Happy Clappers – A Chance to win £1027

I was too busy on Saturday to get a blog post out so apologies for that. Not much happened in the world of football over the last 7 days. There was a game at Wembley midweek last, nothing much to report there and then a game at Old Trafford that was a drab dull affair, so drab I have forgotten the score line.


In the tipping service that I mentioned last week that tips up 1.09 shots they went brave this week and put Real Madrid up at 1.25 and then showed consternation at that getting turned over. The boys from Madrid suffered from bricking themselves at the thought of coming to Wembley tomorrow. Don’t think it is the football they are worried about just getting in and out of Wembley is a right pain in the arse.

Another group showing consternation aimed at me are the happy clapper Spurs fans. This is a continuation from the topic of everyone thinking that what they say on social media is a fact rather than an opinion.

I was quite vocal when Pochettino started at Spurs. He was at that time persisting with the likes of Mason and Bentaleb and I felt right in my opinion that they were not good enough and the resulting football was slow and boring. Both were moved on quickly after that season.

Over the next two seasons he has of course made us better but lest we forget that we did feature in Champions League under Harry Redknapp and only just missed out under Jol following “Lasagnagate”.

That aside we have been very solid the last two seasons but as a fan I only want one thing, and that is to see Tottenham win something, have a day out at a cup final and win it and have a good time and happy memories.

I grew up in the era of Spurs not challenging for the League, not playing in the European Cup but was present at 3 winning cup finals and a winning UEFA cup final and they are memories I have and enjoy as fan.

The days of us being a good cup side are long gone. This is the most barren quarter century period in Spurs history. We have won 1 league Cup in 26 years. Think about the players through the doors in that time, King, Modric, Bale, Ginola, Davids, Van Der Vaart, Berbatov, Sheringham, Sissoko!


Last week capitulating to West Ham of course these things happen but when did Spurs become too good for the domestic cups? I can see why Chelsea, United, City may take them lightly, they have eyes on the Champions League and Premier League. That is fine they have won those trophies and that is where their focus is. We have not? We have won nothing.

The capitulation must come down to the arrogance of the manager in that situation. 2-0 up at home against a team on the ropes and you lose is down to the manager no one else. Fair play to West Ham they took their chances and rightly deserved the 3 goals, Spurs were shambolic.

Like gambling winning breeds winning. If you keep losing, you soon get despondent and want to throw in the towel. If you win all the time you can’t wait to get back at it.

Football is the same. Spurs lose to West Ham, then lose to United, I expect them to lose tomorrow and suddenly, chances in trophies are gone, the players get fed up and ultimately will move to clubs where they can win things.

Don’t believe me look at Arsenal over the last 10-12 years. They have won FA Cups recently but the likes of Clichy, Van Persie, Adebayor, Fabregas, Sagna (and now probably Sanchez) moved on. Yes, they wanted more money but don’t kid yourselves they didn’t want to win things and they did. For years I ridiculed Arsenal fans about being a top 4 club that won nothing. Spurs are heading that way without the guarantee of finishing in the top 4.


That of course is my opinion. I enjoy watching them – at times they still revert to slow and boring at regular occurrences – Swansea at home this season a prime example. I like young players being given a chance, but I question where it is all headed, and my questioning then leads to me being abused or called not a true fan. I have been to Spurs for 39 years straight. When I met my wife in Exeter I travelled up and down the M5/M4 to every home game. I have been all-over Europe, I have had 6 seasons where I went to every game they played. I am a true fan not a plastic one, I have a right to ask to see my team win something and in that case, take the cups seriously.

Pochettino may well fancy us in the League and Champions League. I don’t! Leicester won the league we had a great chance and blew it, Chelsea we had a chance and didn’t see it through. Mourinho starts by winning the League Cup and then breeds a winning mentality.

The Spurs form against the Top 6 under Pochettino is dire, 1 win in 17 away games. Spurs fans who want to suit their narrative say all teams do that – winning ones don’t!

