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Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding a few more FREE systems for people to follow covering both horse racing and football. These will be EXCLUSIVELY published only on our Facebook page and we will NOT be emailing people with them. If you want to get access to these selections we suggest following us on Facebook and setting yourself a reminder to check the page daily.

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Why Facebook?

Simply because of the restrictions in the number of characters on Twitter and the time it takes to load onto the website and send emails. If you don’t use Facebook you will need to sign up, it only takes a few minutes.

Don’t rush in

We would advise you to just follow the system for a WHILE to get a sense of the volume of bets, the swings and if you are comfortable betting it. DO NOT DIVE IN and start betting from day 1. This is a free system so you can just follow for a while risk free and decide how it is going.  For some of you this will be a test but it is something you need to master. Use this as a good test of paper trading the system, keeping results and staying disciplined.

The results can be downloaded from the link below and you should download these and look through thoroughly and update as you go along.

Download results here

AWF Backs

The first of our FREE Facebook systems is an All Weather backing system. Selections are based on previous run and are AWF only with Newcastle excluded. Bets should be placed at Betfair SP.

They are simply AW bets only based on a strong run last time out and certain price criteria in morning. We are not going to divulge the criteria we use for the selections but the results of the system are 57 points profit (after commission) from 259 bets.

Again I will reiterate as it’s important – DO NOT RUSH IN!! Horse racing is tough and swings do happen so TAKE YOUR TIME!

We’ll be adding more systems with some FREE football systems as well over the next week or so.

FTS Team