Keep Calm & Don’t Change Your Mind!

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Still happy despite the FTS community resolve to unsteady this particular ship and Sky/BT’s combined efforts to deny me broadband for as long as possible.

There are only a certain number of ways you can say things and as any regular visitor to FTS will know my constant theme is that unless you actually change your own approach then there really is not a chance in hell you will ever make a living at this game and it will continue to be an up and down roller coaster with no end game. You will change your approach, staking, systems you use and go round in circles beating yourself up along the way.

I have preached this numerous times in numerous ways, advice, ranting, trying to be nice, seminars in a room with people, Skype sessions, 1-2-1 meets and I can say categorically in 99% of cases it has been an abject failure. It is a tricky one as I honestly have run out of ways to say the same thing – BUT it is the most important thing.

If we ignore the source of selections for a minute what are the major failings of gamblers in no particular order

  1. Stake too high and poor bank management
  2. Fear of losing – bad decisions
  3. Chasing losses
  4. Jumping from system to system
  5. Bad or non existent record keeping

No matter what you bet on if you fail in the above you will fail even if you have the best tipster – (namedrop – Will Lattimore) in the world.

So how do we make you better in these departments other than bang on about it.

One area that has been emailed to me about a gazillion times now over the last 8 years is chatrooms/forums. We have a forum on FTS which I conceded to in 2010 and it is still without doubt the worst concession I made and I no longer ever visit it because it is made up of nonsense and negativity as I knew it always would be.

At the last seminars I opened up the option of buddy groups and that is partnering attendees together in groups so they could share thoughts ideas etc with each other. Interesting enough 48% of those that attended said they would not like to be in a group, 52% will be placed in groups before the next round of matches.

It seems to be the perception that trading together is better and makes it easier. I have my view on that and I will share it. Personally I think it is claptrap. I will give you an example why. At the recent seminars I gave the attendees a few systems and advice and typically we got off to a bad start, but this weekend was much better and it will all be fine. However I have people who email me through matches for whatever reason they feel. This week Newcastle took the lead at Man City in a LTD game which is a set and forget system. I showed them how £500 became over £37000 just placing these bets and leaving them over a 3 year period. Nothing else. Get the bets Friday, put them on and leave them. They have every result, they can see losing streaks. They have the prices to lay at and the historical prices. They have everything, every single thing they need. So we had a couple go against us early with Chelsea and Juventus making freakishly bad starts to the season and the world caved in leading to some of the abuse I mentioned in the last blog post. But back to the City game, so they are 1-0 down and it is (I believe from memory about 23 minutes on the clock). In come the emails

“Here we go again!”

“What shall we do City are bound to equalise”

“Shall I trade out Ian”

“I am getting out for a small loss I cant bear another full hit”

“I knew this would happen” – Perhaps my favourite this one, always wanted a soothsayer type on the books would make the game much easier!

“Ian what is the contingency plan if this goes against us”

Now imagine all that lot being in a chatroom together with another 50 of you reading this blog. I would be on a lifetime supply of Prozac.

What should you do? Do exactly as I showed on both days, set your bank, place the bets and go out for the weekend.

It seems clicking the price refresh in Betfair or reloading Futbol24 makes the outcome different and it all so much more enjoyable. Larry always clicks the refresh prices on Betfair in a horse race like a manic mad man. Never understood it, whatever wins wins surely!


Now I know some did trade out. Why? I will never ever know or understand but that is what they do and they will continue to do. The problem with that is they will get more wrong than they ever get right and that is a fact.

City did equalise of course, at which time there were earthquake like reactions. The emailometer in the Erskine household hit 11 on the richter scale and with 45 minutes to go the world had officially ended. I was seconds from turning off the life support machine. The next bit is really interesting – thankfully City scored just the 5 goals in the second half. If your a Spurs fan like me you know a 4 goal lead with 10 minutes to go may still not be enough and is edge of the seat, heart in mouth stuff. But 5 goals were scored the match ended 6-1 and I did not get one email in the second half or after it! Not that I wanted emails it just tells me more about people what they do and don’t do.

I said in the seminars my opening line in fact – in 12 months out of the 40 people in the room a handful will still be doing this in 12 months and I think Andrew will touch on this in one of his posts having attended the seminars- for those that attended in July I have adjusted the figure significantly downwards!


The fact is if that if that was going on in a chatroom more people would have listened to the negative people and less people would have won. That is another absolute fact. Which then beggars me to understand why people go in them and listen to people in them. We have had numerous versions. Art often reminds me of the evenings in 2007 when we used to trade football and I did it via MSN Messenger. It was  a disaster, people discussed Eastenders, the weather, sex, posted stupid emoticons and basically talked complete and utter b******s. What chance did you have of winning?

We then had numerous other versions of the years all similar disasters in my eyes. The negative people for whatever reason always seem to rise to the top and convince the others.

So that leads me to the main point of the post. Why would you listen to someone in a chatroom on any day UNLESS they are a proven big winner? The main issue is the negative people don’t realise what effect they have on people. they make our lives harder not easier. I get so much shite weekly and gong back it did effect me. I have not sent selections before fro JG, FTS whatever it may be because I was worried about the emails and people losing. I was being controlled by the negative people myself, it is easy to fall into that. Now I just laugh and say sod them!

If I wanted to make a living at football I would listen to me, may sound arrogant but it is a fact. If I wanted to win at Basketball or NFL I would arrange to speak to Cassini. If I wanted to beat Cricket I would speak to Mark Iverson, Tennis I would seek out Matt from puntdotcom. That is what I would do. The absolute last thing I would do is seek out some people in a chatroom who have lost perpetually and chop and change more than the tide yet in a chatroom become experts. They are not experts. It is like people who say they have 3 trillion friends on Facebook- no you don’t. You have probably 3 friends and 2.9999999 trillion saddos who like looking at pictures of your breakfast or a selfie of you in front of some obscure tourist attraction that you managed to make blurry just so you could get your own daft mug in frame!

