FTS Betslip 19th March – SCENES

24 thoughts on “FTS Betslip 19th March – SCENES”

  1. Really enjoyed your life story. I can certainly relate to it. You cant help being a spurs supporter as I cant help being a Liverpool supporter for the past 54 years

  2. As always, a well spent 10 minutes, I was genuinely interested in what you had to say and couldn’t agree more.
    Pissed right off to have been away for a while and missed out on the Seminars, definitely next time.
    Keep going, enjoying it all.

  3. we all know you have a sense of humor – along with other Spurs fans.
    I have been a Southampton fan all mylife – and im bloody old. Still living on the FA cup win against united

  4. Thank goodness for no football … so we could hear this quality heartfelt podcast. You have no idea how much you connected today with the listeners. You mention society is going down the toilet, it’s simply cause we all feel separate from one another — when we all feel connected and part of one another’s life, we act with consideration and not with disrespect, contempt etc
    as for your dear old mum – she succeeded in doing the most important job there is – -raising her kids with values. And her values rubbed off on you.
    As for your Darth Vader-father, he taught you how not to be – some of our valuable
    lessons are learnt from the worst people we meet or the hardest situations we come across – thanks for today’s {non DJ-esque} podcast…

  5. HI Ian
    It occurred to me that having read your Twitter excursion into political punditry your relationship with Twitter was similar to that of Mourinho’s with Man U!!
    I actually enjoyed Scenes – certainly when it comes to talking about society changes
    When I first went to White Hart Lane it was just after the war with my Dad we went into the Family enclosure, which was the standing area below the director’s box I used to be passed over the heads of the crowds and stood by the rails with all the other kids. It was the accepted thing. These days rape and abduction would be on the cards if you believe everything published in today’s papers
    A couple of years ago , having given up my season ticket a few years ago after the demise of the Jimmy Greaves Danny Blanchflower era, I went with a friend to the Spurs/Chelsea Cup Final at Wembley. We had good seats but most of the time we had to stand as everybody stood up and we were overwhelmed by the foul language that came in high volume from many of the supporters around us. It all felt rather threatening.
    As you say Ian the atmosphere at International rugby is so different. My son has taken me to Twickers a couple of times and it’s a thoroughly enjoyable day out – particularly the Guinness
    So keep on with the day job and I look rorward to seeing you at the Holiday Inn.
    Stephen (neophyte)

  6. An absolutely brilliant podcast Ian

    It was almost like listening to my own life story, so much so I’ll be getting the wife to listen for the first time later as I know she’ll appreciate it.

    Very motivational and will hopefully help me to change my life around, sitting at work with Sugsy moaning about shit local jobs is just so depressing and then there’s the Spurs talk, know wonder I need to find a different lifestyle balance.

    Looking forward to meeting you on our golf challenge this summer – may the banter begin!!!!

    1. Listening to him all day drive you off a cliff son, stick with me. I hope you at least play the golf he has been bottling out for about 4 years

  7. You have the wrong sport – golf requires exercise – a long walk spoiled as they say. Stick to a snooker challenge – talk about how good you use to be – stroll around the green baize a short walk to the bar and snacks .

  8. Concur with everyone else…..absolute brilliant podcast….yes life is too short and sense of humour has gone down the pan…..cant wait for the next podcast.

  9. Agree with everyone above, an excellent podcast. Thanks for the genuine insight into how you got started Ian.
    I still follow the FTS Beginner Lay the Draw selections. I’d be interested to learn, perhaps in a future podcast, your opinion on how this method has changed (if any) from when you first started using it several years ago. Has the edge diminished or are there less opportunities these days?

  10. Great podcast Ian a great way of communicating your messages, much more interesting than the written word.

  11. I was going for a walk listening to the podcast and was so absolutely spellbound that I walked another kilometre past home without realising. Just magnificent Ian , you are a true inspiration.

  12. great podcast Ian, enjoyable listen and don’t worry about the Spurs thing, its not your fault it was the first game you went to!!! i was unfortunate enough to have been introduced to Stamford Bridge as a child and ill sasy no more about that! i look forward to meeting you at the NEC. cheers. Ian.

  13. Really enjoyed that mate. I will be front and centre in Birmingham. Spurs will probably 6th by then so plenty of material. Having the baby has shifted my mindset so much really looking forward to it. Charlotte says hello.

  14. just listened to this as I’ve been away in barcelona visiting my youngest son and his partner. So much is so true and a lot resonates with things that have happened in my life. Just a pity from my point of view that I cannot devote the time I’d like, or need, to emulate your success, even in part.
    By the way, you could have been a Stoke supporter for the last 55 years after being taken to see Stan Matthews play by my dad. Torture most of the time.

  15. Enjoyed your podcast Ian – it resonated with me very much. You absolutely have to enjoy yourself and live right now!

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