was a nightmare. Even people I thought were sound individuals who I had met were spouting behind my back so I simply decided enough is enough and stopped.

I cannot analyse Twitter any better than Sean Lock did in a recent stand up (see video below, apologies again it is quite coarse). Having come off it I am not really sure what it is all about. You can get news stories etc quicker it seems but it just sends everything so much over the top. I am a massive fan of David Bowie. I grew up with older siblings constantly playing his music through the 70’s and 80’s but I found the outpouring of grief last week so fake and noticed if anyone was remotely sharing any view other than Bowie was a god the Twitterati and the like ganged up on them as if they were to be set on fire in medieval times.

So I have not missed it in the slightest. Yes website wise it would have its benefits but is it really worth it, particularly opening myself to abuse like above.

It is the point of being over the top that is really the subject of this post. If we look at gambling in its simplest from. You are trying to beat numbers or a book if you like that are set against you. If you do so by even a small margin then you will do very well. We know 99% lose and you can check any bookmakers company records at companies house to see profit figures and losing punters. So if you made a concerted effort to be in the 1% you would I assure you be earning very good money.

For some reason you don’t and that is the bit I just don’t get. The reaction to betting still 10 years on with this website astounds me. We live in a world where only what happens that day or minute seems to matter and base our life on it. I watched the Liverpool v Man Utd game the other day and have to listen to bilge from pundits like Graeme Souness “What impact does this have today on the Top 4?” — Ermmm none. It was 9th against 6th. 6th won so still have a chance of Top 4 but had that irrespective of the result of this game. 9th probably never had a chance of top 4 despite their deluded fans thinking they do so losing made no difference there either. Football is a game of 38 or 34 or 42 games a season. That is all that matters. Every week Leicester win, they could be champions, Arsenal win they are certainties for the league, Man City win – they should win the league it is complete and utter bollocks on a huge scale fed by the media, and punters on here, Twitter etc all lap it up. Just stop and have a look at yourselves.

Punting wise it is exactly the same. We know I like lay the draw with strong home favourites. Chelsea and Juventus caught us out early season and every week the reaction was the world ending. It is exhausting to worry  about every single result as if the world is ending, I just don’t get why people do it or bet in the first place. I keep getting asked why I include Chelsea ( or as is inferred above picked FC Eindhoven) . Let’s get one thing clear yet again for about the 200th time. I do not pick any of my bets. In ye olden days I would sit with scribe and paper and price up games and any in a certain criteria were bets. Now in the good old tech days I have learnt excel and I have macros that do it for me and they tell me Friday morning if I have a bet. I have no opinion on it whatsoever if my macro says bet it I bet it. There is no choice, human input margin for error, nada. I do think Chelsea have been crap, I am not fundamentally stupid, I see the results for my own eyes but I bet them until my macro removes them or more likely they  show an upturn in form and start beating everyone at home as they did for the past 6-8 years making this of us who were operating the same way a shed load of money. They have drawn 7 games this season in 22 games, Spurs who everyone is touting as potential champions have drawn 9. Spurs have lost and drawn more games than they have won and to my knowledge teams showing that form do not make top 4. The point is whatever will be will be, Tottenham may get Top 4, Chelsea may get relegated but I am not interested in a 22 game period for my betting I am interested in the fact my method wins repeatedly over time.

It is not rocket science. But with 24 hour sky news and drivel from twitter and pundits and forums you all overreact and then for some reason feel it necessary to tell me. I do not care! I have won a load of money over the years I will continue to and if a small number of you want to be part of that I will happily be here.

The match selection has nothing to do with failure – people do. After the July seminars a guy asked me to sort his bank of 10k out which I did. He then lost £1856 which is less than 20% of his bank. He sent me a load of abuse and stated he was no longer continuing.

I replied and stated that in that case he did not have a 10k bank clearly he had a less than 2k bank and had he informed me of that I would have started him on much smaller stakes relative to a 2k bank. I then got another load of abuse. That is how so many of you operate. You do not commit, you fanny around trying to do everything to £2, £5 stakes and wonder why your not rich. You give up as soon as a bad run comes, you stake money you don’t want to or can’t afford to lose, so have a meltdown as every bet leaves you teetering on the cliff. If you just stopped took a breath and set yourself up properly then you would see it really is not that difficult and once set you control your emotions and operate the same daily.


