FTSIncome | RSS Feed http://ftsincome.co.uk Thu, 03 Sep 2015 09:21:26 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Matched betting introduction http://ftsincome.co.uk/matched-betting-introduction/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/matched-betting-introduction/#comments Tue, 01 Sep 2015 12:50:24 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=17795 As many of you will know I’m primarily a trader but over the last couple of years I’ve made a substantial second income from matched betting. Due to the nature of matched betting (low risk/risk free) it gives you a great opportunity to build up a betting bank without having to go through the normal ups and downs that a gambler faces. I will be laying out the fundamentals of profiting from this type of betting over the next few posts and then start posting a few offers each week to show the profitability.

I imagine that most people reading this will already know what matched betting is, it’s been around for a long time but is becoming more and more prominent lately due to various services out there and the opportunity it gives people to make guaranteed profits from betting.

As a brief introduction for those who aren’t aware, matched betting is the process of matching bets between bookmakers and exchanges like betfair in order to take advantage of the bonuses and promotions that the bookmakers offer. These bonuses often give you great value and by using the exchanges you’re able to lock in guaranteed profits before the event you’ve bet on has even started.

The simplest examples of these are new account bonuses which most of the bigger bookmakers have. Let’s take Ladbrokes for example, they offer a free bet up to £25 for new accounts, all you need to do to qualify is open a new account, deposit and stake £25 and that will be matched with a free bet upon settlement.

The way we would take advantage of this is as follows:

We open the account and then deposit our £25, we now need to place a qualifier (minimum odds of 1.50 are stipulated in the terms and conditions).  We want to find an event with as close a price match as possible between Ladbrokes and betfair as this will reduce our costs. At the time of writing I’ve found a horse race with a runner called “Mime dance”, the horse can be backed at Ladbrokes for £25 at 3.5 and it can then be layed on betfair at 3.5 also. We now need to use a matched betting calculator in order to workout what our lay stake needs to be, I’ve included a link below to a free calculator:


If you enter the information into the calculator (£25 stake, back odds 3.5, lay odds 3.5, commission 5%) and click calculate, you should see that we need to place a lay bet on betfair of £25.36 and that will give us a qualifying cost of -£0.91, see below:


We’ve now basically bought a £25 free bet for £0.91, if the horse wins we win our back bet with Ladbrokes but lose our lay bet on betfair, if the horse loses we lose our back bet on ladbrokes but win our lay bet on betfair, either way the overall position will stand at -£0.91.

We now need to place another matched bet to take advantage of the free bet we’ve been given by Ladbrokes. There are different types of free bets but in this case it’s “stake not returned” which as the name suggests means that if the bet wins you only receive the profit, you don’t get the free bet stake back.

In this scenario we want to find a bet at high odds, above 5.0 at least as the higher the odds are the more of the free bet value we can retain. In this case I’ve found a horse that can be backed at Ladbrokes for 7.0 and layed on betfair for 7.2. If we enter all of the information into the calculator again but this time tick the “free bet” option we get the required stake to lock in a profit, please note I’ve had to enter £25 into the “stake forfeited box” since it’s a stake not returned bonus:


The calculator shows us that we need to back the horse for £25 at Ladbrokes (being sure to select the free bet option on the bet slip) and then place a laybet on the same horse on betfair for £20.98 at 7.2. Our profit after commission will be £19.93 and if we take away our qualifying cost of £0.91 our total guaranteed profit for this offer is £19.02. This process is very quick and easy once you understand the mechanics and the profit is locked in before the race is even run with no way of losing.

As I said at the start most people reading this will already know the basics of matched betting but hopefully this example makes it clear to those who are coming across it for the first time. The key to making good money from matched betting is a steady source of these bonuses, it’s easy to make decent profits at the start due to these new account bonuses but once you’ve gone through them all you need to work slightly harder to make the returns from on-going offers that bookmakers put on.

I will show over the next few posts some of the different types of offers that can be done.

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750 Lottery Players http://ftsincome.co.uk/750-lottery-players/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/750-lottery-players/#comments Mon, 31 Aug 2015 23:33:53 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=17774 Yesterday was a day I had been waiting for to write this post. 69 days ago we started the FTS Free Tips service with Andrews selections ( not the same Andrew writing blog posts) and these were followed 34 days ago by the addition of Larrys tips.

On Day 1 when the tips started we had 869 people sign up and 869 people open the email. After 22 days this number had halved and 430 people opened the email. When Larry’s tips joined the email number spiked, still 869 people on the list and 524 opened the email.

The number who opened the email has steadily declined and yesterday a Bank Holiday Monday with plenty of racing 869 people received the email and 46 people opened it. I was waiting for it to drop below 50 people.

Over the last week Larry has had winners at 12/1 and 16/1 and Andrew had a 17.6 Betfair SP winner yesterday.

