FTS Betslip 2nd June Episode

6 thoughts on “FTS Betslip 2nd June Episode”

  1. Not sure what the VAR guy was looking at. Watching the slowmo & replays on BT
    not one of the nine adults in the room thought it was a penalty. Some did at first then
    changed their mind.
    BUT as Ian said most of the Spurs players did not step up to the plate and I hope they
    reflect on that when they look in the mirror this morning. But I doubt it.

  2. good man, Ian
    I wondered if you’d have a load of excuses but, no, I should have realised you’re better than that
    scrappy match and I don’t think either team turned up so it wasn’t a good ad for English football – mind you, after the two semis whatever happened couldn’t have lived up to it
    I thought it was a pen by these modern rules and although I’m probably in the minority with the population outside of Liverpool, all I can say is there’s a few who think it was and so ….. YNWA!

  3. Not a penalty for me despite what the UEFA rules say (the rule has been designed by someone who never played football). The rules say “if the defender is making their body unnaturally bigger” its a penalty. That’s crap. Sissoko was asking for a Spurs player to cover a space and the ball hit him on the chest first of all. He cannot control where it goes next and there was no unnatural movement to control it after it hit him. He pointed. Thats what you do when you want cover as a defender. It’s the same when a player jumps to head the ball. They use their arms for lift and balance, not in the hope that an opponent’s head collides with the ball. Is that an unnatural body movement? I think not when you are on a football pitch. Sitting in a office, then yes. Proof that the rules are not made by people who played football. If a Liverpool fan says he would be happy for such a decison to be given against his side, he’s lying. Attacking players will aim the ball at defender’s arms as you say Ian.

  4. Unlucky man.. Don’t know how Liverpool won that.. Did nothing.. Spurs froze a bit in last third.. Funny old game.. 💩

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