Introduction to FTS Odds Sheet and Database

In this video we show you a brief introduction to the structure of the FTS Ultimate weekly Odds Sheet and the FTS Ultimate Database.

2 thoughts on “Introduction to FTS Odds Sheet and Database”

  1. Ian, I emailed you last Sunday and I’ve yet to receive a reply. I wanted to know if you could,
    once again, send me your daily selections. I joined in , approx., 2007 but I can’t remember my
    user name or password so I can’t access your site, so please can you confirm/advise my u/n
    and p/word. Thank you I look forward to your reply.

    Many Thanks John Orbell (

    1. John I did email you back, I am currently in the US, Tiscali always blocks my emails for some reason so bets to use an alternative email for me, I need your FTS username, I don’t email selections any lore or give them numerical ratings, they are posted daily in members area as Main selections or Shortlist, nothing happening much at minute as international break

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