I am not surprised by the numbers of people opening as it confirms everything I have learned about people and their approach to gambling over the last 8 years running this site and meeting people and doing the seminars. Even people I think I have got to know and respect don’t fail to surprise me.

Why do we send Free Tips?

It was simple exercise to enable people to follow at no cost and actually learn from it. Had I been the recipient I would not have bet them myself but used it to learn from people who win at betting.

I would have simply set aside 10 minutes a day to paste the selections from the email into a spreadsheet and complete the returns and build a record sheet. Just using this free information I could learn more about gambling than most people do. I could see losing runs, how prices affect the losing runs and learn exactly how to approach betting on horses. All for absolutely nowt!

What you guys wanted was free tips and lottery like instant wins from Day 1. When it didn’t happen you didn’t open the email anymore. Fair enough! I googled instant win and guess what came up casino sites, shopping offers where there is always a catch and lottery sites. Off you trot 819 people I wish you the best of luck.

I start every seminar saying that only a handful of people will ever do this properly. I get called arrogant for it, smarmy, flash etc etc. In fact all I am is right and 819 people have furthered my cause over the last 2 months. I get stick day in day out, can’t tweet because it upsets people if I tweet a winner or talk about Spurs too much, so I have stopped. Can’t send bets because if they don’t win I am an idiot,so they will stop ( one guy put the tips in a yankee then gave me shite because none of them won – I mean WTF you have just go to laugh). Running this site and TRYING TO HELP is like trying to do the London marathon in a suit of armour with a ball and chain tied to each leg whilst being shot at with arrows – it’s beyond a joke!

It is a fact that the vast majority of you have no interest in learning. You have no interest in understanding that losers happen and bank management and record keeping seal the day. All you want is a tip and a winner that is it and if it does not happen you are offski to something else. No wonder you all lose!

I don’t win because I am smarter than you I win because I do it better than you. I have gathered over 1.5 million lines of record keeping and it grows at about 2000 lines a day as I record every horse that runs and numerous football markets across 32 leagues. That takes time but all it does is allow me to win. I don’t expect you all to do that but you guys can’t keep records for 5 or 6 horses day at no cost to you, so you have not a jot of a chance to win.

It is an impossible task to help some of you to win and I mean that impossible. There are people who should just pack up and buy a scratch card, or better still just save the money. The hint of a couple of losers and you are all running for the hills.

It is seriously depressing to try and help people, and I mean that it is thankless. I can do seminars, write articles, produce videos whatever, it is all fairly pointless as I am really talking to about 4 people. I may as well meet them in a pub every quarter.

I am not going to say anything motivational any more you are all big enough and ugly enough to make your own decisions and if you want to carry on doing your brains then feel free. In my second ever post on this site in January 2007 I said, if you don’t set a bank and give up after a few losers and move to something else all you will ever do is lose. 8 years and 7 months on I am still spot on, it doesn’t make me happy it makes me feel sick to my stomach. Hey ho! Not a thing I can do about it.

So is it worth continuing for 46 people, we will as we have football free tips starting later this month but as with so many things once the numbers dwindle further I will pull the plug on it as it is not fair on the people supplying the information.


If I could leave you with one thing it really is take a look at yourselves and what you truly expect from any gambling because all you really do is piss about and play at it, I am in this to make serious money, 5 figures month every month, not piss around for freebies and give up an move on. Those of you who happen to have attended seminars you should know better, rather than having a panic attack after a few losers.

Want to see what FTS does really deliver if you approach it right then read this email I received yesterday which is the one silver lining of the last few weeks. This is in relation to some additional free tips I send to those who came to the summer seminars and is the reason I continue, because over the years not many of you have given me reason to!

Hi Ian

Just to say I have just passed my second target with
the Seminar Shortlist Horses.

With the profit from this one system alone I have recouped all
my costs for the Birmingham Seminar.

Once again, many thanks for taking the time to send the
selections each day. The fact they are also Free is very
much appreciated.

Due to discipline and correct staking levels, August has been
my most profitable month EVER.

Thank you so much for all your hard work. Hope you are keeping

Warm regards,




I will crack on and I will guarantee I will be proved right further. I also guarantee that in a years time the Free Tips will show a healthy profit and I will have banked a load!

In other news home wins in the Premier league have proved rare over 4 games, it will level out despite the nutters claiming football has changed and panicking. Spurs are still garbage and today is known not as Transfer Deadline Day but Rasiak Day as we scramble around trying to buy someone who can score a goal at about 11.30 PM tonight!

United – 80 million for a teenager, the game like most people who bet has well and truly gone!

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Suffering from Balotelli Syndrome http://ftsincome.co.uk/suffering-from-balotelli-syndrome/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/suffering-from-balotelli-syndrome/#comments Mon, 31 Aug 2015 20:10:15 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=17770

Why always me?

