FTS Betslips 29th March Episode

10 thoughts on “FTS Betslips 29th March Episode”

  1. Fabulous podcast again.
    I’d had a poor week at work, nothing doing on the trading front, taken the wife to her 4th hospital appt in a month, and genuinely feeling down in the dumps. But after listening to another great podcast thanks to Greg my mood is more upbeat and I feel better about life.
    I really don’t get these idiots.
    Thanks for yet another piece of verbal magic Ian.

    1. Hi Kevin, Hope you and your family are OK mate. I love listening to the podcasts too and I know it takes a lot to be as honest about the downs in life so much respect for that. Take it easy knowing the Gregs of this world are shit shags, bad at driving and can’t play poker! 😉

      As we say in Glasgow “Get it right up ye Greg!”

  2. Comedy gold again Ian , brightened my day up no end. Sure your weekend in Dortmund will be fantastic , it’s the best day at football I’ve had in ages. As for brexit , spot on again. Time this mob were sacked.

  3. Think a lot of gamblers must be excellent lovers tbh. Being fearless and engaging in risk taking activities on a consistent basis is a sign of a man with high levels of testosterone.

    High testosterone levels are very important for increased sexual performance as well amongst other things. Women love men who take risks.

  4. Are you planning on charging for these podcasts at any point in the future? If so remind me to sort out a royalties deal with you for each mention 😁

  5. Have a bit of faith ian…we might turn up sunday…i am a long suffering spurs fan..wouldn’t swop …love the podcasts

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