I have shown this over numerous seminars, the operation of the Portal which topped through 4k this month, and now the 1-2-1 where I have visited a few homes now and set people up and even then I leave wondering if they will be doing it next year. Everyone seems just happy to – whilst we are swearing today I may as well put it as I mean it- f**k around at it and blame everyone else and I am completely and utterly sick of it all.

I have today closed the forum and the help desks of FTS as they are the avenue for bilge and nonsense so if you have a question email me. Last year year I received 483,000 emails through FTS, that is over 1300 every day. I will be honest 1295 a day were complete and utter bollocks and that then means the remaining 5 or 6 get unanswered as I am sick of reading garbage. I see names now and click delete which is very sad. I am emptying all my email on 31st January. If anyone wants to ask me a question in the right manner from 1st Feb onwards I declare it a new start for email and I will respond only to those email sent in the correct manner. I apologise now to people who have sent emails and not had a response but you ae a victim of the bilge I am afraid.


Running this site is a lot of hassle. I am aware of my faults. I state we will do things and then they get delayed. I operate mainly as a one man band and have to rely on people at times and have no control over that. I try and help people, I run services for people and get little or nothing back the other way. I try very hard to keep this ticking with the one goal of people winning. Kostas who has run  the site technically has in effect, ceased links now. He has been in Greece for best part of 6-8 weeks and has got married etc out there. He has a new job in the city and I need to take that side over. The problem there is I was reliant on him and didn’t know how to do most of it so I now I need to take time and learn about servers, setting things up on site, doing pages, products, images videos etc. I now have most of what I need so will be addressing that in February and expect that all the necessary videos and products etc will be online next month. My betting will always take priority over this site. That is my income and as such I cannot afford to waste time dealing with numpties when money is there to be picked up off the floor.

If you want to be part of it shape up, get a grip and learn and ask what it is about. If you want to be a prat please sod off elsewhere. Understand a betting bank of 100 points is 100 points not bloody 15 or 20. Understand if betting on a market like BTTS where it is a coin flip that one or two weeks results mean absolutely nothing. Understand that operating one solid method to decent stakes  is better than trying to do everything to £2 – those who attended the horse racing seminar last year would you like to know how much Rock Solid or Triple 1 won last year, come September, 4 people were opening the file – waste of my life!. Understand that chopping and changing will never ever f***ing work as long as I live. Understand that trying to find a new method when you have not even given any previous method a year will be fruitless. Understand that things take time, as Kav stated on our recent seminar it is a process, we do not ring an estate agent and check our house price daily we know in time it will increase in value and have dips and peaks along the way. Understand that a bank does not know when a football season starts or finishes or when racing changes codes. Understand this is work that requires the same approach as if you were training to be a doctor or a solicitor, it take a few years. My first 1-2-1 pupil said to me after a few days of being left to his own devices “you actually work quite hard don’t you” – yes because you don’t win 6k in a couple of days by being an arse. I may be brash, I may come across as a prat, rude, arrogant or anything else people think of me, but I am not an arse, I know how to win practically every day of my life and I sure as hell want more  of you to win rather than piss money away to other people all the time.That is the facts of it

As Einstein said “continuing to do the same and expecting different results is madness” – so sod off. There are 100’s off sites for you. One guy at the seminar in London last week told me how he had not won on a site, left as it did not work (and was never going to) and they emailed him calling him a loser! Nice, but that is what a lot of you ask for. Sort yourselves out and if you want help, Me, Kav, Andrew, Arthur and Chris will help. My pool of people I deal with is an ever decreasing circle. I have VIP who I have to say are all excellent people, Portal guys who are happy bar one so I am happy, some of the seminar attendees have proved worthwhile and the few 1-2-1 now who will get my time or in one case hound me until I die anyway!! You know who you are!


