FTS Betslip 18th May Episode

9 thoughts on “FTS Betslip 18th May Episode”

  1. Great Podcast……Lets hear your story on the vasectomy……
    I had it myself so I know the pain, got infection and swollen balls and had to walk like John Wayne.

  2. I am sure you are spot on about Farage but without him Brexit may not have been even possible. Basically most politicians are in it for themselves and we the public need to do something about it now.
    Will skip the eye watering part of the Monday pod if you dont mind!
    p.s where are the gambling academy newsletters?
    p.p.s Great content generally on the podcast…many thanks.

  3. I agree with Ronnie about Farage. Without him we wouldn’t have had a referendum! He was the driving force. An amazing orator.

  4. Love him or loath him, Farage gets you talking about politics which is more than can be said for the wets currently occupying Parliament who don’t think you even exist!
    Sick to death of the main parties, patronising bunch of a*******s!

  5. I want to hear more about the vasectomy story. I wouldn’t want to risk anything bad happening to my genitals myself.

  6. Hello mate.
    I have just spoken to good old Nigel and he wants to hear your story. Perhaps you can call it the FTS betsnip that day

  7. I’ll take Farage over that dunce Corbyn who genuinely doesn’t understand politics. On the subject of muslims… In 50 years, Britain will be a muslim nation like Sweden. London’s already had a name change, hasn’t it? I believe it’s now called Londonistan.

    1. Well said Chris. The lily livered, hand wringing liberals in the UK just don’t get it. We are sleepwalking into a masssive problem. The EU won’t be around in 20 years unless it works for the people instead of for the champagne quaffing, low tax or no tax paying Brussels bureaucrats. Germany’s peaceful takeover of Europe with the help of their slave, the cheese eating surrender monkeys, aka the French, will have failed.

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