FTS Betslip 1st May Episode

5 thoughts on “FTS Betslip 1st May Episode”

  1. Ian
    i have always used fairbot and not had too many probs with it,when i have, the support team have been very good and soon sorted it.

  2. Hi Ian
    I’ve used Gruss Betting Assistant for over 8 years now and can’t manage without it. It’s cheap, easy to use and with a nice, boring interface. You can highlight the days fixtures in the Markets box on the left – I simply go through the fixtures/markets I want for a days trading and open each market I want in a new tab. Followed many of your trades on it. Lots of options/customisation. Never used automation with it but I know it is available. I looked at a few others but they were all either too expensive (for what I wanted), too gimmicky or too complicated. Happy to go into more detail if you want me to.
    All the best

  3. I use gruss betting assistant, very cheap as well £7 a month. The guy whose software it is Mark Russell is very good to get in touch with via email, very quick to respond. Probably the best value product on the market
    His email to contact him is admin@gruss-software.co.uk

    Think it’s two brothers Mark and Gary who run it together, that’s probably why they called it “Gruss”. Combination of the first letter of Gary’s name and the russ part of the surname.

  4. I agree – I think Spurs are still well in it. In their domestic league, Ajax are rarely taken on at home so if Spurs play positive and press they will get rewards – this is far from over and I do fancy a 1-2; 1-3 score line.

  5. Fairbot is brilliant. Had it for years. Geeks Toy is too clunky. Same for Bet Angel. There is too much noise on the Betfair interface. I cant believe you still use that for trading.

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