FTS Betslip 14th June Episode

9 thoughts on “FTS Betslip 14th June Episode”

  1. Another great and varied Pod. I laughed at the Exeter City Comment.
    Tell Sam I’m a soul mate as I follow Torquay, wow! didn’t they do well last season
    to win Promotion.
    Maybe you could organize a drinks meet in Exeter sometime,Ian. I could make
    that and I’ll buy you a drink.
    Have to leave it there as I’m meeting up with my two mates, Jock and Paddy

  2. Ian, you and Mrs E need to forget them fad diets – they are short term fixes and when you come off them you pile the pounds back on, and some.
    You need Paul McKenna’s, I can make you thin: 4 simple rules and eat whatever you like; nothing is banned, no restricted portions, no calorie counting – simples.
    If you send me your address I’ll buy it for you and your overworked and underpaid local Amazon delivery driver will happily delivery it to your door – service with a scowl, what more could you want?
    When I did psychology at uni gambling was part of what we studied and one of the reasons people keep going even though losses outweigh wins is that the dopamine rush is so powerful and addictive it drives them on.
    You must be a walking stick of dopamine, I reckon. ;-D

  3. That Witchery restaurant is excellent – been there many times. On one visit myself and a few colleagues ran up a near-£7500 bill on someone else’s card. I won’t name the person – but it might amuse you to know he is a very well-heeled Arsenal supporter who knows Boris J (and probably Nigel too).
    Just to clarify – he did give us permission to put the bill on his card. Otherwise we – generally toerags who drink council lager – wouldn’t have ordered two bottles of wine at £2500 each and several expensive brandies and ports. I think the food component only came to about £500.

    The story about the Wetherspoon guy made me laugh – reminded me of the time I bought a beggar a kebab platter in Skopje. All he’d eat from it was the parma ham – said the food that restaurant sold was so shit he and his mates wouldn’t even raid the bins out the back of it for food at night.

  4. Keto = Broccoli and Butter ??? What was he on, the super-restrictive version? 😀
    A nice omelette with Kerrygold butter, onion, mushrooms; and throw some cheese on there too. Don’t forget the salt (not that Saxa rubbish; use that to clear your driveway in winter). Now that’s a real breakfast. None of that weetabix, cornflakes, porridge, toast, fruit smoothies nonsense. The only “problem” with Keto is you can’t really drink alcohol except for spirits. BUT if you want to avoid the Big C and other diseases, it’s the best diet/lifestyle, second only to the Carnivore diet.

    Great pod!

  5. nothing wrong with keto lost 5 stone on it 😊had to drink gin on it 😂 look forward to podcast on keto 😉

  6. Congrats 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 women.. Good game of football.. If only some of the prem teams tried this hard.. Respect.. We should get behind them… 👏

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