Have you ever thought you are cursed when it comes to gambling? Have you ever experienced law of sod whereby you have joined a service that hasn’t had a losing month since it started only for it to lose in your first month?

Why Always Me

I used to think I was cursed as there’s been many a winning system I’ve joined and then it’s gone on a losing streak and I’d start asking the Mario Balotelli question “why always me?”. In 2013 I attended one of the FTS seminars and Will Lattimore was one of the presenters. At that time I didn’t have a sufficient bank to join his service, so just kept an eye on it. I decided at the end of July last year that I’d subscribe as it had a great year so far.

Month Profit/Loss
January 14 10.49
February 14 80.94
March 14 38.79
April 14 34.7
May 14 59.95
June 14 5.7
July 14 75.62
Total 306.19

As you can see from the table above it was over 300pts up and hadn’t had a losing month – how could you not join such a service? So I allocated a bank of £1000, subscribed, and started placing bets at £10 a point.

After 2 days I was 4.6pts up and thinking happy days and then ‘the curse’ hit.  August was the first losing month in 2014 (-3.64pts). That’s not a dramatic loss, but that didn’t include the subscription fee of £50 per month, so one month in and I was £80 down.

‘The curse’ continued:

Month Pts P/L Monthly P/L Running P/L
August -3.64 -36.4 -36.4
September -21.95 -219.5 -255.9
October -20.64 -206.4 -462.3

In years gone by I’d have been constantly asking “Why me? Why me?”. I’d lost £462 not including subscription fees (a further £150), which meant I was a total of 46pts down out of a 100pt starting bank, so ordinarily it would have been time to call it a day and I’d have possibly done so as early as the end of September and moved on to another system.

As I said in my first post, joining FTS and getting to know Ian has had a profound effect on my attitude and mentality towards gambling so I didn’t call it a day, after all I still had 54pts left in my bank.

November produced a profit of 47.88pts, so my bank was up to 102pts. Maybe ‘The curse’ had left me but December was another losing month and so the Balotelli Syndrome kicked in again.

The table below shows the whole picture since I joined:

Month Pts P/L Monthly P/L Running P/L inc Fees
August 14 -3.64 -86.4 -86.4
September 14 -21.95 -269.5 -355.9
October 14 -20.64 -256.4 -612.3
November 14 47.88 428.8 -183.5
December 14 -16.32 -213.2 -396.7
January 15 8.1 31 -365.7
February 15 51.1 461 95.3
March 15 17 130.05 215.7
April 15 3 -19.95 195.75
May 15 70 650.05 845.5
June 15 14.16 91.65 937.45
July 15 -7.52 -125.15 812.3
August 15 54.3 494.05 1306.35

If I’d still had my old short term system hopping mentality and had quit after a couple of months I’d have lost £612, whereas today I’m up just over £1300. I used to take the subscription fees out of my bank, but have since learned that to start with you should set aside money to cover a number of month’s fees and keep it separate from the betting bank.

I joined a second service also last year – see if you can guess which month I joined in.

Month Profit
Apr-14 45.02
May-14 129.35
Jun-14 79.45
Jul-14 33.32
Aug-14 83.05
Sep-14 64.78
Oct-14 9.52
Nov-14 -26.30
Dec-14 43.54
Jan-15 7.92
Feb-15 21.10
Mar-15 -12.59
Apr-15 -19.43
May-15 27.90
Jun-15 -14.70
Jul-15 -32.92

If you guessed November, you’d be right!

I started this with a £500 bank,  using £5 a point. At the end of February I thought I up the stakes to £10 a point from 1st March, no real logical reason for that decision other than I was winning, but then I lost in March and then again in April, so started to ask myself, ‘Why me? Has the curse/sod’s law struck again?”. I ended my subscription to the second service at the end of July as I decided to combine the banks and increase the stakes for Will’s service and what a good decision that turned out to be.

The reason I decided to write about this topic is that although I’m more mentally strong than I used to be, such thoughts do still cross my mind and as the FTS One LTS selections have got off to a losing start I have asked myself ‘Why me? Has the curse/sod’s law struck again?”

The answer is “Of course not!”, as stupid as this may sound, losing is all part of winning.

Have you ever suffered from Balotelli Syndrome? If so, how did you handle it, what did you do?

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System Selection http://ftsincome.co.uk/the-systems/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/the-systems/#comments Mon, 31 Aug 2015 14:15:47 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=17764 Like most people I’ve got a full time job and a family so my time is limited. In the past I have purchased systems that have meant waiting around for an email to come in to place the bets or sitting in front of my laptop most of Saturday and Sunday plus various nights during the week, which as you can possibly imagine has caused no end of arguments with the missus, especially when I didn’t make loads of cash, so it was important that I chose the right systems this time.


