Man’s Best Friend, Emailgate and a 13fold!!

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I wrote my first blog post in 2008 and it was a process I started not to advise people, but as a way for me to vent frustrations and let out what I was thinking . Today (and I make no apologies) is one of those days when I need to write having had to say goodbye to my best friend ever yesterday and she was well known on FTS for her creative part in many of my videos which mainly involved barking interruptions during the recording process or snoring during key moments of explanation. Most of the time after trying a few takes I decided it was just best left and explained away in the narration, just in case anyone thought I had my own “snoring whilst talking disorder”.

Sitting at home day in day out staring at markets and spreadsheets can be very lonely and to have Charlie by my side – and it was literally by my side day in day out – made the days so much brighter.  She understood every swear word giving me that look as if to say “OK calm down”.  She was also on first name terms with the idiots who email me their pointless moans (watch out if you are thinking of having a moan this week, my mood is not the best).

She knew to prick her ears up when Futbol24 pinged a goal and soon skulked back down if she could tell it had gone the wrong way, and as I said to the guys in the Sheffield clinic this weekend gone, I think she knew more about Betfair than a wide range of FTS members – no offence meant. I am in total bits and sitting in my office will never be the same. Trading football will never be the same, I will always be looking for that little face to look up at me with a look that said “nice one dad, now use that to buy me some bones”. But at least we can all have a little part of her when listening back through those videos. RIP Charlie, the snoring video saboteur.


In other news, last weekend we had the third clinic in Sheffield and it was once again a really good day. My one overriding thought process on it is that we have now seen 15 people and, almost to a man, they had no real clue how to manage a bank, set stakes and work through that process. The aim of  making money relies solely on having this correct. The selections and systems become irrelevant if you cannot manage money. Spreading themselves too thin, staking too small, wanting to just be part of a system because they felt they should and no idea when to increase stakes were all very common themes, and Kav and I went through that process individually to set people up. I am now in no doubt that the 15 attendees so far will go on to great things betting wise and we will work to ensure they do. If you are going nowhere with your punting then book one of the last slots we have available in Birmingham, Glagow, Dublin, Reading or Cambridge for early 2017 as it will change what you do and turn around your punting – I am sure of that. Book a Clinic Spot – HERE

We opened up the RTS racing weekend and birthday celebration at Lingfield last week and we are almost already at capacity. We have about 8 spots left for what will be a truly great weekend. It is not all about just one system – the place system in the videos with stakes now topping £230 – but about a day of celebration with prizes and gifts and us getting to know more of you on a social level, and then a full day seminar where we don’t just focus on one system but a whole new approach to racing and profits which is really bearing fruit – over £10k profit in November already with over a week to go.

Just some quick FAQ on Lingfield

Can I come just on the Sunday? – The clue is in the title, it is a weekend. No way am I entertaining people who support the Saturday for them to see a whole new bunch turn up on the Sunday to get their hands on profitable systems. The whole weekend is planned as a celebration followed by education, we gave 4 months notice and we will support those who support us. I am sorry if that offends anyone but it is the way it is.

I am coming. Can I get the place system now?  – No you cannot. It is not just a matter of pay to come to grab a few tips and hope to start them now. The place system is one very small element of over 3 years work and the seminar is to show that whole process. The place system, whilst very good, is one small element and not even close to the most profitable.

I am not coming. Can I get the place system? I think it is a bit unfair that only those who can attend get it. – A multi faceted answer. You are not coming – you obviously chose not to or unfortunately had a prior engagement. We, from our end, have given 4 months notice. Yes you can get the place system. Send me £10k anytime you like and I will send the selections daily for you because it is worth more than that. I am giving it as a thank you to those who come for the weekend and support us. It cannot go on the website as it is in the place market and as such needs limiting. Anyone with only a small knowledge of Betfair should know that by now. This is backing in the place market. The market cannot sustain a free for all. I have known two products in the place market, both made their providers £10-15k and both were garbage because they took too many people and cocked the whole thing up. One of those products saw horses going off in some instances higher in the place market than they did in the win market because mugs who bought the method were laying whatever the price and just forcing the place price up.

We will be unveiling a whole new approach to racing and profit and some of that we will share on the day, a lot of it will then be made available to the new RTS membership. The whole set up is geared to launch after that weekend and there will be some great elements for people who cannot make the weekend.

If you want the info, want a great weekend, want to watch a few races and have a few drinks and some fun, prizes, gifts, pick the brains of Kav and myself then you simply have to book to come whilst we have places. BOOK LINGFIELD 25th/26th March 2017 RTS Race Weekend HERE NOW.

