FTS Betslip 18th February

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  1. This is great stuff mate.. can’t believe anyone’s moaning I’m trying to make my own decisions based on my average knowledge.. listening to this podcast is a breath of fresh air and making me challenge the way I’m presently thinking. you are the yard stick everyone should aspire too.. cheers man..

  2. I’ve been pretty much a fixed odds player to date but I think one of the great things about the podcast format is that it opens up not just the possibilities offered by other markets but a winning way of thinking – something I think comes from Ian’s explanations and insights in the podcast.
    With that in mind I’ve played the two Lay O3.5 games suggested so far (Paderborn match last Friday and the Jong PSV advised above). Managed to get about 20-25% from each – not big stakes, but it’s all about small steps first. The Paderborn game went to the advised plan, which was to look to get 20-ish%, then get out. So profit made despite the game ending up with five goals.
    In the Jong PSV match, I again looked to get the 20-ish% and just when that target was available and I went to green-up – a goal went in, which knocked the odds way back. And I think this is where sound advice pays off (“it takes four goals to lose”), as rather than panic I just sat it out and with no change in the number of goals the prices recovered, and by about 38mins I was able to get out again with about 21% profit.
    Be interested in hearing more about playing these type of markets, such as what to look for in terms of opening price levels, re-entering if prices are favourable after goals are scored, or any other pointers.

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