I actually have about 4 friends in the world as I am a  miserable git and that number could decline any day!


So with my sad outlook on forums and chatrooms and yes I get all the “so and so had a big winner in the chatroom last night” We can all do that! What about the losing bets, the plan, the longevity. I tipped up 3 bets to my mate at the weekend who phoned me from the Emirates of all places, and they all won, yes haha he was over the moon. I can assure you he is losing from what I have told him over the years as he rings me out of the blue from the pub and asks “anything going today” and I honestly usually give him the first thought that come into my head just to get him off the phone but Monday he thinks I am genius – (never gave me a share of the winnings though, must chase that up).


That returns me to the top. The answer for you is not in a chatroom, it is not in a  forum, it is not in a miracle system, it is not in anything other than you.

  1. Research your method you will use
  2. Set your bank
  3. Set up your record keeping
  4. Stick to it as changing anything will NEVER WORK

It is that simple it really is. I could win betting on marbles!

I moved away from trading to spend more time with my lovely wife as we now just 2 with my son off to Uni and it was unfair to sit at a  screen all day. It also is more profitable not having to make decisions and trade games, it is much simpler I promise you. Put your bets on and go out enjoy life!

So FTS will not have a chat feature I have just decided as I write this because they are naff for what I want you to achieve. We will have a learning zone opening anytime now. (seminar attendees I will do your buddy groups but I won’t be in there as I will be honest just the emails are doing my nut in so a chat room will see me dead!)

You need to look at where you cock up and readjust NOW, set your plan and move on to do it properly and get your expectations right.

Those in the portal see how long and steady AND profitable is. Even had a few moan about that to be honest “Why Am I not winning more? Why is the monthly target aim so low?” – Low!!!!!! over 250% growth since it started and one losing week it is F*****g awesome mate to be honest, have your money back and stick it in the bank where you can earn £500 on 100k a year!!!! Imagine if I said I would win you £500 a month and then didn’t. Gee whizz the stocks would be re-introduced.


So people are the issue and please start with yourself. I may sound a prat but I am a prat with a bundle of winnings so I may just have half a clue.

A quick summary of things to end the post.


Will Lattimore – 32 points up in October already, giving him a new nickname now – The Flying Irishman. I think in all my time doing this, the last 8 weeks for Will have been unbelievable as a tipster. Simply awesome. We are planning a webinar with Will for late November, early December where he will chat about racing and share how he approaches it with those who are lucky enough to secure a place so look out for registration to that later this month. –

SELECT Racing – 7 points up to BSP this month already and settled right down (as I said it would) so that should kick on now and full results on site.

5 Star started the month slowly and but had a winner yesterday and hopefully they continue to bang them in.

The Lateline has now started and had a couple of winners already early days but this will be good that I know.

We have an international break in the football again, damned nuisance they are to be honest always make the season seem like an age to get going. What will the chatroom boys discuss, I think there are a couple of games in Singapore at 6am Sunday morning!

FTS One members you have Statolite live now so please use the page and let me know any feedback, been very positive so far and a few of you winning at the weekend off the first set of stats. It is better than anything else online (again). Once FTS One are happy with functionality and any issues ironed out we will make that available to others on site as it is is a great daily resource.

Andrew and Chris will continue to blog their way to millionaires

Kav will be starting his KD PRO Club over the next week and worth reading his bio, he did all that without any chatrooms, forums, just talking to your truly! You can read his bio and opening here –

Kav and I will also continue this theme with a series of 1 day seminars in 2016. We have set aside 6 dates for 2 series of 3 seminars covering everything you need from scratch and I will post details of those very soon so people have plenty of time to get dates sorted.

FTS 1-2-1 – this is my new set up and I have 11 days for 2016 which will be an individual set up where I visit your house and set you up exactly as I set up and guide you through my thoughts and methods as I apply them daily from systems to record keeping and bank set up. Support will follow so you can do whatever I do daily. This will be mostly next summer but again dates and information will be on site soon as my time is limited. It is not for everyone it will be purely something I take people with only the right mindset through. I already have my first booking for this and not on site yet.

The Free Bets will see some additions across, NFL, Football and Racing starting this week

VIPs, Art was in hospital for 5 days so we will get started on the bot sometime around the next round of European league fixtures and Bet Direct will follow soon after on general availability

We have full horse race ratings database being trialled which will have free access initially to see if it has any benefit (it does, I mean whether you guys utilise the benefit)

Larry is bringing some other horse racing information to the site

Basically whatever your level from beginner with no bank to someone who wants to push on, we have something for you, you just need to get your head in the game and ask for help and apply yourself.

I will redo a where to start post to help people out next week.

So for now heed what I say, set your plan and then Keep Calm and Don’t Change Your Mind! The negative beggars will always be there sitting on your shoulder like one of those little devils in the cartoons, only you can choose to either be negative or be swayed by the negative people. Either way if you are I am sorry but you will always be a loser!

Got to go need to trade out of  LTD in an Under 19 game in Azerbaijan where it is 2-0 – it could all go wrong from here!

A man called Kevin has won a trip to Vegas but not responded yet, I only have the name and a yahoo email which I have written to. Kevin if you read this check your email we could be wagoning on the Roulette, Superbowl night! That is not all Kevins by the way, only the one who has won and I have emailed as I had a few emails asking is it me.