FTS Betslip 9th July Episode

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  1. Well happy for Jack and his results 72.9% is unreal. My fingers are crossed for your dog as well mate. Good riddance to James.

  2. Ian, that was a real rant. I hope you feel a lot better now, I guess you are extremely emotional about things going on in your private life and you are entitled to, I think you are very brave to keep this podcast going with so many things to take care of at home. I personally am loving the podcast although I don’t actually do a lot of betting nowadays due to time restraints and getting old, just a little punt on your horses. The Portal is a great innovation and long may it continue, nice profits there every month/year.

    Congratulations on your son passing his exams with distinction, you must be very proud. I know I am when my children or grandchildren make a success of something. That’s what it is all about Ian, home and family and that means making a success of whatever we do. I hope things go well for your pet, I remember when you lost your long time friend who used to sit in the office with you. Very upsetting. I know, I have been there too.

    Best wishes and keep up the good work.

    Alan Piggott

  3. Brilliant pod as usual.
    Glad all the important things in your life are going well.
    Keep clearing all the crap out.

  4. Well what can u say – I look forward to your pod cast each day and your views on things in the world and completely agree about Love Island. Working at home it makes me smile. I hope the dog is OK and I have 5 of the lovely creatures to share my office – who never complain etc and always are please to see you. Great News about your lad and send him many congrats. Hard work does pay off.

  5. The world is being dumbed down and I’m afraid to say that its the young people for the most part sucking it up. I’ve worked with some really bright young people in my career who are utterly shallow, vacuous and have a huge sense of entitlement. A younger guy who I worked once said to me that reading books was boring and he wore the fact that he had not read a book since he left school as a badge of honour. He was 30 at the time. He targeted me because I had my nose buried in a book every lunchtime. I rsponded by saying if he thought reading was boring it said more about him than it did about books and everybody in the office laughed. He didn’t understand the point of my comment, not to my surprise.

  6. As Dave said ‘magic’ as always.
    I cannot wish you and your family, your wife, your son and your dog plus anyone else in your life anything but health and happinessand more success.
    You have seriously given me a boost and a hope for my future success in punting that will spur me on with the trading to not give up and give it 100% and that, right now at this stage in my life could easily be argued to be more valuable to me personally than almost anything else.
    I am in awe of your dedication I really don’t know how you do it or how you constantly give your precious time.
    Appreciate every minute of your input. Thank you, thank you Ian.

  7. Well done for your son, he’s clearly highly intelligent. I hope he improves in future the mental/psychological state of mind to keep calm in stressful situations. This is one thing we are all in control of is our mind, regardless of what happens. I have had trouble in the past with that myself but improved now.

    PS. Did you tell James “I am f****** 47 years old” ? Wouldn’t be a proper bollocking without that line.

  8. Yes Ian. I listen to the podcast every day.
    Great listen. Much appreciated…its your podcast, its free, so keep up the good work.
    Hope all goes well at yours.

  9. Hi Ian, I enjoy listening to your podcast every day. What comes across is how ‘normal’ you are. It’s refreshing to know there are still some sane people about in this crazy country. I was born during WW2 and brought up in the poverty years after the war. I have seen the change in our society for the worse. People today have no idea how lucky they are to have so much time on their hands. Then they waste that time watching witless telly. My aim in life is to help my kids and grandkids to better themselves in any way. Persuading them to avoid social media and tv propaganda is a step in the right direction. Wishing you and yours a long and happy life. Keep up the good work. We will have the last laugh.

  10. Hi Ian
    Great pod – as usual
    I hope you get good news on your dog. I still vividly remember the day I had to say goodbye to my Irish Setter. It was one of the worst days of my life, and that is no exaggeration. I’m delighted to hear that your son got a First and is also getting help
    I’m writing this between the races and as the cricket is held up by rain I have just discovered a wonderful way to watch Wembley Woman’s tennis. It’s the mute button. Pure bliss
    I must ask you to stop talking about Love Island because I might get tempted to go and watch it and if I did I might have to go and commit suicide
    COYS. Stephen

  11. Ian, Ian Ian, you are that voice in my head, Love Island what is that all about, never watched it to busy working and doing Racing and Baseball, stats spreadsheets etc, I’m so glad your son has passed his exam’s and your wife is well, fingers crossed for your dog, One Question mate How are You ?? Calm the F**k down mate we don’t want you getting ill again, Top podcast Keep Smiling. Greg.

  12. great podcast today. I hope the dog gets better, anyone who has had a pet knows how much they mean to have them in your life. Your boy has done brilliantly. Hope he finds that the help is getting stands him in could stead going forward. Best wishes, Matt.

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