The underlying message to all this is we live in a world that to me is now full of nonsense. News channels spend 24 hours talking about nonsense to fill time, people spend time on Facebook photographing their dinner and sharing it with imaginary friends. Twitter has become a source for propaganda and bilious vile diatribe like above. You don’t have to be part of that. Get a grip of yourself. Have proper conversations with people. If you love them tell them to their face not in a Facebook post. I am horrified if my kids post Happy Fathers day on Facebook, ring me up and tell me or don’t bother. If you want to learn something ask in the right way. A forum, chat room all that is nonsense, I have yet to see one benefit of any of it. Speak to me. Want to meet me?Come and meet me. Want to learn to win? Ask. Want to do matched betting? Speak to Chris. Any aspect we can help with, act like a knob and you will get much the same back.


Ok I am done. We have a few website changes coming for February. The Horse racing side is getting a full revamp. Will Lattimore service is staying as is. Will and I will also be doing a webinar to help further those who want to win at racing and I will have details on that shortly. The other services are all being revamped and I will write to those people on those services first.

The automated betting is finally ready I can only apologise, problems we had could never be envisaged. VIP members are going live Monday and I will then make that available to a small number of people throughout Feb finally FTS BET Direct will go from a dream to reality

Statolite will be launched fully for FTS One members and a couple more tables added and hopefully a database of results also that can be filtered. Once that is done I will open that to other members but FTS One get priority first and I will let it run a month to see teething problems etc.

I enjoyed meeting the guys in London and look forward to meeting new people in Birmingham this Saturday and some remaining 1-2-1 guys over the next couple of months

Meanwhile I will continue as a one man band with help from the likes of Arthur and we will cater for those who want to make some money which to me is the only benefit of punting.

I will hope to write some more productive blogs over the next couple of months.

Good Luck




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Matched betting – Update and Offers for 16th Jan http://ftsincome.co.uk/matched-betting-update-and-offers-for-16th-jan/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/matched-betting-update-and-offers-for-16th-jan/#comments Fri, 15 Jan 2016 13:38:56 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=18954 Long overdue update for previous offers and a few simple offers for this weekend.

28th December = £52.40

Total = +£661.70

Offers for Saturday:

Offer 1 – Betsafe £10 risk free

Man city match weekly offer, £25 qualifier on any premier league market above 1.5, then use the risk free bet in play on the City game.

Offer 2 – Will hill £10 in play free bet

Place a £20 IN PLAY bet on the Villa vs Leicester game and get a £10 in play free bet on the Liverpool vs Man utd match.

Offer for Sunday:

Offer 1 – Paddypower £10 in play free bet

Place a £20 qualifier at 1.5 or greater before the Liverpool vs Man utd match and get a £10 free bet to use in play.

To view the Profit Maximiser review CLICK HERE

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My Biggest Piece of Advice… http://ftsincome.co.uk/my-biggest-piece-of-advice/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/my-biggest-piece-of-advice/#respond Fri, 15 Jan 2016 11:35:27 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=18943 Since getting involved with FTS, the most frequent question I get asked is “what advice can I give people”. The reality is that to be successful in this game there isn’t one single piece of advice that can change everything but a multitude of small things that adds up to a big difference.

Having said that, I think one of main issues is that most people don’t LISTEN. I wasn’t the smartest person who attended the seminar a few years ago, and there were people who probably had a much better and deeper understanding of betting than I did. But I think one of the biggest differences with me and others was that I was willing to really listen to Ian’s advice and implement it into my betting. I didn’t get influenced by other people, I didn’t change my plans and I didn’t dive into everything with huge stakes or bet everything out there – all the things that Ian has always said.

Those of you who have followed FTS for a while will know that Ian always talks about “long term view”. But how many people actually listen to this? I was just the same as others and wanted everything too quickly until I decided to LISTEN and change my attitude. It wasn’t easy at the start as it seemed easier to ignore it and try to fast forward things. But I decided that I had failed doing that so why not try another way.

