FTS Betslip 10th June Episode

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  1. Hi Ian, I would like to learn more about value when picking a bet. I’m hoping there’s a place for me for Ultimate membership so I can build profitable systems like you have shown us on your videos.

  2. Great news you are getting away from Twitter, Ian. I can’t stand the constant abuse, rage etc.
    In my opinion the quicker the Forum is set up where members can post the better.
    At least then the content can be controlled.
    Hopefully what you now put on Twitter can be put on the Forum.

    Moving forward I would like to highlight once again, ‘the more you put into what
    you are doing the more you get out of it’ When Ultimate ended I subscribed to RTS
    Racing and have taken the time to search for Course specific systems. The result,
    Combining my systems with the Macros provided I have recouped my years subscription in the first 5 days
    Add this to the Football Macros and how can you fail.
    As always, thanks Ian for all your hard work

    1. Hi Brian. Some 7 or 8 years ago Ian agreed, against his expressed better judgement, to operate an FTS Forum. It soon became a platform for foul mouthed morons to abuse him, and others, in circumstances which would not have been acceptable even without the vulgarities and obscenities. Much as I suspect is now happening on Twitter.
      As one of the moderators, I found myself having to check the posts every 15/30 minutes to delete unacceptable comments before they were widely read by other members, and I was only one of 4 moderators!
      Although things improved considerably over the next 12 months or so, the Forum was never acceptable and it’s ultimate closure was inevitable.
      I fear the problem is not with Twitter or a Forum but with human nature. Some folk will always be indisciplined spoilers.

  3. Hi Ian. I would like some more assistance/advice on using the Poisson sheet. I feel that it is potentially a really useful tool for me, but I am not sure how to put it to good use. I know that you did a video on it last year which I found useful. Just need some more pointers please eg how far above the price on the Poisson sheet do you need before it becomes a bet (5%, 10%, 20%?). Thanks.

  4. Hi Ian. Love the podcasts (including your anecdotes) and hope that you will continue with them. I’m particularly interested in trading (football, horses, golf) and find your advice very helpful.

  5. In relation to FDD I’d love to see what the the Betfair prices at various intervals throughout the game were so that you can filter to determine whether a system is profitable if your not entering from the start.

  6. * Would like more Rants.
    * I like the videos, I learn a lot from them. so more the merrier if possible on Mindset, Discipline, Ultimate(though not sure if you can do any more than you can that you have already added), Horse Racing, FDD and Poisson.
    * Access to all types of videos even if you not a member of one of the services

    * On a personal note, i would advise not sending these value bets on Twitter periodically, i.e. lay Mcilroy, I know you always state that you don’t have to bet, but it appears most don’t listen and bet anyway and if it loses you get dogs abuse and if it wins you don’t get a thank you as these bets are with the long term attitude, many don’t have that mindset.
    Ian, I think personally this where you going wrong, you drip feeding value bets to the trolls on twitter. where they want a quick rich bet. I think you should keep all these bets via the podcast with a caveat to just follow or bet at your own peril, similar what your doing with the POD horses.
    I know you are a good natured tw*t 🙂 and want to help people but you not helping yourself in opening up to all those C U Next Tuesdays. Keep it within your website and podcast and just help your loyal customers.
    P.S on the flip side if you didn’t open up to the trolls, then we would hear less rants

  7. Hi Ian
    Ascot is next week. Are you and The Trend guys going to be posting the bets same as Cheltenham and Ascot
    Please keep the pods going and ignore the bell ends of this world

    1. Ronnie they are on the way being correlated into one PDF and will go in the resource area, soon as done will email you, imagine about 2-3 weeks it will be up

  8. Everything about FTS seems great. I joined beginner a few months back and am hoping to get into ultimate.
    For me keep the podcasts for sure.
    A forum would be great and agree about Twitter, full of cocks.

  9. Regards Fts Racing awesome tool. I subscribed last year but couldn’t get the best out of it through work commitments.Found a good few angles on the master sheets but only armed with my I phone and some non existent internet couldn’t do it on a daily basis.I was also part of the external service compensation and the racing there has done well although it seems no new methods have been added for the flat.Dont know if anyone else is still following these(I still do).Maybe an idea might be for those who can’t download and process at that time a selection of systems could be available for those who want them.Just an idea anyway glad your binning Twitter never used it never will.

