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Here at FTS our data analysis approach allows us to stay ahead of the game in Racing as well as football. Over 7 years of collecting and analysing horse race data and ratings has led to the production of our all new FTS Racing Service.

Over 60 columns of data updated daily for members to analyse and the inclusion of multiple FREE profit winning methods makes our  RTS Racing set up the only resource you need to conquer the sport of kings.

Everything is calculated to Betfair prices which are collected numerous times through the day. Price information along with our proprietary speed ratings, jockey rankings, dobbing information, 25% trade information and included systems ensure we stay ahead of the game. Whether you wish to trade horses, back horses to win or back them to  place RTS Racing offers it all.  No chasing prices or getting accounts closed.

RTS Racing will keep you in profit. Our own systems are included and these are all managed in house for you with regular checks on performance so that we always keep you profitable. If it needs tweaking we tweak.

Our RTS Database filters enable you to develop and come up with as many systems as you wish of your own across all codes of racing using all our ratings.

As well as our daily ratings sheet each day, you receive the database updated monthly of every runner in the UK with full Betfair price information and returns. Prices taken at 9am, prices and returns shown for 11am and prices and returns shown for Betfair SP as well as the place price and return and whether the horses price in-running contracted by 25% and 50%

RAP included FREE – You also get our RAP Price movement tool and database. This is a database built on how the market moves through the day and has a built in search engine allowing you to query it to come up with unlimited profit pulling methods. This database is updated for you monthly also with every UK runner. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW TO SEE THE RTS RAP TOOL IN ACTION

Profit Potential

We do the hard work for you.

If data analysis is not for you, DON’T WORRY we have you covered.

Everyday we produce our DAILY RATINGS SHEET, with included built in systems. Simply click the system name button and place your bets. You will done in 5 minutes. Sheet is produced on the website every day, 7 days a week just after 11am when we have received the 11am Betfair price data.


Subscribers need do no more than follow the systems that are maintained and updated, added removed through the year as codes of racing change. Flat to NH – No problem we have you covered.

Don't take my word for it, Phil has been beta testing the new RTS Ratings set up for 6 months

Ian gave me access to the full RTS service on September 1st 2018. I have since that time made over 128 points profit using the included systems and developing my own methods using the RT database and RAP racing tool. The opportunities for profit are endless and the data is maintained for you. It is so easy to use this to profit once you find your way around the data.
– Phil.T Bexleyheath


Join RTS Racing and receive access to the complete package starting at less than 70p per day.

3 Packages available

1 month £35

3 months – Pay for 2

Yearly – almost 4 months FREE


Many people try and fail at horse racing and it is often down to loss of edge or giving up in bad spells. Alongside this tipsters/punters using conventional bookmakers will soon see those bookmakers stop their action if they are proving profitable

We went back to the drawing board and built our own EDGEfinder tools to make sure we could win on the exchange and spot when the egde was dissipating or changing. Our EDGEfinder is run monthly in house and all our systems stress tested against it. We maintain over 50 systems  behind the scenes and ensure clients of RTS racing only get passed the leading 4/5 that have the edge running for them. These systems are simply operated by clicking the named macros on the top of the daily sheet and placing your bets for the horses listed.

We will help you to beat the market, yield consistent profit and introduce you to some great value winners.

Simple Tips, Consistent Profits

Everything is so simple to operate on RTS Racing. IF you develop a system and want us to create a personalised Macro (an excel function built personally for you) tailored to your needs so you can find your selections automatically each day in seconds – JUST ASK

Your Bet Placement will literally take a few minutes each day

In your own downtime you can then use the databases to develop more profit winning strategies to run alongside those we give you

RTS Racing is future proofing horse race betting


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