To start this journey I will be betting on three different systems.

System 1 – Will Lattimore
For those that don’t know, Will is a horse racing tipster. His bets are based on value, so require you getting the advised prices and bets are placed at standard bookmakers. I’ve been a subscriber to Will for about 12 months and will be using a 100 point bank.

System 2 – Rock Solid Lays
Horse laying system. Ian sends the selections out on a daily basis to those that attended the Racing seminar earlier this year. The lays are placed  on Betfair a couple of minutes before the off. I’ll be using a 50 point bank

System 3  – FTS One
FTS One is based on Ian’s Odds Sheets and numerous systems that can be found using them. Ian showed 10 such systems during his last seminars. I will be running 3 LTD systems using one bank.  The lays are placed on Betfair on a Friday and left.I’ll be using a 100 point bank.

Why those three systems?

System 1 – I attended one of Ian’s seminars back in 2013 and Will was one of the presenters. During his talk you could see the enthusiasm he had for what he does and more importantly the effort he put in to getting his selections.  I didn’t have a suitable bank at the time so had to wait until last year before subscribing. It’s typical of horse racing in that it has ups and downs. The selections are recieved via email. The one potential downside to this system is that bookies generally don’t like winners and close winning accounts. Here’s to having my accounts closed.

System 2 – Having spoken to Ian about this, he suggested it was a very solid and steady bank builder without any big swings, so large stakes could be used. The selections are sent in a spreadsheet via email each day – this may change when the BetDirect Bot becomes available.

System 3 – The 3 LTD systems from FTS One are Ian’s suggested starting point for football betting, so I decided to take the professional’s advise.

As it’s my intention to do this properly now, I had to make sure the time involved, the potential length of the losing runs and the size of the stakes all fitted in with my lifestyle and suited my available funds. A few emails with Ian helped me sort the stakes for each systems.

In an ideal world all my systems would be set and forget, but it’s not an ideal world. Will’s selections are based on getting the correct price and even though I’m not always available to place the bets as soon as they are arrive I generally get the prices he recommends. When I detail my results I’ll compare my profit to that shown on Will’s site so you can see any differences.

The Rock Solid Lays aren’t actually set and forget but I have managed to automate these, so as long as my PC is up and running I don’t need to do anything each day.

The LTD bets take less than 10 mins to find and place. I don’t always get the bets matched at the time but it doesn’t take much time to check them again just before kick off.

It’s my intention to add Triple 1 Lays to my portfilio when the BetDirect Bot becomes available which I’ve been told will be towards the end of September.

Let me know which systems you’re using and why you chose them.


]]> http://ftsincome.co.uk/the-systems/feed/ 0 Loser to Winner – can it be done? http://ftsincome.co.uk/loser-to-winner-can-it-be-done/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/loser-to-winner-can-it-be-done/#comments Wed, 26 Aug 2015 13:52:29 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=17735 Hi, I’m Andy and I’ll be blogging my exploits across a few FTS systems so those of you who have tried this game and perhaps struggled can share my mental battles and results as I work towards a professional level of gambling.

Gambling is something I’ve been doing for just over 20 years and I’m certain that it has cost me thousands, if not tens of thousands. If there’s a system out there, I’ve tried it and yet here I am without much to show for it.


Can a consistant loser turn things around and become one of the 5%?

‘They’ say that only 5% of gamblers win and based on my experiences and those of friends that would appear to be correct. I’ve always wanted to be in that 5%, hence me trying all those systems and I decided that starting at the beginning of August that I’m going to commit to becoming part of the 5%. I don’t expect to win boat loads of cash or become a full time punter in 2015, but I’m going to do all I can to win and make a profit and if at all possible a decent one at that.

After years of searching for a system to make me rich without any success, three years ago I decided to buy yet another system (Lay the Draw from FTS, now revamped as ‘FTS One’) in the hope it would be ‘the one’ and I’d soon retire. LTD made money and has continued to do so. Sitting here looking back, it could have actually been ‘the’ system, but due to various reasons, the main two being lack of patience and committment it wasn’t!

One thing I can definitely say is that whilst purchasing the system hasn’t actually had a positive impact on my bank balance, the introduction to Ian/FTS has profoundly affected me and my gambling and I now sit here in full belief that I can and will be one of the 5%.

The purpose of this blog is twofold, it’s to make my goal public, commit me to documenting my progress in moving from a loser to a winner and by doing so show it can be done which will hopefully help other people make that step towards winning.

I love and watch a lot of sport in particularly Rugby League and I support Warrington Wolves. They’ve had a bit of success in the last 5/6 years, but have never won the Grand Final. At the beginning of each of the last umpteen seasons the pundits have suggested that ‘this’ year could be the one they finally win the Grand Final, which has led to the opposing fans singing: “It’s always your year, it’s always your year, just like the last one, it’s always your year!”

