FTS Betslip 6th July Episode

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  1. Yes, good point about giving a little of winning.
    My wife and I have a rescue greyhound, not our
    first. Beautiful dogs.
    My wife does greyhound collections and doing one
    this morning at Exmouth, so will be putting a little
    extra in the tin when I collect them.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. FYI -as they say in the textworld I am a subscriber to the Teenage Cancer Trust and the Countryside Restoration Trust. I’d rather have an attack of piles than donate to the Gooners COYS
    Incidentally I have not received any test What’s Apps since I signed up

  3. Afternoon All, forgive the unsolicited hijacking of Ian’s pod but I am running the GNR in September for the RSPCA. This will be my 6th consecutive run for the RSPCA and I do this via my own place thereby costing the charity nowt (apart from the vest which in 2019 is XL from a mere L in 2014 – I’m partial to the odd guinness!). Training is going okish – running up to about 7 miles (couldn’t run a bath earlier this year). Hopefully your day is profitable and, if so, should any FTS folk like to sponsor me ANYTHING will be greatly appreciated. My page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/brian-brewis7



      1. Haha nice, thanks 🙂 It will make the torture well worth it on September 8th (Mo Farah has nowt to worry about).

        1. 9 quid down on the day! I’ll donate a fiver anyway and if Ian tweets any profitable nuggets this evening you’ll have more. Best of luck 🤞

    1. Hi Brian, done the GNR for charity myself for the last two years. Nothing but respect and will be donating to your cause. Good luck on miles 10 through 12 – beat me both times!

      1. Trevor, mutual respect from me. John Reid Road done me last year, the year before and the year before that…best of luck mate (I just hope it’s not hot!) and thanks.

  4. I think what you meant when you said the Welsh are gone was
    mae’r Cymry wedi diflannu
    and you thought reading Polish team names was hard!

  5. Loved the Pod today as usual Ian. At least when we play scrabble we get more points and in future please don’t insult our sheep they are sacred.

    1. ot sure we all agree with astute one is well known for Russian ties, don’t know much about the other. I watched all Widdecombe’s speech beoroe the pod – still not for me

  6. The problem is Ian that people have been ignored by the lily livered liberal intelligentsia for many years. So, we end up with Trump in the US who has promised to bring jobs back to the US, populism (this is not a dirty word)across Europe and still the tossers in charge ignore us. As for the EU anyone who doesn’t think the new intake to replace Juncker, Tusk (what a pathetic little man) and Draghi are a bunch of wankers. We have an ex Belgian prime minister, a failed German defence minister and a criminally convicted French woman who should be in prison now in charge of the European Central Bank. Tax free salaries and huge expense accounts and accommodation.

    I had the idea to float off Wales year ago until I saw Hinterland. How do Plyd Cymru think Wales will survive as an independent country? It’s all sheep and they are lazy.

    1. Firstly people may have been ignored but are also, oh so apathetic until they have a band wagon to jump on, before 2016 were people walking around complaining about the EU on masse. Certainly not in my circles and I met over 10000 people a year in my job and 500-100 a year through FTS, I cannot recall one person you included ever moaning, commenting, mentioning about the EU, state of the country etc. The public are as much to blame want to blame everyone and everything and take no responsibility, people moan about the NHS, education, house prices when it affects them and that is the only time. People moan about bankers getting us in debt when they run up 5 figure credit cards, we have lost all common sense. I could go on forever as I have always been in to this stuff and I don’t really have a side, I don’t get the if you like them then everything the others say is rubbish. Even the biggest idiot has something useful to say at times. We live in a world, Brexit, Remain, Red, Blue and with confirmation bias, people read what suits there argument and don’t want to listen to the other side of the argument in any way and that is an absolute fact of which I have a mountain of evidence. Juts gets ramped up with social media, you click to read a anti EU post, Facebook in particular, but also Twitter, Google send more your way absolutely proven and in a world like that it will go on for years to come, generations in fact.

      Secondly yes we are where we are but my issus is the current solutions, appointing and voting lying and self serving people will not solve any of these current issue snot on will just divide us more.

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