FTS Betslip 28th June Episode

8 thoughts on “FTS Betslip 28th June Episode”

  1. It’s happening! The old keto getting a mention before any betting stuff.

    I’m expecting almond flour based recipes to start cropping up before long. Personally can’t wait!

  2. Hi Ian,
    If you were considering a NFL or football comp one possibility could be last man standing. For example in NFL each entry has to pick one team to win each week, however you can only pick each team once in the season. Your team loses, your out. Same game could be applied to football season using teams from a couple of leagues.
    No need for prizes. If people really want a comp they will be happy to pay an entry fee and this can be split among winners.
    Just an idea….

  3. Don’t lose too much weight. A small belly is actually a lot more manly than visible 6 pack abs in my opinion. Men are not supposed to be too pretty.

  4. Ian, i’ve ran Sun Dream Team leagues for years and i’m prepared to set one up for us if enough people are interested, let me know.

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