FTS Betslip 20th May Episode

8 thoughts on “FTS Betslip 20th May Episode”

  1. You clearly have not watched GOT….its the best tv series almost ever imo…streets ahead of West Wing and as they have been spread over several years have attracted a huge amount of interest.
    The books are great too…have all 7 of them and will re-read one day.
    That said yes its just a tv series and as such just a bit of escapism from day to day stuff.

    1. I am not doubting it may be good, my personal exoerience is most TV is garbled shite but I loved WW and I admit to being a bit strange with things like that, my TV now football season is over will not be turned on for weeks on end, but a petition – come on!

  2. Game of thrones is good Ron you’re right but Ian’s right about the petition. What a joke. Are these million people going to pay to remake it?

  3. OMG! Ian, you are spot on!! West Wing is by far the best TV series I’ve ever seen. I have not watched GOT but I guess it’s probably pretty good. But a petition to change it????? Who are these people????? The funny thing is, when I heard you say The West Wing, I was astonished because when I was in the United States for 6 weeks in Feb-Apr, I marathon watched The West Wing while recovering from surgery..I had seen part of it when it first came out but wasn’t able to follow it then. I enjoyed every minute of it!!
    PS..please respond to my emails

  4. Ha! – really enjoyed that. Can’t comment on the snip as my plumbing’s still fully intact. And as I’ve never seen GoT, watched a box set, joined Facebook or any of that modern-day stuff, I can’t comment on things like that either.
    But as someone who almost sparked a riot in a Brooklyn bar once after sharing my view with some barflys that the good old USA was effectively a third world country and that their concept of manifest destiny was self-indulgent bollocks, I can vouch for the utter delusional insanity of some Americans.

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