  10. Hi Ian
    I have sent you a spreadsheet that I use if you bet on various sports. Moving forward I would like to see more issues related to mindset. As a Fts member for a few years I did like the newsletters as they were a goldmine on things like Bankbuilding and your thought process.
    I think the podcasts are good idea as you can discuss more detail and it is quicker than writing a blog post. I am feeling very positive about the new season so any additions will be good for all Fts members.

  11. Hi Ian,
    Really enjoy the podcasts each day, keep em coming.
    I’m hoping to join Ultimate next season and in preparation for that could you advise on what would be the approximate minimum starting bank?
    Everyone will have their own level of staking but just thought it might be prudent to ask, just get an idea..

    1. Hi – I encourage everyone to start small and be in it for the long haul, a 100 point bank across 3 Ultimate methods combined into in essence one system ( unless you like taking ion big lay prices) is how I would advise anyone to operate, the 3 2015 macros for example in that seminar turned £500 into £37000 starting this way off initial £5 lay stakes over 3 years. so £1000 bank adn £10 stakes initially would be fine if you plan on sgticking at it and not lookign to make a gazillion points in one season

            1. Sorted now. Didn’t realise it was only free members not at least a free member if that makes sense. So made a new account and it worked

  12. Hi Ian,

    I’m enjoying the podcasts and hopefully I can become a member of ultimate when the doors open for the new season. I have watched the videos and the spreadsheets look superb really looking forward to coming up with my own strategies.

    Was wondering about showing longest losing run for variance sake when filtering for strategies. Just though this might be a handy addition.

  13. Hi Ian, your 7 part email starter pack has helped me enormously, hoping to sign up to the Utlimate full package, the podcasts are a great listen and the PDF are an extra boost, ive given myself a 4 yr plan to achieve a steady income, my biggest problem is mindset and discipline and understanding and managing bankroll and record keeping, any help towards this thru your website is greatly appreciated.

  14. Hi Ian
    I think Ultimate is brilliant and am looking forward to any new ideas and additions you will put forward for the coming season.
    I am also a member of FDD which, as you say, is a great resource.
    I believe you said in the video that you will be making a few changes, and adding to, the strategies on FDD. This is something I am really looking forward to as I really like the trading side of things and already enjoy, and profit from , the strategies contained within.

  15. Some general feedback- Was a member of Ultimate last year and l would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a long term value based set and forget approach. With some Bet angel automation helping me place the bets on a Friday lunchtime it was an hours worth of work a week (max). Please carry on the podcasts as I think they are highly amusing and informative but think its a bit pointless giving out a couple of bets on it as unless people are structured you just open yourself up to criticism from the idiots (Rory lay a great example).Personally not interested in horse racing side of things as Im a member of Proform which is brilliant if willing to invest the time in it. The videos on your site were really really helpful (for instance never in a million years would I believe I would be able to build a macro!). From a personal perspective I would be interested in some extra guidance on building other (potential ) long term systems. Im on twitter at @bettingblogg and more than happy to answer questions about the service if people want an unbiased view on the service.

  16. Hi Ian

    Love The podcasts so thank you for continuing to do them. Learning lots from them so please keep them coming.

    Going forward I would like More details about the trading strategies regarding football trading.

    Not insight into your trading picks but more about how the strategies work to reduce risk and maximise reward once we highlight a possible trade.

    Entry and exit points using prices as examples and why you feel this is the best way to trade would be great. Ie for laying the late 1st half goal but going in again at 45 and 60 minutes if 0-0.

    I think a lot of newbie mess up because they don’t plan what they will do if at a certain point their goal hasn’t come or their team falls behind etc.

    I expect this is down to not knowing how the markets will react at certain scores at certain minutes of the game.

    if there’s anything along these lines that you can provide I’m sure many will be interested ideally if done in video format so users can rewatch over and over at their own leisure.

    Cheers Ian

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