FTS Betslip 9th May Episode

18 thoughts on “FTS Betslip 9th May Episode”

  1. Congrats spurs.. I know what u mean about poch crying had me going and I’m hard northern bastard! I’d b interested to see the templates at some point to compare with the ones I made up.. no rush.. Cheers.

  2. Hi Ian
    Thanks for another enjoyable podcast. With regards to record keeping, any template you have and are prepared to share, would be gratefully received.

  3. Cracking podcast mate, totally agree with everything you said about the game. I tweeted as much last night and also tweeted on 28th August that I’d love to draw this Ajax side in the group stage after watching them against Kiev. Loved your definition of value, absolutely no chance of getting those flights and hotel from you now. Enjoy yourself in Madrid.

  4. Do you realise that if our beloved Spurs don’t win the champions league and Arsenal win the Tin Pot Cup Spurs WON’T qualify for for the CL next season.

    1. Proper champions are clubs who win their domestic leagues the season before the Champions League, not also rans. I still want Spurs to beat Liverpool but the CL is all about the money now.

      1. Of course you said that every year when Arsenal were in it! The thought of you lot with faces like your’e sucking a lemon just brightens it even more x

        1. I don’t have any emotional attachment to Arsenal now. I haven’t been to an Arsenal game since 1993 when I decided to get my weekends back. I hardly ever watch football now. I don’t have BT Sport and never will and didnt watch the 2006 CL final when Arsenal were in it. Dave the Gooner may be tearing his hair out over Spurs heroics last night but not me. I want Spurs to win the final. I just hope that Dutch EU wanker Guy Verhofstadt with the silly haircut and sillier glasses is an Ajax fan.

  5. I assume Dave was the Gooner who couldn’t bear to pay you £499 for the 4 year trading journey because you are a Spurs fan. Still can’t get over that. I think he’s been put in his place.

  6. Brilliant podcast as always, your 6 part email course on the website has helped enormously, any spreadsheets regarding book keeping would be gratefully appreciated,

  7. Great fun podcast… pleased to see your DJ skills have not gone to waste [plus I hear there is an opening at Radio5 after Danny Baker left… ]

  8. And thrilled to see such a great old club with history, culture and tradition be recognized on the greatest club stage there is – time for a new name on the Cup methinks…
    (I know some believe only league winners should qualify for it, but the competition changed a real long time ago; it’s about the best teams in Europe and the comp is better for it really – this year only Barca would have been in semis under the old rules and we would have missed out on the 2 greatest semis that I can remember)

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