This actually sums up my gambling at the start of each year, but now I’m committed to making it happen and this year is definitely going to be my year, unfortunately the same can’t be said for Warrington Wolves.

I subscribe to various FTS services which I will detail in the next post, but I am not directly involved in FTS or an affiliate of such. Any views are my own and will be an honest account of my thoughts and feelings during what I hope will be a great and profitable journey.

If there are any particular topics you want me to cover, let me know in the comments section.

Are you committed to being a successful gambler?


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10 Minutes To Profit – 450 points a season- Q&A – Closes 9am Tomorrow http://ftsincome.co.uk/10-minutes-to-profit-450-points-a-season-qa-closes-9am-tomorrow/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/10-minutes-to-profit-450-points-a-season-qa-closes-9am-tomorrow/#comments Thu, 06 Aug 2015 08:43:21 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=17624 I posted a video tutorial last night and it has thrown up a wealth of questions overnight
The video is here



Some of you could not access it so the direct link is


​Here are some FAQ
1. Are systems included? Those who have database access can build as many systems as they wish it is simple in a few clicks. I have personally 15 odds sheets systems that I bet continuously and average about 30 points a season. That is 450 points a season on average. They do not all win every week of course so you have to have discipline and mindset and all those attributes. My only guideline is when/if you build your own profitable system based on all the results you stick with it rather than if it loses one week you abandon it and go back and find another one for the following week. You have to show some discipline.


2. It looks too easy. Yes it is easy. I have strived to make it easy for myself. I wanted to get away from sitting in front of a PC 10-12 hours a day trading. The value in trading compared to 2007 is far reduced and that I will explain another day. These bets are set and forget placed on a Friday morning. As long as you don’t expect every bet to win it is fairly easy. The maximum value is in setting and forgetting and accepting the odd loser rather than trading away your profits. You may get the odd big trade come in with a late goal but how many trades don’t come in over a season that wipe that profit out guaranteed, we just remember the ones that went right and how often do you know the value of a trade – very rarely it is done for peace of mind in most cases! The odd sheets should take you about 10 minutes a week form finding bets to placing them on a Friday morning. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your weekend


3. Bank size – If you have joined FTS ONE and want help with this just email me, it is relative to what systems you develop. Systems with bigger prices and longer losing runs need bigger banks


4. Will results be updated – The main database will be updated after every round of matches.


​5. When are the odd sheets sent. The odds sheet is produced at the same time every week. Members will have it on Friday mid morning for the weekend games and Monday mid morning updated for mid week games


6. MY systems – no I am not giving all my systems away. I will post selections from my systems from September and advise bank size etc. I will supply a portfolio of selections that can just be placed that are nice and safe. I also will not be divulging how the odds are compiled at this stage.


7. Soccerstato /Statolite – No the odds sheets are nothing to do with soccerstato. Statolite which is the stats section which opens to members in September will have it’s own bible of strategies with tables of various statistics to use those strategies. You will get the strategies for these. I have about 17 Soccerstato systems which average 20-30 points a season and again will post selections from some of these but you will get your own full strategy bible IN MID SEPTEMBER no one has had it now as I wait for the form to settle down. Those of you who like to trade and sit at a PC will be able to but there are plenty of set and forget methods in the bible also.


This area will have a monthly membership option for those not joined FTS ONE.


8. How much can I win in a month? A gazillion, trillion pounds. I will be frank it is a stupid question and why people obsess about monthly winnings is beyond me. The football season, teams, players don’t know when your bank starts and finishes or your betting month starts and finishes and if they did it would not make a jot of difference.


Football is one long continuum and you profit over time. I may have 4 great months then stand still for 2 months, the difference is I don’t sod off and try something else then. I just keep doing the same thing. Stop obsessing about particualr dates and targets and you may just surprise yourself and get somehere. I saw someone the other day who was about level for the month on the 31st July and then had a big bet at about 8PM that night – “to finish the month in profit” of course it lost. Have you ever heard anything so stupid in all your life?


​I think that covers most of it, the first odds sheet will be out to cover the Premier League late morning tomorrow.


FTS ONE will close for membership at 9.00 am tomorrow so I can then focus on providing the most profit and service going forward. It is without doubt the best and most profitable service online now and can be managed in a few hours a week with no stress of trading or decision making.


Important Links


Video Tutorial – if signed up to FTS ONE worth watching

Some of you could not access it so the direct link is



Link to FTS ONE Closes 9am Friday




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FTS ONE Odds Sheet Tutorial http://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-one-odds-sheet-tutorial/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-one-odds-sheet-tutorial/#comments Wed, 05 Aug 2015 18:33:49 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=17620 With the start of the season now imminent the first FTS Odds Sheet will be released on Friday morning for this weeks Premier League Games. I have had a lot (over 1000) queries of what are the odds sheet and how are they used even from some who have joined FTS ONE. To save time on Friday I have produced another masterpiece video to show you how they work and how members of FTS ONE can utilise them.