The problem is people don’t listen and try to fast forward to success and unless you get lucky, it will not work. I’ll use one of my current services on the FTS site as an example. Bet Selector, went live on the 21st November. On the page on the FTS site it says:

Don’t try and do too much too early. Analyse the results and choose which types of bets you want to go with (i.e. Backing Away and Laying Away teams) and once your bank increases add more.

However, from what I understand some people started betting everything. This is a good example of not trying to run before you can walk. There are a lot of bets if you bet everything and if 2 or 3 methods have a bad run you then suddenly lose 15-20pts rather than 5pts. So unless you have a bank and are comfortable with losing runs you are going to struggle.

I only bet my own systems now, but if I was to sign-up to something like this, the first thing I would do is look at the results that are available on the page (and there have been update blogs every month) and analyse everything. I would look at different types of bets, leagues, prices, losing runs etc so that I have a complete understanding of it all. I would then set a bank and bet 1 or 2 methods ONLY based on what I’m comfortable with. For example I prefer laying to backing (my personal preference as you get more regular winners) so I might just look at laying home teams and laying the draw. Or I might just do any lay just from La Liga and Premier League (+8.7 pts since going live).

Not only will this limit my workload but it will also mean that I am not stretching my bank as it’s only a few bets. It would also mean that I’m unlikely to have to bet on 2 different outcomes in the same match. I would then monitor other methods and as and when I win 50% of my bank either add a third method or increase my stakes.

I showed the guys at the 1st master class a strategy that I used to turn £1,250 into £2,800 in 1 year starting with just £25 stakes and growing it to £126. Now that’s not life changing but I will continue it and in year 2 it will be £5,500, year 3 £11,000, year 4 £22,000 and year 5 £44,000! How many people would be prepared to listen, start small and stick to a strategy for 5 years? Like everything it will have losses and losing runs (in fact there was one in mid-week), but because I have set my bank up right and planning for 5 years time, it won’t effect me.

I would recommend anyone who has signed up to any system, firstly to listen and then to take a step back and analyse everything and start small and with a couple of methods and build from there.

Like we always say THINK LONG TERM!

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The Journey – Month 5 Results http://ftsincome.co.uk/the-journey-month-5-results/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/the-journey-month-5-results/#comments Mon, 11 Jan 2016 19:41:39 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=18923 Month 5

The facts and figures (09/11/15 to 08/01/16):

System 1 – Will Lattimore

Another losing month: -7.95pts. (-5.57pts on Will’s site). As you can see my loss is slightly greater than that shown on Will’s site and it was the same last month. I don’t seem to be able to get the prices these days and I believe that has been an increase in the number of subscribers over the last couple of months which I have no doubt has led to prices shortening more quickly than they used to.

System 2 – Rock Solid Lays

Quiet month as there’s not been any selections since 19th Dec. Selections are due to start again in the next few days: -3.24pts

System 3 – FTS One

Another winning month, making it two in a row. Hopefully things continue like this: +1.90pts

Month 5: -9.29pts

I use different stakes for each of the systems based on their potential volatility. I use 5 ‘units’ for 1pt on Rock Solid, 3.5 ‘units’ for 1pt on FTS One LTD and 3 ‘units’ for 1pt on Will Lattimore. (Will’s has increased due to staking plan)

My actual figures are:

Will: -7.95 x 4 ‘units’ = -31.80
Rock Solid: -3.24 x 5 ‘units’ = -16.20
LTD:  +1.9 x 3.5 ‘units’ = +6.65

Total P/L = -41.35

Let’s say we used £5 per unit, the P/L for month 5 would be -£206.75, rather than -£46.45 if level stakes had been used across the 3 systems.

Ian has always stated this should be a 3-5 year plan, therefore next month I’ll be at least one tenth along the road, so I’ll do a post about where I am compared to where I thought/expected to be.

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New Year, New Start – would 1,000+ pts help? http://ftsincome.co.uk/new-year-new-start-would-1000-pts-help/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/new-year-new-start-would-1000-pts-help/#comments Mon, 04 Jan 2016 14:33:57 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=18876 As we enter 2016, I’m sure everyone like me has a list of things they want to achieve. Whether that be to learn a new language, tidy the garage or become a successful gambler, a new year does mean a new start. For me, this is where the journey began 3 years ago. I had been following FTS for around a year at that point and had some success for the first 6 months. I then got greedy, slack and basically made all the mistakes that I’m sure you all have made at some point.

