Luck has Nothing to Do With It!

23 thoughts on “Luck has Nothing to Do With It!”

  1. That was brilliant..enjoyed every 30mins of it..just love your whole approach to gambling and to life it’self… kudos to you Ian… After that can’t wait for the next one.. you just put a smile on my face for the rest of the afternoon.
    This is my first year with you…( Dave with the sun glasses in Manchester ) I made up 6 little systems with Macro’s ( thanks for showing me how to do that ) I run them each day when we have games and so far I have made 31pts…. I started with £1000 and staked £10 on each bet the first betting day… then the next betting day I divided by 100 and that was that days stake… some winning days some losing days… whatever I just get on with it… hopefully by the end of the season my bank will be bigger than when I started and can be used with bigger starting stakes for year 2…
    We talked about mindset at the meeting and being responsible for my own actions.. and you asked if I had it.. I said I had… I only do the systems I have devloped using the 3 sheets and stick to the plan.
    Thanks for the seminar thanks for the sheets and thanks for your brutal honesty and thanks for actually caring about your subscribers
    I hope Mrs Ian and Doggy Ian are or have responded to treatment

  2. I love your style Ian! Never mind the swearing, after all, a spade is a spade and we’re all grownups here. It’s character building LOL. Keep them coming.

  3. Awesome rant Ian. Working in tax I have the same problem with people blaming everybody but themselves for an incorrect tax code. They don’t check them like they would their car insurance quote. Too busy posting pictures of their breakfast on Fakebook begging for likes. I’m afraid that what with Fakebook (I don’t have an account) and social media in general we are turning into shallow vacuous individuals, snowflakes who want everything done for them.

  4. Great stuff nearly spit my coffee over the monitor “Wa****g over his porridge” lmfao!
    have you thought of doing stand up maybe warm up for Micky Flanagan ?
    Totally agree with what your saying though


  5. Great F ing Podcast lol.
    Appreciate your time and others like Arthur especially updating the 121 stuff
    Yes ,Run The Lines and Will Lattimore still make money 😉
    Yes need a bank for each thing you subscribed too.Discipline ,short term you do get losing runs.

  6. Absolute gold mate!
    Psychology is the key for sure.
    As Warren Buffet says “People don’t want to get rich slowly.
    Would appreciate a bit more swearing 🙂

  7. Hi Ian,
    Absolutely fabulous rant, a man who calls a spade a spade and is true to themselves.
    Love the honest views, stuff being politically correct, all that does is prevent you from saying what you think.
    Keep up the good work and can’t wait for the next rant.

  8. Hahaha!
    That put a smile on me face!
    You know you put your occupation on your tax return, and yours is probably sports trader or something, I’ve sussed out what you should change it to – Gambling Agony Aunt: Betfair’s answer to Claire Rainer! (If you’re old enough to remember her?).
    Here’s a new set of figures for you, Ian: 81.
    The number of days left till the new PL champions are crowned.
    And guess whose name’s going on that trophy?
    Hint: not Spurs. ;-D

  9. Why don’t you just come out and say what you mean – that’s the trouble with you – never to the point always beating around the bush. My breakfast porridge will never be the same. Note you forgot to mention Leicester as a team that’s managed to win the Premiership more than Spurs. Look forward to the next instalment. Great stuff as usual Ian

  10. Brilliant! Highly instructive (as ever). A lot to be said for the less is more approach which I am now benefiting from. Thanks for putting these podcasts together Ian.

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