The squad is thin with no decent back up striker for 3 seasons, – Poch to blame. No one to bring on to change it up- Poch to blame. We can’t aim it all at Levy, the manager is in a very strong position at the club, probably the strongest in the Levy era and he should be saying we need to address this now to progress and REALLY have a chance of winning something.

I like Poch. I like his manner and how he conducts himself and no doubt he has bought great kids through, but is he a winner? People say he is a great manager. I don’t know one great manager that has not won anything, Paisley, Busby, Shankly, Clough, Ferguson, Mourinho, Ancelotti, Guardiola, Heynckes all out and out winners and great managers. They have books written about them for winning things, this week saw a book out about Poch, for making us a bit better than we were.

For Poch to be a great at Spurs he must win something. No use talking about pretty football and the odd good result when it ends nowhere, Top 4 is not and never will be trophy for anyone. He may well do his winning elsewhere.

It is difficult there are only 4 trophies to go after and competition is tight. We pay less money with Blofeld in charge and cannot compete financially, so the odds are stacked against us, but Leicester have won a league, Wigan have won an FA Cup, Swansea won the League Cup all in recent memory and this “great Spurs side” is yet to win anything.


They may well make me eat my words and win something but if they don’t Pochettino will be on his way when a bigger club comes calling and the players like Alli certainly will.

This is just my opinion not facts. No need for happy clappers to get abusive, you have your opinion, I am entitled to mine.

We have slipped up against Burnley and Swansea at home when both were there for the taking. We have played two of our “title” rivals in Chelsea and United and lost both (I don’t consider Liverpool a title rival but a Top 4 rival), we are out of the League Cup, things for me are not great by October and Poch needs to get a handle on the big games to see us progress, if he doesn’t this team will be confined to the memory of the rest of the teams the last 25 years or so and the happy clappers will be praising another false dawn. For some though Spurs and Poch can do no wrong and that apparently is a qualification of a real fan. Yeah right!

Spurs win something this season I will put £1027 (it will be one trophy in 27 years then) in a lucky winners BF account who read this post, I don’t expect to be paying out! They don’t win something the money stays in my pocket

To qualify email, me through November with Spurs Bet in the title or retweet the tweet on Twitter notifying about this blog post and I will put all the names in a draw at the end of the season. One entry per person.


A few other mentions, I missed out on a gambling jackpot Saturday night. Dustin Johnson was 6 clear in the golf and I wanted to lay him before the 4th round, we had visitors and I got distracted and missed it, he ended up losing and I guess was extremely short for the tournament so a few grand missed out on.

The trading day at Birmingham is now full we have a space in London and a few in Cambridge. I have been putting that together this last week and it is superb. I will get some videos online over the international break but don’t miss out if you want to come. Trading Day Details HERE http://ftsincome.co.uk/trading-days-2017-18/

Portal ECHO starts tomorrow all those who have put in by midday tomorrow will be included and then any investment after that will start on the December 1st Portal so don’t panic. Those who have put into the Portal this last day or so, who have not had an email back don’t panic I am sure all is fine I will address any issues Thursday. Portal details here http://ftsincome.co.uk/portal-echo-20172018/

Other than that, have a good week, I am dining as a guest at Gordon Ramsay’s 3 Michelin Star restaurant tonight so looking forward to that (they do burgers, right?) and then at Wembley tomorrow for the Madrid game, so I won’t be around for email much this next 48 hours.

As a tip, win or lose I genuinely think Madrid at 2.34 is the wrong price, I had them around Even money (2.0) so in my OPINION on my numbers they are a good value bet. Or I could go the marketing tipsters route and say Dortmund at 1.11 could win! Perhaps a double with PSG at 1.07

P.S. Suggsy62 had his response to the last blog post in the comments section. There will be a continuance I took him to the West Ham game last week so he has to be to blame also for the defeat!


8 thoughts on “Happy Clappers – A Chance to win £1027”

  1. And have my response again I shall.

    I am not a good omen for spurs this season. I’ve been to wembley just twice so far this season and have not seen them win yet. I am going tomorrow night so there’s a fair chance of having a 0 from 3 record.

