FTS Betslip 15th February Episode

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  1. Hi Ian,

    Was wondering maybe you could address some of the darker sides of the game in future blog posts. I myself have suffered from depressive thoughts along the way at times during the gambling but just try to remain strong always and never give in.

    No ones talks about these things but people who take big risks all the time are more susceptible to suffering from depression at times. Harry Findlay for example won 20 millionat one stage and then there was a point where he went bankrupt and was suffering from extreme depression and wanted to die, then he bounced back again and is doing very well again now.

    Most people go through life playing safe and not taking any risks at all so people who participate in gambling and other risk based activities can feel alienated at times from everyone else because the way we live and play is completely different to the way most people do.

    This game is a constant swing of ups and downs just like life. One minute you may feel on top of the world and then the next min you can feel like you have taken one too many punches to the face like a boxer. Have to just try and stay as strong as possible at all times the good and bad.

    A lot of people who have big ambitions and visions and a thirst for taking big risks tend to suffer from what is known as “a first rate madness”. The genius is often offset by battles with personal demons. People who take risks in life thrive on the unknown and live to create something out of nothing. With this drive as well comes the increased risk of depression and mental illness. But this is all par for the course

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