I was pretty despondent with it all and seriously thought about packing it in. But before making that decision I decided to take a long hard look at myself and try to understand why it went wrong. Being honest with myself was the first step and by looking at what I had done and what I was doing I realised very quickly where I had gone wrong. It wasn’t anyone’s fault but me. Not the referee, not the players, not lady luck and not Ian.

So I made a decision to stick with it and more importantly make changes. And the biggest decision I made was to sign up for the seminar that Ian was running that summer. The way I looked at it was that, I would never start a new career without the right training at the start and this was no exception. My ultimate goal was to be able to stand on my own and not have to rely on anyone else. I wanted to come up with my own strategies and only bet what I was comfortable with.

  • My first goal that year was to simply make a profit. Any profit and I would have been happy. Tick.
  • I then set myself a goal that within 3 years I would quit my job and I achieved that in less than a year.
  • I then set myself a goal that I would earn 5 figures in a month and I achieved that within 18 months.
  • And now as we move into the new year my goal is to actually spend less time in my office and more time doing the things I enjoy!

I now work from where ever I am, take regular holidays and don’t have anyone to answer to – well apart from the missus. None of this would have been possible without taking that first step to come to the seminar in Reading.

That is the aim of these master classes. To take people from the first step, wherever you are on your journey to ultimately a position where you can make it on your own and achieve your goals. I have worked closely with Ian and we have designed these set of master classes to give anyone who attends all 3, the exact blueprint of the journey to becoming a full time professional punter. Taking you progressively from the beginning to an advanced level in just a few months.

In the first master class alone we’ll be sharing strategies that have earned us 250 points in the last 3 years!

That’s why we are running these seminars from the start of the year. So that attendees can start fresh and remember 2016 as the year they changed their betting and ultimately their lives! As much as me and Ian want to help people, it is impossible to try to steer people in the right direction over emails or the odd meeting here and there. This is the most cost effective way of being able to help as many people as possible, whilst also being as comprehensive as we can and covering everything you need to know.

  1. We’ll be sharing strategies and databases that we have never shared with anyone before and possibly won’t do so in the future.
  2. We’ll be offering a managed betting service where we will do all the work for you and take the emotional roller coaster out.
  3. You will learn how to create and use databases to achieve maximum profit for minimum amount of work using your OWN strategies.
  4. And as I’ve already said, you will get the exact blueprint of how to succeed at this game.

By the time these master classes are finished we’ll be giving away strategies that have earned us 1,000+ points in the last few years across football and horse racing!

If you really want the shortcut to success and to look back onto 2016 as the year it all changed then you can’t afford to miss this amazing opportunity. We will do all we can to help and advise those who attend along the way, but it all starts with you attending.

There are now only a few spaces left, so don’t delay as you may be disappointed.

To become a winner in 2016 click here

I look forward to meeting some of you in the next few weeks.


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The Journey – Month 3 & 4 Results http://ftsincome.co.uk/18862-2/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/18862-2/#comments Sat, 02 Jan 2016 09:03:08 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=18862 Month 3

The facts and figures (09/10/15 to 08/11/15):

System 1 – Will Lattimore

The first losing month since I started on this journey: -10.18pts. (-8.11pts on Will’s site)

System 2 – Rock Solid Lays

Nothing to worry about: -0.48pts

System 3 – FTS One

The first winning month since the start: +9.35pts

Month 3: -1.31pts

I use different stakes for each of the systems based on their potential volatility. I use 5 ‘units’ for 1pt on Rock Solid, 3.5 ‘units’ for 1pt on FTS One LTD and 3 ‘units’ for 1pt on Will Lattimore. (Will’s has increased due to staking plan)

My actual figures are:

Will: -10.18 x 4 ‘units’ = -40.72
Rock Solid: -0.48 x 5 ‘units’ = -2.4
LTD:  +9.35 x 3.5 ‘units’ = +32.72

Total P/L = -10.4

Let’s say we used £5 per unit, the P/L for month 1 would be -£52, rather than -£6.55 if level stakes had been used across the 3 systems.