What are They – I price every game up myself across four leagues each Friday morning, the leagues are Premier League, Bundesliga, Primera and Serie A. This occupies 40 odds sheets a season and cover more than 1000 games. I can then compare my prices to those on Betfair to find value opportunities.

Those who have taken the full package on FTS ONE then get access to the database of all these odds sheets and the results and returns so they can build systems and find repeating areas that are profitable. You can see if your system works across all leagues or even at specific times of the season, so for example with the start of the season and a lack of form you can see if your system is profitable in August in the past.

The video below shows an example of how you would operate on a  weekly basis.

There are a handful of spaces for FTS ONE left, I will close it Friday for the season.

Details on membership and TO JOIN are here www.ftsincome.co.uk/fts-one-2




Only those on the FULL package receive database access (That is the July Seminar attendees package, VIP members and those who have signed up to the £499 for the season package)

The fixtures for this week shown in the video are not the actual final numbers they are simply an example. Members will gain access to the database and have the odds sheet mailed mid morning on Friday.


If you have any queries please email me, A link to this video will also be in the member area for recap and other videos will be added.

If not a Member you Can join for the Whole Season HERE – Closing Friday

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A Quick Guide To FTS http://ftsincome.co.uk/a-quick-guide-to-fts/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/a-quick-guide-to-fts/#comments Sat, 01 Aug 2015 09:27:32 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=17577 Given the launch of FTS ONE a fair few emails have arrived from people a bit overwhelmed with where to go. Below I try my best to give as simple a guide to everything FTS. No one should be doing everything you should assess your own situation, read the free course, get a correct approach and mindset and then only use what suits that mindset. I cannot say anymore that jumping from one thing to another expecting instant gratification WILL NEVER WORK!!!

We have something for everyone on FTS, from Free & lifetime original selections to those who attended the seminars and are moving into professional level themselves FTS is by far the best resource online now and only getting better.

FTS Free Course & Free Tips – Available from the HOME PAGE by entering your email you will get my free email course which lays out in plain speaking terms how you should approach this game from staking through to record keeping, systems everything you need to take it seriously. In addition you will get an email of daily free tips from numerous sources all of which are profitable. Currently we have Horses from new arrival Larry from GSR which are over 40 points up since May 1st. Andy’s horses are over 30 points up since June 1st but have been quiet recently (2 nice winners yesterday) and have been a perfect insight into how people give up after a couple of losing days. They are FREE so just follow them it costs nothing and see if it is something that can build a bank for you. We have two sets of football bets starting over this next month, again both profitable in the long term.

FTS Original Manual Selections. When FTS started anyone who bought the manual was guaranteed these tips for life. My trading has moved on from those days a long way but for those who still require them I will research and produce them each day and they will be posted on the website. I will send details before the 2015/16 season starts on how you can access these selections.

FTS ONE – This is now a full reflection and as close as you will get to copying what I do for yourself. My database of over 3 seasons of odds I have compiled myself is available as an option for members. This database is worth thousands alone and will be added to each week. Every result and every return for every outcome is included taking Betfair commission into account. I will be providing the odds sheet each week,  and updating the database so people can build their own systems. There are only 100 members and this is for people serious about moving forward rather than playing at it

In addition FTS ONE members will be able to access the FTS Original selections

Statolite – Fully Included also in FTS membership BRAND new is our new statistics and markets section which will see many tables of statistics and prices update daily for all  in-play games across 25 leagues on Betfair. A FULL STRATEGIES BIBLE will be published alongside this section so those of you who like to trade or focus in the goal markets can follow my exact profitable strategies that relate to the statistics tables.

I will supply recommended bets from both the database and statistics and strategies section all included in the price of membership



STATOLITE for those who do not join or miss out on a place in FTS ONE, Statolite will launch in September when we have a closed transfer window, some current season form and statistics and the first international break out of the way. This will be the name of our new statistics and strategies section. There will be monthly membership option for full access to this area early September.