    Is it all Poch’s fault, I am not so sure. Either way I want him to stick around for a while yet as I don’t think we’d find it easy to find a better candidate just now. However all the other points regards a trophy being the absolute No 1 priorty I 100% agree with. Finishing top 4 is a nice extra target to go for each season. But what is the whole point of football if it isn’t about winning things. All Spurs fans I know and talk to are pretty much 50/50 split between the Cup or top 4 question. To me its not even a question. So I am with you there Ian (who says I am wrong all the time). I have never ever ridiculed the league cup or Europa League because they SHOULD represent an opportunity.


  2. I am going to take part in the competition – I would be a fool not to but like Ian I feel there will be no prize. I listen to DriveTime on Talk Sport and Adrian Durham is constantly criticising Wenger because Arsenal have no ambition; they are not serious contenders for the PL or the Champions League; there is no prize for top 4. But at least they have won some FA Cups recently even though it is less highly valued.

    He is beginning to accuse / challenge Poch. How can he be considered a great manager until he actually wins something. Poch devalued the League Cup earlier in the season and stated he had eyes on the more major trophies. Spurs had a realistic chance of winning the League Cup but they threw it away. They do not have a realistic chance of winning anything else. FA Cup possibly? But they will be distracted by aiming for top 4 or resting players for a CL tie which they will lose. They were poor against Manchester United and we expected them to be so much better after the defeat of Liverpool. The depth in the forward line is not there. They can’t or won’t afford such luxuries with the new ground still being built (rumoured not to be ready in time for the start of next season). What happens if Kane is out for a longer spell?

    Poch will need to move on because he can’t carry on failing to win things at Spurs. He genuinely thinks he can compete for the more prestigious trophies so he is surprisingly naive. Before the West Ham game Spurs were 10.5 to lay for the Premier League title. I wish I had the funds to lay them for lots . They are not 10.5 now of course. I still have the option of laying England next summer I suppose. I need to work on my bank over the coming months. Looking forward to the trading day Ian to build my bank for Russia.

  3. I can sympathise with you Ian – but not too much.

    I have been a West Brom supporter for most of my life and attended my first match in 1953. If you know what they did that season then you will see it’s been downhill all the way since. Premiership survival is our only aim – that’s why we’ve got Pulis as a manager and the most negative football I’ve seen in the last 65 years.

    I would swap with the current Spurs situation any day of the week!

  4. Real Madrid in big trouble this season. Football is a very simple game. The whole objective is to score more goals than the opposition, if you do this you win the game. At the moment they can’t score goals and they can’t defend which is a recipe for disaster. Barca have won la liga already in my view. Valencia will finish top 4 this season as well which is a great achievement for them considering the shocking last 2 season they have had.

    Real Madrid will pick up in the second half of the season like they always do though but it won’t be enough to do anything much in la liga other than finish 2nd. Similar to 15/16 Real Madrid went belly up in the first half of the season under the Spanish waiter Rafa Benitez, he got sacked after that 2-2 draw away against valencia, then they picked up a little bit.

    The difference is that season at home they were winning the home games with such ease, this season they are struggling so much at home and even away they’re not scoring enough. Ronaldo has had 40 shots on goal this season but the geezer has only scored 1 goal which was against getafe (the winner), he missed a sitter in that game as well from point blank range. He hit the post against alaves as well which was unlucky to be fair.

    What amazes me is that anyone with a football brain could see that you shouldn’t get rid of Morata, Mariano and James as they were instrumental last season in their title win and great season overall, picking up crucial goals in various games. Ronaldo played very well in April and May 2017 but he was anonymous early on just like he is now and they were the ones who got the job done in that time to win games.

    PSG been installed now as the favs to win the champs league which is laughable, the value really is with barca and man city to win CL at odds of 7/1 and 6/1 respectively, even chelsea worth an outside shot along with juventus at bigger prices. Chelsea when they get Kante back will be a force once more and start winning games with ease willy nilly.

