FTS Betslip 21st May Episode

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  1. I wasn’t going to say this but as you mentioned cancer I am fighting colon cancer at the moment…since last October actually…and GOT takes my mind off it while its there..a lot better than following Sunderland!

  2. Keep the podcasts going Ian. I don’t watch anything on TV that I would consider is crap but everybody can benefit from a bit of escapism now and again. All work and no play etc etc. Jeremy Kyle was utter shite. The West Wing is my favourite TV drama ever followed by The Sopranos. The opening song hooked me into that show. The Law and Order franchise is also brilliant. There are plenty of great British TV dramas too. I’m a history, natural history and Space buff so I love documentaries. I also read two novels a week. I have also maintained six spreadsheets for the six football strategies I’ve bet on since October 2018. It can be done with time management. Full disclosure: I dont have children. Good luck Ronnie.

  3. Ronnie, I don’t beat about the bush where cancer’s concerned. Stop eating and drinking fake food. If you don’t know what fake food is then email me at chris@winterfrey.com
    What you can do right now is eat nothing but meat (grass-fed if you can afford it) and fat (lard, tallow, Kerrygold butter, coconut oil, ghee). That’s it. No bread, cereals, pasta, crisps, chocolate, biscuits, pizza, cows’ milk, beer, wine, soft drinks, fruit smoothies, bacteria yoghurts, and definitely no margarine (these are all fake foods).

  4. Sorry to hear about your mum Ian. My mum got bowel cancer when i was 8. I’ll never forget having to go up and kiss her goodbye when the ambulance came to the house. Horrific scene. Thankfully she survived in the end and turns 70 next month. There by the grace of god.

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