FTS Betslip 12th June Episode

26 thoughts on “FTS Betslip 12th June Episode”

  1. Please keep the podcasts going Ian, I tune in daily.
    Horses are my thing and I am following your pod places (they will bounce back soon :-).
    Cheers Dave

  2. I know you have mentioned about coming off twitter which i think would be a shame as i enjoy reading the banter etc, the only thing i can think of is maybe block the trolls and negative folk that you follow. Or maybe start a fresh account and only allow who you want to follow you. Keep up the good work, still not missed a Pod. My Mrs says i listen to you more than her. I keep reminding her that you might make me well off one day and she makes me skint!!

  3. Hi Ian,
    Find the “rants” worth listening too, even if the are against Liverpool fans.
    The bet info I follow/bet small amount, keep up the pad cast please.

  4. Appreciate all info all horses and footy so keep it coming Ian people do with it as they please.No comp for me haven’t got a clue what to do on twitter

  5. Keep the pods for sure. I follow the golfers you put up. I would be interested in more horses like you did for Cheltenham, i dont follow the daily ones you put up.

  6. Keep the podcasts going Ian.I listen everyday and do follow the selections on horses and golf.Do not do Twitter and all the other nonsense so the pods are a must.

  7. Follow your trade and Place Horses although not
    always bet them.
    Bet and Trade all your Golf Selections. Looks like
    an interesting w/e with US Open.
    Hope you got my email ok yesterday.
    Moving into next season would be quite happy if the
    Podcast includes the football trades rather than separate
    PDF’s. I always pause podcast and make notes so no difference
    for me. TY

  8. Like your podcast although not trading horses. Love when you talking about mindset and aproach. Keep going please.

  9. Hi Ian, I follow the horses for now but am definitely interested in them being continued. I enjoy the golf selections, it certainly livens up Sunday nights if we’re in the hunt! Keep the podcasts going, great entertainment with some educational content thrown in! Cheers Matt.

  10. The podcast is really useful especially when you speak about improving the way to bet. I follow most of the football tips and will follow the place tips for the horses.

  11. Like the educational type casts and the mindset mentality. Anything that touches on those areas Note the Icehockey whats my luck, and the paralysis analysis. Moving onto next season little mindset reminders at certain points. Keep reinforcing the mindset/ mentality to allow success to happen

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