FTS Betslip 11th February Episode

12 thoughts on “FTS Betslip 11th February Episode”

  1. I am a great believer in choice so I would appreciate other markets you
    are trading.
    No matter how often you tell people only to bet/trade what they are comfortable
    with, out of the 1,000’s following the podcast; experience over the last 12 years
    prepares you for those ignoring that then going off the deep end when things don’t work out.
    Give those the elbow,Ian and concentrate on those of us who listen and learn and
    appreciate all your hard work.
    I believe it might be helpful if you mention how you approach each trade regarding staking. I usually only risk one point per trade and often stake 0.5 -0.75 point initially which leaves me a little wiggle room during in- play.
    As always, everyone is responsible for their own activity.
    Really enjoying the Podcast.

  2. I’m all up for hearing more Ian, more the merrier, people can then choose what they want to get involved in, great work btw and how did you get Union Berlin overs again 🙂 🙂

  3. Really enjoying these podcasts – I would like to hear 30 seconds of how the previous day trades went…or how you managed the tricky ones to reduce the red.
    Wouldn’t mind other trades.

  4. Very interested to hear more Ian.
    Fantastic insight and info already but always happy and interested to hear more.
    Thanks as always for your hard work and efforts.

  5. Hi Ian, Really enjoying the podcast! Thanks for doing this! I’d be interested in hearing about some of your other selections. I don’t mind laying at prices around 3 or 4 if there’s a strong reason. Also, I’d be interested to hear how you decide between backing a home team or laying the away team to get the draw on your side. Are there price ranges that would make you decide one way or the other? Cheers!

    1. I have the same doubts. Backing for 1 point, or laying for max liability 1 point, but have draw covered?!… i prefer lay, becuse if still is 0-0 you can trade out for small profit if nothing happend to 70-75 min… and you secure draw score (sevilla example).

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