Goals, Goals, Goals – A simple set and forget few bets a week service, perfect for novices or those who want to dip a toe in. GGG is  profitable service in the Overs/Unders goal markets, full instructions emailed daily and nothing to do other than place bets daily in about 2 minutes. Run by long term FTS member Mark he has profited in these markets for many seasons running now. A great little one off cost service

Goals Goals Goals Is Here


Will Lattimore Racing – Professional punter and tipster Will Lattimore continues to go from strength to strength and is having yet another profitable year. No one I know works harder than will as those who got to see him at the 2013 FTS seminars will I am sure confirm. Will provide his service by lunchtime each day with a few value selections and is over 600 points up since he started a few years ago. Full results are on his site. I love Will he is a great guy, you feel he has ridden the horse himself in his summary results write -ups. He profits and works hard. His bets do require bookmaker accounts

Will Lattimore is HERE


Five Star Kings – is our new racing service which has come over from GSR along with new arrival Larry. I know the guys behind these bets. I used to work with them a few years ago myself before it was not viable for me to do so. These guys have an all out war with bookmakers every day. Some of the best form readers and market makers in the country find the value early and then they operate in military style in a team to get out about around the shops to get the bets on at the value prices. A phenomenal 340 points up in year is tantamount to how this works. I now get the bets direct and distribute them a spoon as received so that we get the best prices. These require bookmaker prices.

5 Star Kings Is Here


The Select Racing Service – For those who struggle to get on at bookies, SELECT is for you. profitable to Betfair SP, over 200 points up this year alone. It is as the nam suggests very select across only certain races. I have bet these myself since February as they suit me being on Betfair only and I cannot see them stopping. these bets are formulated by specific data analysis from 2 FTS members who then provide me the selections for members.



The Golf Guru – Another transfer from GSR and arguably my favourite service as it sees me involved with 50/1, 100/1 shots almost weekly for interest on a weekend.  This week alone I have J Bohn at 50/1 in the mix in America on the PGA Tour. Of course these prices do not win every week but he digs enough out over a year to profit and many members trade the selections I know. One email on a Wednesday with that weeks selections on and as long as you understand it is big prices and long losing runs but we pick up place money and they do trade lower on Betfair then it is a load of fun for a small annual fee.

The Golf Guru Is Here


That covers all the current services and as I say you should only do what suits. The FTS Horse Racing Portfolio is having a revamp. The learning zone, blog articles and videos etc will be freely available to everyone and the GA newsletters will also all be online at last for subscribers shortly as I have finally resolved all that.

FTS member Chris will be doing some articles on “Bonus” betting and securing risk free profits to help those starting out build a bank. FTS member Andy will be blogging his exploits across a few systems so those of you who have tried this game and perhaps struggled can share his mental battles and results as we take him towards a professional level.

Kav who attended the 2013 seminar in Reading. He went home decided he was going to do things properly and applied all he learned that day and is now making 5 figure profits monthly will also be joining the team. I bet a lot with Kav personally now as he has progressed from novice to great friend and pro punter with the right approach and is I will claim a true success story for me here at FTS, to be making £10-12k monthly is a great achievement for someone who was in advertising 2 years ago. Kav will be having a big input at helping starters etc over the coming year

BET Direct – The automated service where we bet for you is a separate collection of services across racing, pre odds football and in-play football. This has been quite traumatic to get going particularly for the developer and we had a couple of “hit the crossbar” moments when we thought we were there but then hit a hiccup. I can report we are now there. I will be testing it fully over the next couple of weeks. Racing will be introduced first and then football mid September again after the international break. This will be an exciting service for those who cannot put bets on etc but also allow me to share in-play betting similar to those see screenshots of on Twitter etc that people are unable to place because they are at work. I will have details on this service after the season gets going and we have it fully running but it is all working now!

Twitter is @ftsincome and I will use that for notifications etc going forward. ( I will have personal account for my Spurs rants don’t worry – more garbage due this year at the Lane!)

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New Additions http://ftsincome.co.uk/new-additions/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/new-additions/#comments Tue, 28 Jul 2015 12:24:52 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=17529 I have a great announcement for the FTS family today.

Gamblingsytemsreviews.com a website ran by a good friend of mine Larry is closing down with immediate effect. That really should be a sad announcement but it is to the great benefit of FTS. The providers of the two most profitable services on GSR – 5 Star Kings and The Golf Guru- contacted me some time ago to ask me if I would take over running their services. I refrained as it was not fair to Larry at that time but with the announcement of GSR now closing I will be adding the whole GSR package to FTS including Larry himself.

I will take over managing those two services with immediate effect and also be looking at other profitable services that GSR had available to members, whether these manifest themselves into services remains to be seen and will only happen should we be convinced they will benefit FTS and what we are building here.

I will be employing Larry directly as a racing consultant. I have known Larry many years and many of his racing contacts are people I know but no longer deal with as our paths moved in different directions and betting the information for me became impossible with account closures etc. Larry is out and about betting “hot horses” daily from great sources such as those behind FSK and gets access to the best information. The sources behind Five Star Kings will now provide me with the information directly first, but Larry will act as a liason with other sources to see if we can provide “late” information in any way on fancied strong horses or a re introduction of the FTS race card going forward which was a great success.

Larry will help me analyse and work through the racing as well as doing the results so we can offer the best racing package along with the likes of Will Lattimores service etc going forward.

