FTSBetslip 2nd July Episode

28 thoughts on “FTSBetslip 2nd July Episode”

  1. You keep waffling mate – do what’s easiest for you – personally podcast for me – know they will always be good to listen too

  2. Podcast are class haven’t missed one since you first started. No need for a written blog from my point of view. Fun through the summer but time to get serious come August. Keep em coming.

  3. Hi Ian
    I have listened to the pod just once. If I do it again I fear my laptop will explode
    I couldn’t agree more re these politicians. Thick as mince the lot of them
    My preference is for the podcasts rather than written. Even with all the Anglo Saxon

  4. Pods are great Ian, I don’t get the same political insight on Newsnight. Very entertaining and informative for me, and seems to be very therapeutic for you!

  5. Much prefer the podcast, Ian, think you can cover more, with more emphasis, than the written word.
    Except when you have a go at West Ham, then bollocks to the both of ’em.

  6. Keep the pods mate for sure. Im an Arsenal fan and i dont mind the banter at all,its all good.
    Plus i want to make money thats why im here and why i joined Ultimate.

  7. Podcasts for me, Ian. Would happily subscribe to a trading podcast should you choose to do one. Keep up the good work!

  8. podcast all the way please Ian, it must be soooo much easier for you to speak rather than write and i find it much nicer to listen to your ramblings as more human and personal if that makes sense, you get a sense of you as a person as well as your strategies

  9. Love the pod Ian, really look forward to listening to the info and all your rants and views and I think it helps my understanding of everything you talk about rather than just written instructions. Fantastic addition to FTS. Cheers

  10. Podcast for me Defo…….cheers me up no end…….Definitely a conversation starter with the missus…………

  11. Pods only – don’t spread yourself to thin

    Would like to hear more reflections on services included, I started RTS recently doing each selection with 1% of bank and its now a smidgen off 50% down.

    I know you’ve talked about horses being up and down, (and im not going to quit), but some commentary on previous red runs would be good to hear as I do have some questions. Sort of things Im thinking are; is 1% too much for horses? Should I vary that % depending on the form of a particular system, etc? I think Ive just been unlucky to start when I did as I can see its long term successful so would just like to hear a bit about weathering the storm or any recommended adjustments for bank preservation

    ps excuse the name, didn’t want the cult to come after me!

  12. Podcast all the way Ian – I’m in that cult you referred to – even if I miss the time I still listen later.

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