FTS Football Clinics 2016 / 2017

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Over the years at FTS we have run numerous seminars, and most recently, our Masterclass series. Whilst all of these have been great at helping a vast number of people, we know that everyone is unique, with different banks and different strengths and weaknesses. We also know that there are those who are now ready to take their football betting from beginner to intermediate or even advanced level, which can eventually lead to a life changing monthly income.

Are you ready to take your winnings to the NEXT LEVEL?

Introducing FTS Football Clinics

For the first time ever we will be holding a series of clinics all around the country with the aim of ensuring we help people on an individual level. The difference between these sessions and the seminars we have run in the past is that they will be held in small groups with a maximum of ONLY 5 attendees. This means that you will need to act fast in order to secure your spot at any of these venues, as they are sure to sell out.

Small Groups

Rather than being in a large conference room, everyone will be sat around a boardroom table and we will be able to help each and every person. We are going to be understanding what each person does wrong (and right) or struggles with, and put them on the right path to success with their own individual plan tailored specifically to them and their bank.

To ensure you are 1 of only 5 people
at each venue

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See exactly what we do, EVERYDAY

The key advantage of having smaller groups is that we are able to spend more time with people one-to-one on the day, but also, we can show you exactly what we do on a daily basis. From the moment we wake up in the morning and prepare our bets, to actually looking for bets that qualify and then going ahead and betting or trading them if necessary.

You will be able to see firsthand how Ian is able to win regularly and how he has now managed to win almost £3,000,000 in winnings on Betfair alone! Can you afford to miss this?

Evaluate what has gone wrong

The big difference between these clinics and anything we have run in the past is that we are going to get to know you more and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. So as part of the process, everyone who books one of the 5 available places will be given a quick self-evaluation form to fill in prior to attending which we will use to determine your individual plan. Then, on the day, we will discuss this with you with our clear plan for your road to success.

Clear 5 year plan and on-going support

You have heard us talk about this being a 3 to 5 year project and so we will send you away with a folder with your exact step-by-step plan on how you should move forward. But we won’t leave you to just fend for yourselves, we will work with you and help you manage your betting bank with ongoing advice about when you should increase your bank and by how much.

As an attendee, you will also get access to a dedicated email address set up just for you for any enquiries, as well as a yearly Skype session (for a maximum of 3 years) with Ian or Kav to review how you are doing and assess your set up.

The majority of people lose at gambling, don’t miss this chance to be one of the few who actually win

Is it for you?

If you are asking yourself the question, “is this for me?”, also ask yourself “have I been successful…, have I won?”. If your answer is no then you simply can’t miss this. We have been doing this for a long time and we have seen all the reasons people have used for losing. We can help you change this so that in a few years you will look back on this as the best decision you ever made.

Join the FTS winners club

There are numerous people who have gone on to earn a five-figure monthly income. Imagine what that could mean for you. Paying off credit cards? A new car? Being able to quit your job? Or simply a second TAX FREE income to help you enjoy the things you like. Some FTS members are already reaping the rewards, so why not join them?

How can we know this?
Because Ian has already done it multiple times
with other FTS members

Here’s what you’ll see on the day


For the first time ever millionaire punter Ian Erskine will be showing attendees live, the exact process that he goes through every day for football. You will see him load various spreadsheets where he will talk about the rationale behind them, run macros to find the bets and then go ahead and put these bets on.

Ian will also give you a live demonstration of how he uses stats to select his bets whilst talking through exactly what he looks for and the rationale behind it. If anything qualifies he will bet these LIVE later in the day.

We will also be sharing with you a couple of innovative new databases that will not be available to anyone until at least next season and it may be that we do not release these at all. Simply put, these are out of this world and have trumped anything else we have done to date! We will release videos in due course to give you a sneak peek.


Once you have digested the morning session and seen everything we do on a daily basis, it will be all about getting you on the right path for financial success. We will run through all the databases and systems and talk you through exactly what you need to do day-to-day. We will then put together an individual plan for you going forward. This will be done for every single person and will include us physically putting the relevant files and macro spreadsheets on your laptop. We will then sit with you and show you how to use the files and macros until you know exactly how to use them and what to do every day going forward. Having small groups will mean there will be much more opportunities for questions and for us to go into a lot more detail.

There will also be another first for FTS, which will include people being able to actually watch Ian and Kav bet and/or trade live on football matches. You will be able to get a sense of their thought process and mindset when placing bets, and how they manage themselves when there are large liabilities at stake.

This will be like sitting next to Ian in his office at home and watching him work. Imagine how much you could learn!

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Take the next step

If you have attended one of our seminars in the past, then this is the next step. We won’t be covering the basics such as mindset or things like the FTS Odds Sheets, the purpose of these clinics is just simply to do the work for you by giving you what you need and setting up your entire betting structure straight on your laptop. But it doesn’t end there, we will micro-manage your bank and betting and guide you over the next 3 – 5 years if you need us to.

A few venues, only a few available spaces

Obviously the downside of running these clinics with limited numbers is that some people are going to be disappointed. Because of room sizes, and also for the amount of information and one to one time needed on the day, we have to keep these strictly at a maximum of 5 people on a first come first serve basis. So, if you are interested in attending any of the venues please book immediately to avoid disappointment.

The venues and dates are as follows (the start of all sessions will be at 9.30am):

  • London – Saturday, 14th January 2017 (SOLD OUT)
  • Reading – Sunday, 15th January 2017 (SOLD OUT)
  • Birmingham – Sunday, 29th January 2017
  • Glasgow – Sunday, 19th February 2017
  • Frankfurt – Saturday, 11th March 2017

We will not be running these football clinics again until at least late 2018, SO DON’T MISS OUT! Book your spot for £995

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As we have a number of overseas FTS members, we are looking into running a few specific dates abroad. If you are one of our overseas FTS members and are interested in finding out more, please register your interest by sending an email to support@ftsincome.co.uk with your location. We will then contact you once we have more information.


This is not like anything we have done before, so don’t miss your opportunity to watch, learn and be guided by the best around. Ian has already done this with individual FTS members, you could be the next.