FTS Betslip 16th July Episode

16 thoughts on “FTS Betslip 16th July Episode”

  1. I guess you won’t be playing any Barry Manilow or Roger Whittaker cd’s down at the Copa Cabana barbie, then?
    There’s only going to be me and Sugsy listening soon – the asbestos twins: immune to all types of St Erskine’s fire!
    I’ll keep listening in because YNWA!!! ;-D

  2. Apologies for entering here and on Twitter.
    In my defence I did check the comments a while
    after I had posted and in wasn’t there, so I went to
    Obviously just impatient.

  3. I don’t normally allow myself to get dragged into the crap you have deal with Ian between Podcasts and Twitter but today I’m making an exception.
    My perception is that you limit the number of places on a package such as Ultimate and we know you could sell more places but unlike “sellers” you protect our interests by not having too many on a system and ultimately causing prices to go against us. So in a nutshell, when you give away a membership, it’s one less fee you take which in reality costs you that amount of money.
    A more interesting issue (to me at least) – the change to “Rewards points” on Betfair – any guidance on that?
    A comment would be appreciated. Of course I get a giggle out of the Barry stuff on the Podcast and the “inconvenient time” one the other day – they’re amusing and sad, and sort of enjoyable listening to your reaction but I hope I’ll never take it as anything other than amusement. Keep up the good work and don’t let it get to you.

  4. Hi Dude, What can one say its not rocket science but I have the same problem with people I work with. You provide instructions and even pretty picture with arrows point to which button to push and guess what they still cock it up. Each day the podcast make me smile, which means I am happy which means I feel less depressed. Enjoy the BBQ once you followed the how to put it together. I recommend beer can chicken – whole chicken marinated with a can of beer shoved up its bum then smoked on the BBQ – https://www.barbequick.com/recipes/recipe/beer-can-chicken/

  5. Great podcast again…
    As someone who lives north of Watford I await my turn to feel the wrath of Ian.I have my tin hat on and have dug the trenches.I am prepared.
    Thank god I am not a Barry.
    Keep on firing from the hip Ian

  6. I have posted my selections on the 15th July podcast site as well – all this talk of idiots-thought I’d be one -just for today-all the best.

  7. I was once in Sainsbury’s in Basildon for my sins. I had only been to Basildon to pick up a clothing item from Next which wasn’t available in my local store. I went into Sainsbury’s to get a cold drink and then I heard this awful female East End/Essex hybrid accent shout “Oi, Tarquin get your arse over ‘ere or I’ll beat the shit out of you you little git”. Sums up Basildon nicely. You move a load of Eastenders out to a nice new town in the 50’s and within 30 years it’s the car crime capital of Essex with kids called Tarquin.

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