FTS Betslip 12th July Episode

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    1. Yes I had read that previously, not sure the point you are after, we do indeed contribute but as that article says itself it is not the full story as we are one of the main beneficiaries on trade, my point in today’s podcast is that we are not bailing countries out left, right and centre mostly it is nothing to do with us as we are not in the Eurozone where claims are made that the reasons Europe want to keep us to pay those other countries debts. The reason Europe wants to keep us is because trade both ways is beneficial to all parties that is plain and evidentiary fact and will not be the case when we leave, some see that as a price they are willing top pay which is fine. I have no problem with that, wanting out based on complete BS I do.

      1. I’m sure I heard you say you did in one of the podcasts. I know you said that the vote should be respected but that was said some time before I thought I heard you say you voted to leave. Apologies if I misheard.

  1. personally I’ve lost a lot in earnings due to Brexit, nevertheless, I’d prefer the dissolution of the EEC… the reasons are varied but I’d like to see a referendum taken to the Europeans as Holland and Italy would vote out and would not surprise me if many others would too. Truth is we all ought to be highly suspicious of any centralised self serving elite ruling anyone.
    Never listen to mainstream media for truth — as it is fed highly controlled info by power brokers who do not have the best interests of any populace at heart — the media serves the elite as they owned and paid for by them. People are highly deluded if they believe they will have hard facts and solid truths following mainstream news. In truth these reporters are ‘repeaters’ for power brokers.
    The ultimate agenda has always been to form a united states of Europe — one govt, one bank, one currency , one army etc — the euro, the central bank and EU law which is in conflict with national laws, have all gone some way to creating what they want — the best way to control the masses is to centralise power, not give power to the people! Democracy for example is an illusion of choice.
    I love Europe. It is full of culture, history, creativity, beautiful differences that we should cherish and preserve , the EEC’s aim is to dismantle and make it all homogeneous should be resisted.

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