    As for Tottenham, they’re a decent outfit but they don’t have it in them to win any major trophies this season. Last time they won the league was back in the 1960s, they’ve got some good players- Davison Sanchez, Delle Ali, Kane, etc. But they lack the bottle when it counts, we saw in 15/16 they finished 3rd in a 2 horse race, bottled it big time at home against west brom that season at odds of 1.19 which was far too low for them.

    If Tottenham were playing at WHL this season at home they would be right in amongst it but even so I still think they wouldn’t have the bottle to win the league. In my view I think Man City will win the league this season, Guardiola bucked up his ideas and spent a small fortune to try and improve the team.

    Last 2 seasons in a row Tott got beat 1-0 away by the likes of west ham in the prem and this season they barely squeaked by them 3-2 away in the prem and got beat from 2-0 up 3-2 in the Carabao Cup. They’re capable of digging in and getting good results here and there like last season they got that great 1-0 win away against crystal palace in the league with the winner from Erikssen, with Big Sam not able to get away with any points there.

  5. Another great blog post Ian and some home truths I’m afraid for us Spurs fans. Whilst I think we’re a tight unit, (defensively, attack and in team spirit) I am concerned that Poch is not getting a handle on Alli’s performance this season. Clearly he, (Dele) has ideas above his station and a new model girlfriend, fast cars, 3 wage increases in 18 months has starting to show in his performances. If he joins forces with super agent George Mended then we may as well say goodbye.

    That said Poch needs to step up and show his skills as a man manager after tomorrow night against Madrid when it’ll be our 3rd loss on the bounce. Madrid lost this weekend and there’s nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal

  6. Hi ian.enjoyed your blog.i too am a long time slurs supporter.after the west ham defeat i more or less thought the same as yourself.i thought we actually got to cock after going 2 nil up.same against burnley in the league.we could have lost that too..at half time in the west ham match i checked the price of west ham on betfair.they were 200 to back..being a tottenham fan i could not bring myself to stick a fiver on..the match against man utd last week was awful.we showed an ordinary team far to much respect. If we dont finish well ahead of them in the league its
    Backwards were going.i think poch will win us something.not the premiership this year. Man city will have this done and dusted by xmas.
    Tx avIn for an interestig read.and i have said this to every spurs fan i know.deli alli is way overrated.i would sell him in the morning..the best player and the reason i follow spurs was glen hoddle.cheers ian

  7. It’s a shame that managers no longer care much about winning Cups… prioritizing Top 4, and couple this attitude with overseas managers who have no tradition associated with or ambition to win a domestic Cup… but for a while now, even lower positioned clubs don’t put out full strength teams … but for the real football fan, there is nothing like winning a Cup Final…

    but you make a pertinent point about winning breeds winning and Jose wins league cup and Europa and the ManU club gets that winning feeling and momentum builds… that’s what Spurs should be doing … – Spurs did win league cup 10yrs ago… so not a complete lilywhite wash.. but why not aim to win the Cup this year? That is a tiny tad more realistic.
    I think they should give a Champions league place to the FA Cup winners [like Europa Cup finally do now] … sod coming 4th and being in the ‘Champions’ league !

  8. Aa a life long FFC supporter I can only say that my ‘supporting’ life has been one step forward, 2 back. Watched my first game before you were born Ian….Johnny Haynes was my schoolboy hero….up against Jimmy Greaves as an idol.

    Seen Jimmy Hill struggle to keep the club afloat, Chairman after Chairman screwing the club for the nugget…Craven Cottage! Al Fayed came to our rescue, we are now owned by the richest American Pakistani who I believe has his eyes on your club. In came Tigana, Hodgson, we thought Jol would be the man, not to be and the biggest disaster in ‘London’s oldest club”…Felix Macgath sent us into a downward spiral.

    Ian, last season you tipped us for relegation, we were the in-form club in the last quarter. You tipped us for promo this season and we lost 2-nil to Bristol City last night….beggars belief. What I would give to have the likes of Tottenham and Arsenal back at the Cottage!

    Enjoy your blog and look forward to winning the £1027 at the end of the season.

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