FTS Betslip 22nd March Episode ( Scenes Part 2 Really from 19th March)

18 thoughts on “FTS Betslip 22nd March Episode ( Scenes Part 2 Really from 19th March)”

  1. I need glasses for driving…..
    I’m a shit shag and I can’t play poker. FTS is for me!

    Thanks again for the laughs Ian it’s all about the mindset.

  2. Brilliant again. Thanks

    After part 1 podcast, I have taken your approach on board and had long conversation with my partner.
    I have been doing this malarkey for a while and although the results are OKish they are not that great in comparison to my potential income from “proper” job I could have stayed in…
    But, I like to do what am doing now… and based on this we agreed to give me a chance to turn things and try to up my game.
    So, cutting all the noise, concentrating on 3 most profitable things and on improving them (and myself!) and ploughing on, with a joy, through the markets.
    I’m determined to make it work as otherwise I promised to go back to my cushy job to become someone’s bich again… hopefully not.

  3. Hi Ian

    Loving the rants 😀

    Need to start on the horses. I currently trade footie with small successes and it’s about to start going quiet so need to beef up some supportive income.

    Have plenty of time each night with approx an hour during the day.

    What is the best option you have

    Any help/comment welcomed


    1. Hi Dave

      For trading horses I would think Proform Racing is the way to go, I don’t trade horses much I tend to bet them or trade a few using our own FTS racing sheets and we have bet system macros built in. If you watt to bet and leave then I think we are as good as any, watch the video on the website page and it tells you more about it but bet and leave horses requires a mindset to cope with losing runs. Trading Horses such as pre race trading I would look at people like Bet Angels website he is far more qualified than I on that subject

  4. No such thing as waffling Ian, you talk sense. Not many in the gambling world do that.
    Thanks for all your rants, raves, and waffles, they help, they really do. Even if its just to lighten the load of this depressingly anti everything and everybody society we have these days.

  5. Brilliant again mate, love listening and to be honest learning. I purchased the beginner a few months back and will more than likely go Ultimate next season.
    Having done a lot of match betting in the past i am now looking to go more into the trading and i am very glad i found you and your website.

  6. I can shag, drive and play poker at the same time! Put that in your pipe and smoke it! (Great podcast again, Ian)

  7. Hi Ian,
    There is so much gold in there definitely not a rant. I’d hate to think how much I would learn from a scripted podcast….

  8. Nice podcast. I am “immensely proud” of you as well. Will the gambling academy newsletters be put back on the site again? Just wanted to read a few of them again.

  9. Great Ian, Even Janine was laughing at times even thought your on her naughty list for not replying to her e-mails.


  10. I started listening to this last Sunday while en route to San Marino. It was cheering me up after a truly traumatic event, but I lost the wi-fi signal in Bologna airport so lost the broadcast. I’ve just caught up with the end of it now …the very end…the bit where you say “I’ve got one more word for my Scottish friends: Kazakhstan”. All I can ask is…


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