Whilst in racing I must turn my attention to emails and in particular Will Lattimore’s service. It is no exaggeration that I answer about 150 emails a week on email delivery and in particular Hotmail, Yahoo, Blueyonder, Tiscali, AOL and all the other awful providers out there. I looked back and it was 2009 and I first tackled this issue and have stated it at least 20 times since in blog posts, that if you use these services you are always in jeopardy of not getting the emails on time. The nonsense I get sent is truly ridiculous. Taking Will’s service. It is time sensitive so I personally want the email as quickly as I can get it as price is everything. I get replies like “but that is my email”, “I have always used hotmail”, “I don’t have issues elsewhere”. Maybe not and it is fine for Auntie Hilda to email her roast spud recipe or Amazon to let you know their deal of the day, but as far as punting is concerned it is as much use as a chocolate teapot.

This is (or should be) business and you should be making some kind of effort your end to do things properly. It takes 2 minutes to set up a gmail account. You can access it on any device and just use it for betting if you like. It doesn’t have to replace what you already use. I cannot for the life of me fathom why anyone would not do this.

I set a test today to prove this and I set up a Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo email address and sent Will’s email to my Gmail address and the 3 new emails and also my FTS Income address.

Wills email was sent at exactly 11.30 am

  • Gmail received 11.30 am within 26 seconds of me sending it
  • FTS Income received at 11.31 64 seconds after sending
  • Hotmail – yet to arrive 55 minutes later
  • Yahoo – email received at 11.42, 12 minutes after sending
  • AOL – email arrived in spam at 11.53, 23 minutes after sending.

Taking the three garbage scenarios, the best is 11.42. Everyone on Gmail has a 12 minute head start on price.

“I can’t get the price Ian, it was 3/1 in your email I could only get 5/2”.

That is why! Change your email provider, it is simple. At the bottom of every selection email we send is a “Change Subscription Options” link. Get a gmail address, click that link change your chosen crap email to the new gmail one. The whole process will take you 5 minutes and you will now not be giving everyone else a 10 minute plus head start. Keep your Hotmail, AOL etc for Auntie Hilda she doesn’t need to be bothered with any changes and can carry on as normal.  Or do nothing get the worst price, send a bitchy email and from today none of those will get a response. I am not covering this issue anymore.

I lost the plot with it at the weekend and said to Kav on the train on our way back from Sheffield that the whole Emailgate saga reminds me of a story years back with a  friend of mine. We were out shopping (I said a long time ago) and he wanted a pair of shoes. We were in a shoe shop and he found a pair of really nice shoes, they looked great and were Italian leather. He took a size 9 and the girl went to get a pair for him to try. When she came back he slipped them on or tried to and they were too small.

“I have them in a 10” she said which seemed logical to me.

Off she went and got the 10 and he slipped them on and they fitted perfectly and looked really good.

“I like these” he said.

“Great said the girl shall I take them to the counter for you”.

“No, I don’t want to buy them” he responded

“Oh why” she quizzed

“I take a 9” came the most baffling response I have ever heard.

He was so set in his ways that any other shoe size clearly could not be entertained. That is how some treat email!

Anyway back to gambling and after the International break it was great round of matches for FTS. Yours truly put up 10 bets for FTS Ultimate and all 10 were successful and the early season 17 point deficit (the ones who sent the whingy emails will remember that) has now been completely obliterated and we are in a nice profit situation. Patience is all that is required – those whingers never send a well done email though!

FTS Enhanced also had a good weekend and as I stated they will both go from strength to strength. I never had a single doubt it is betting you don’t win every week.

My 10 successful bets though were of course singles. Kav showed me something that eclipsed that altogether. We were discussing his football team, who lost this week without him on the touchline so that particular avenue of ridicule is closed (he did train them midweek mind) . Kav showed me some pictures from the team Whatsapp feed. The boys like a punt and having Kav, a winning sensible punter,  as their manager you would think they have a fair grasp of what to do.

Well you would be mightily wrong. I was shown something I have never seen before in my life.


That folks is not your yankee or treble or even 5 fold. Here we have a whole new realm of accumulator. The 13 fold. Just get 13 right to pick up about £500 or £800, simple! It makes me want to be a bookmaker, no wonder the TV screens are full of adverts. Why stop at 13 why not try and go through the card, Premier League to National League. This was a snippet of the images on Kav’s phone. These guys had multiples every week including games for the French 3rd division. What the heck is going on, roll up roll up I will get them a taxi to come and bet with me and lay all their bets. This guy spends £10-20 every week, a grand or so a year to bet like this and I can guarantee if he owns up to that much it is a lot more. I will have a piece of that pie. How many has he won – “I only need to get one up” he says dismissing the stupidity of the bets. None, nada, zip, zilch. He has not had one come in. And if he did look like it he would, he would most likely cash out and screw himself on the profits. It is why in my mind we are important and have a place online in the gambling worlds. Education against this dumbfoolery is crucial. Spend the £1k on your family because Mr William Hill is booking a Caribbean cruise with your money my son.

I will cover this topic more next time but I have waffled enough. I am off to grieve my little furry friend.