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The football season kicks off tomorrow and our Ultimate membership is almost full. It will close tomorrow until after Christmas for sure.

This season I have added my own personal current form analysis  to the database in the form of a colour coded traffic light system. This enables members to now use these colour codes to develop simple profitable strategies. I include analysis in the numbers area so the work is done for you,  find the profit areas and build your season portfolio in minutes.

In this video I show a quick teaser of how I garnered 50 points backing home teams in Germany using a simple traffic light filter that completely turns the profit loss performance on its head.

Every week members receive that weeks fixtures and odds with teams already colour coded, it really could not be simpler.


Have a cuppa and spare 5 minutes watching  then JOIN ULTIMATE TODAY SO YOU DON’T MISS OUT. As soon as Arsenal or Leicester Kick Off Tomorrow the doors will close or if we do not have a hundred members the price goes up £100 so madness not to act now.


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  1. Really like the look of the Traffic Light System.
    Easy on the eye which is brilliant for tired old

    Thanks Ian, for all the obvious hard worklthat has gone
    on behind the scenes.

    Here’s to a profitable 17/18 season

  2. Great stuff! This additional form filter will only make an already powerful tool even more so. Really looking forward to rooting around with the new database and seeing what can be found for the coming season.

    1. Post

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