FTS Betslip 13th June

30 thoughts on “FTS Betslip 13th June”

  1. ‘I had an email about swearing’ – you nearly had me off the A14 and upside down in a field at that poibt!

    Keep them coming, Ian πŸ‘

  2. Aaaand Relax, take a deeeep breath, then decide if you would like to rerecord any of that for a greater impact.

  3. Oh God, what will Ian be enunciating in a few hours time after a couple of pints?!! Let’s hope it’s not a Begbie pub moment from trainspotting. That was hilarious πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. Great listen as usual!

  4. Calm down Ian. not good for your health. You love a good wind up, may be thats whats those emails are trying to do to you? Podcasts are good information and entertaining so keep up the good work.

  5. Peace be upon you Brother Ian. Rant on – keeps me amused
    Enjoy the booze up. My invite obviously got lost in the post πŸ‘πŸΊπŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  6. Funniest podcast yet😊 I’m only of average intelligence, possibly top quartile of the population but debatable but I listen because I want to and I like the swearing! Thanks

  7. Dont get so wound up Ian, its not good for your health. You know the people(Trolls) doing this are annoying bellends,so try not to fall for it, I’m sure it only encourages them. The problem is that If they did stop, the pod casts would loose the fun element of your meltdown rants. The info and entertainment of the podcasts is first class so please carry on broadcasting.

  8. Well Ian I try not to comment on these
    But this is your best one yet ..
    I’m sat at my computer can not stop laughing..i fully understand where your coming from…keep them coming swearing and all…

  9. Ha – quality rant! As my granny used to say – There’s nowt as queer as folk.

    On the subject of swearing – I worked as a journalist for many years and have chatted with and interviewed pop stars, captains of industry, lawyers, bankers, wankers, politicians, gangsters, footballers, zoo keepers, shopkeepers, prostitutes, teachers, prison governors, grannies, fannies, film and TV celebs – and any number of other types of people. And the conclusion I reached is that every f****r swears. Even priests!

  10. Hahaha! What a couple of gems – agendas and swearing.
    You couldn’t make it up ….. or, hang on, maybe you are making it up because with all them possibly fake screen shots you never know!

  11. You said “whats wrong with you all?” in relation to the competion agenda email. It’s not us all, just a few numpties. Swearing is for emphasis, no problem with that.

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