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Simple and PROFITABLE football betting tips

Do you dream of one day being able to quit your job and work from the comfort of your own home earning a TAX FREE income? Think about it, no alarm clock in the morning, no commuting, no one to answer to but you, working when you want and how you want.

FTS Enhanced is a NEW product from FTS and is ideal for those who are at intermediate level and wish to profit from their betting to increase their bank with minimum effort, so that one day they are able to make a life changing 5 figure monthly income.

There are no databases, just simple tips from one of the most successful professional gamblers in the UK which you can access from your member’s area daily.

It’s a long road to success but this is possible for you!

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Full time gambler, Ian Erskine has won
over 2 million pounds
over the last 10 years,
so knows what it takes to win!

You can profit from our years
of gambling experience, hours
of research and thousands
of rows of data

Simple and profitable, for anyone to use

We understand that there are punters at all levels of experience and finances. Not everyone has the time to analyse markets on a daily basis whilst juggling work and family commitments. That is why we created FTS Enhanced, so that we can help these punters PROFIT from their betting and ultimately achieve their financial goals.

The difference between us and other internet betting sites is that we are not marketers, we are full time gamblers ourselves.

Everything that we bet is always based on data which is built up over years of research and hours of analysis.

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In total there are 4 systems from Ian’s personal systems across various markets for the entire 2016/17 season. We must stress that these systems have never been shared before and are only available to a limited number of people for Enhanced membership only.

Don’t miss out because once spaces are filled, membership will be CLOSED.

In addition to these selections you will receive the original FTS lay the draw selections that have now been profitable for 10 years.

We’ll do the hard work for you

Apart from the original LTD selections, all bets are either placed prior to kick off or at a certain time in the matches that qualify with no trading involved. Simply place the bets and carry on with your day. These systems combined have netted over 150 points since 2012/13 season and are EXCLUSIVE to FTS Enhanced (these bets are not provided in FTS Ultimate membership).

Results will be posted weekly and there will be a dedicated tuition area covering staking plans, bank management, coping with losses, expectancy of winnings over a period, risk management and building a betting portfolio – everything you need to turn yourself into a winning punter.

What is included?

  • The original FTS Lay The Draw Selections and trading manual
  • Selections from 4 of Ian’s personal betting systems provided throughout the whole season commencing 1st September
  • Results posted weekly in downloadable format
  • Dedicated tuition area covering staking, bank management, coping with losing runs, expectancy of winning and how to build a portfolio to meet your attitude to risk
  • Example record keeping spreadsheets for you to download and use

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for the entire season

If you’re serious, we can help you win

There are numerous success stories of FTS members who have started from the beginning and have become incredibly successful. The question is, are you ready to achieve your goals?

These systems have been in profit EVERY season, but as with any investment, they need to be approached with the right attitude and mindset. There will be spells where we have losers and banks stand still or go down, but ultimately those who can stick through it with discipline will be successful.

Spaces are limited – don’t miss out

Due to the nature of some of the bets, we will have to limit numbers to protect prices and also to ensure we can offer the right level of service to our members.

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