I have emailed those of you on the Horse Racing Portfolio directly this morning to explain the initial effect on that service and over the coming couple of weeks the Racing services on FTS excluding the excellent Will which will remain the same – will receive a revamp. If you are already a member of 5 Star Kings (or the Golf Guru) you do not need to do anything, Larry will be contacting you directly this coming week.

As with any service you should only ever join it if it suits your betting style, bank size and mindset. there will be no hard sell but we have what I believe is the best set up possible going into 2015/16 and people can build their own portfolio at their own level to actually stop bumbling around and make profit

Free Bets – if you sign up to the FTS free bets – ( You can join here in the box on the Home Page), we will be adding more of these over the next couple of weeks and Larrys own Free bets that he provided to GSR will start on FTS tomorrow , Larry has provided these free on GSR since May 2nd and they are 48 points up, so will be a welcome freebie.


Football FTS ONE, the FTS Odds sheets will be announced later this week

The Statolite area will be opened on September 17th after we have about a month of data from the current season and then will be updated daily and Soccerstato itself is without doubt the best football tool on the planet – Period not even an argument and now Steve has built in some of my systems to the software it is an essential betting tool for success.

Golf Guru provides high priced golf interest at a minimal cost

The FTS Racing set up will now comprise of the great Will Lattimore,  The Select Service, Five Star Kings and a revamp to the HRP set up

Bet Direct covering racing first and then football will finally be ready to go over this next month ( It will, it finally all works!)

Chris will start his Bonus Bagging features in August

Andy will be blogging about his betting experiences “from a normal punters” point of view and sharing his results, high, lows and mental battles that hopefully help a lot of you in similar positions and prone to the same mistakes


We will leave no opportunity for failure and with the addition of videos, articles, tuition etc then I really believe that what has been a long project for me will get to where I want it all to be very quickly now.

And next week we also will open our Win A Trip To Vegas competition so look out for that.


It is an immensely busy time but it will quieten down over the next few weeks when we have these changes all up and running. Seminar and FTS Pro past members I will be answering your queries and sending you info re FTS ONE etc this next week. VIP members I will send you all you need for the new season from Wednesday next week onwards.

I will say that this will be an end to the changes , we have had a few revamps and people such as Kieran etc have come and gone. We have a good team, FTS is a monster and too big for one man so I want to publicly thank all those who have helped me, sometimes not enough hours ever in a day but we have pretty much got there and all users will benefit and most importantly profit. Larry is a welcome addition.


I have been ill this week so please bear with me if awaiting email queries, you miss a day and have another 2000 to trawl through!


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New – Daily Free Tips – How To get Them http://ftsincome.co.uk/new-daily-free-tips-how-to-get-them/ http://ftsincome.co.uk/new-daily-free-tips-how-to-get-them/#comments Thu, 25 Jun 2015 12:14:46 +0000 http://ftsincome.co.uk/?p=17216 One of the joys of FTS over the years is that amongst the crowd , (admittedly a minority compared to the number of visitors over the years) I have developed some very strong and friendly relationships. One of the benefits of this is that various skills can be accessed between ourselves for the benefit of the crowd.

One of these benefits is now the kind offering from some members to provide free tips. These will be across racing and football and the Racing tips start today. Long term FTS member Andrew will be sharing his own racing tips daily when he has selections at no cost to anyone ever! This will be replicated by others with some football tips when the season starts and I shall chip in also when I have some tips worthwhile for it.


This is not just meant to be a freebie and get on with it, I have evidence of all the results and hopefully they continue – BUT ANY TIP IS BACKED/LAYED at your own risk and we don’t want to hear any negatives. Many people used to try this via the forum but as I expected over the years the forum fell into a state of disrepair as it was used for nonsense and abuse mostly and the finding something useful was like trying to find Lord Lucan and the good info generally got lost. I will be revamping the forum sometime in the future but it is way down my priorities to be honest and I don’t use it myself.

Only tips that are proven long term profitable will be sent as Free Tip so don’t think these are not worthwhile they are simply to help those who struggle to meet subscription costs etc get started and build a bank. My suggestion is you follow along to start with.



In order that I don’t bombard people with these who don’t want them in order to get the FREE TIPS daily they will ONLY  BE SENT to those who opt in to the FREE COURSE & TIPS Mailing List only. If you have already opted into my course then fine, your tips will follow today onwards. If you have not opted in yet then simply pop your details in the box below and you will receive the next batch of free tips after you have signed up.

Todays first tip is 2.20 so I will send them out around 1.45 PM and then each morning going forward. I will do regular results updates on here and email tips daily from now on.



6 Steps To Become A Professional Trader!!
FTS Will Give You Everything You Need To Succeed At Betting For FREE!!

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