FTS Betslip 26th January Episode

3 thoughts on “FTS Betslip 26th January Episode”

  1. Excellent Podcast which I’m sure took up a lot of time to
    put together. Much appreciated, Ian.
    A real must to listen to the end especially re value and risk
    to profit.
    As said, an excellent day yesterday.

  2. Didn’t manage to catch this until gone 8pm, but as I’m just looking to tune in, listen and see how things pan out over the rest of the season I don’t see it as having missed out. But even so the thinking and reasoning, particularly about having value on your side, makes for impressive listening and gets to the heart of what Ian has been trying to get over about trading and betting.
    I’ve been with FTS for a few years now and increasingly what comes across is the sheer volume of work that goes into it – and the volume of opportunity that work throws up. Sometimes it feels there’s too much to look at and try to manage, so if I could make a suggestion – possibly for a blog post or just an advisory podcast (when time allows) – it would be on ideas for managing betting volumes. For instance, I’m not often able to be around an hour before KOs, so feel that although Poisson looks cracking I’d be dipping in and out of it were I to try using it, which defeats the point of sticking to the tried and tested method behind it.

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