Month 4

The facts and figures (09/11/15 to 08/12/15):

System 1 – Will Lattimore

After last month’s loss, Will is back to his winning ways: +14.22pts. (+15.49pts on Will’s site)

System 2 – Rock Solid Lays

Slow and steady +6.3pts

System 3 – FTS One

Another disappointing month: -2.8pts

Month 4: +17.72pts

I use different stakes for each of the systems based on their potential volatility. I use 5 ‘units’ for 1pt on Rock Solid, 3.5 ‘units’ for 1pt on FTS One LTD and 3 ‘units’ for 1pt on Will Lattimore. (Will’s has increased due to staking plan)

My actual figures are:

Will: +14.22 x 4 ‘units’ = +56.88
Rock Solid: +6.3 x 5 ‘units’ = +31.5
LTD:  -2.8 x 3.5 ‘units’ = -9.80
Total P/L = +78.58

Let’s say we used £5 per unit, the P/L for month 1 would be £392.90, rather than £88.60 if level stakes had been used across the 3 systems.

After FTS LTD picking up in month 3, it’s dropped off a bit, but still a decent chunk of the originally allocated bank to play with, so no reason to duck out yet.

In the last update I said I had I looked back at Will’s overall results and he’d not had a winning October since 2011, so I was torn between missing October and carrying on. My decision was to carry on and Will produced his first winning October and a decent month at that +45.32pts (+44.5pts on Will’s site).

You might say I was lucky by carrying on, but the decision came down to two things, one, I know very little about racing and two, my trust in Will. If I didn’t trust him, why would I be a member of his service.

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KD Pro Club & Bet Selector Updates – December http://ftsincome.co.uk/kd-pro-club-bet-selector-updates-december/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/kd-pro-club-bet-selector-updates-december/#comments Fri, 01 Jan 2016 10:46:58 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=18847 Happy new year to you all, just a quick update today on the results. I’ll be doing a blog in the next few days to answer some of the questions that I have recieved regarding various bits including seminars.

HT CS Lays: 7.3

This is a perfect example of why we keep telling people to think long term. After a poor run in November if anyone would have given up they would be down -4.5 pts. But this has completly recovered winning 11.8 pts in December to leave us up overall. As previously mentioned your results might differ from mine but hopefully you’ve still picked up a good few points. Just try and ensure you are consistent.

To recieve these selections click here

HT CS Lays

Bet Selector

Still early on, on these but a dissapointing month if you bet everything (which I hope none of you are doing at the moment). As I’ve said you should really be picking a couple of differents types of bets and going with them and add to them when you increase your bank. That’s how I operated and still do so now. This game is about fine margins and sometimes 1 result means the difference. For example had WBA held on for another few seconds at Liverpool it would be a different picture. But as Ian always says these things even out and we’ll get last minute goals going for us. This is why you need to think long term.

To recieve these selections click here

3 Leagues Total: -1.55

3 Leagues

5 Leagues Total: -10.91

5 Leagues

That’s all for now. Look out for the blog post in the next few days.


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Matched Betting – Offers 28th December http://ftsincome.co.uk/matched-betting-offers-28th-december/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/matched-betting-offers-28th-december/#respond Mon, 28 Dec 2015 15:32:19 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=18833 Very quick post as there’s a couple of good offers on for tonights Man utd vs Chelse match.

Offer 1 – Bet365 £50 risk free in play, standard offer that we’ve done many times.

Offer 2 – Will hill £10 in play free bet, again the standard offer that’s been on all month. This is also on for Leicester vs Man city tomorrow and Sunderland vs Liverpool the next day.

Offer 3 – Betsafe £10 in play risk free, Man citt offers that’s on every week which can be done on tomorrow nights match.

To view the Profit Maximiser review CLICK HERE

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