FTS Betslip 10th September – Half Time Numbers

7 thoughts on “FTS Betslip 10th September – Half Time Numbers”

  1. Hi Ian
    That was really interesting
    To clarify my simple mind am I correct that if HT score is 0-0 Lay Under 0.5 and at 1-1 Lay Under 2.5
    PS Quite prepared to be told I am an idiot

  2. You are right Ian about the 1-1. However I found the best performer blind to be laying the 0-2 is staggering, from my 6 game form database, laying 0-2 blind since september 2017 is showing a profit blind in all the FDD leagues of around 80 pts from 580 or so games, when HT cs lay price of 0-2 is 7 or less. Is consistent as well over time,

    If looking just at the leagues that you typically look at in FDD- BEL, DEU, ENG, ESP, FRA, ITA, NLD, NOR, POL, RUS, TUR and excluding english championship (as this performs really poorly for 0-2 lay)

    we then have lay 0-2 for above leagues only exc english championship where HT CS lay price of 0-2 is 9 or less, and value fig on 6 game database is 19 or less and we have a profit of 92 points or so from 348 roughly bets since september 2017

    is pretty consistent as well, if we assume season starts in aug which is true in most of the leagues :

    2017/18 = profit of 31.05 pts,
    2018/19 = profit of 49.8 pts

    this season currently showing profit of around 12pts from 20 bets roughly,
    max drawdown in the continuum since sept 2017 of 18 pts
    May be something to keep an eye on, I may look to introduce this myself in future

  3. A good one I like myself for laying 1-1 at HT from FDD 6 game database is this one:

    Leagues: BEL , DEU, ENG, ESP, FRA, ITA, NLD, NOR, POL, RUS, TUR (exclude eng prem league)

    P2HgipYh% 50% OR more and P2AgipYa% 50% OR more

    HT score is 1-1 only, HT score lay price of 1-1 is between 5 and 8.
    value figure is 9 OR less

    Profit is showing as 81.4 pts from 303 bets since 8th september 2017 to date.
    Fairly consistent as well, I am updating my database tomorrow for the last week’s data, these figures are excluding the last week.

    Am just monitoring this still this season, if does well again will look to bet this myself from next season. Only issue with laying half time scores with specific criteria is I don’t use any bot so it can be a pain to check the score at ht for lots of games.

    You could be out at the cinema on a friday night with a sheet of paper with you of all the potential games could be a bet, and turns out that at 8.30pm it will be HT in one of the games then you would have to walk out, check your phone to check the score is the one you want. If it is then check the price, then you would have to use calculator to calculate what the value is. value is (100/fts price) – (100/bf price)

  4. Hi guys
    A word to the wise. Last night I layed Lichtenberg 47 at half time in the under 0.5 market when the score was 0-0, At 80 mins a goal went in – job done I thought until I checked my BF account when they had it down as a loser Took a phone call with a long wait on hold to get it rectified
    So it always pays to check

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