Merry Christmas From Everyone At FTS

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We are now approaching the end of 2016 and we hope that this has been a profitable year for you.

In some areas, it has been tough year and horse racing services in particular have struggled. Will, who is rock solid, has had a disappointing year by his standards and others, such as David, have not made a lot of progress. Racing can be like that and is far more volatile than football betting. It will turn around, it always does and Will is working hard his end. I shall be writing to those who use David and BetDirect over the Xmas break.

Just a note that racing ceases on Friday for a few days for Christmas. The FTS Power ratings will also stop on Friday and will return on January 22nd as the provider has his annual break. I will update the members area with these dates on Friday.

Football wise, Mourinho has started to turn things around. I don’t mean Jose, I of course mean our very own Kav who has managed his team to the local cup semi -final. I do wish him well but believe me, if they go on to win it I will be in the market for ear defenders – they have already gone on the Christmas list.

I must make it over to West London to watch this match and see the management style. Kav did get red carded the other day, a straight red card from the touchline (he insists it wasn’t for kicking a water bottle). I got a very convoluted “I am innocent Guv” explanation straight out of Jose or Wenger’s handbook so I do think I need to witness proceedings with my own eyes. We can’t have FTS management getting reds all over the place. Whatever next?!?!?

In proper football, we did ok with the ante post Champions League bets so I hope some of you were on those. PSG helped Arsenal out and it just shows that despite a small loathing for the team in red, they occasionally allow you to profit!

The league football has settled down – in fact all 4 in Europe have. RB Leipzig look interesting in Germany. This is not a Leicester situation as that team is on a path to be a top team amidst good investment.

Pretty much normal service has resumed in the Premier League. I like Conte as a manager, I predicted he would do good things in our league and Chelsea, I hate to say, are on a great roll and will take some stopping. City are up there but are still struggling to be consistent. Liverpool  – everyone is getting excited about, but I fear will stumble and Arsenal have thrown away back to back 0-1 leads into defeat which has seen their title challenge stall and it looks much the same old story at the Emirates of the last 10 years.

Spurs have only taken 5 points from 15 against the top sides and that shows the weakness at the Lane. Limp past the likes of Burnley and lose to the big sides is Pochettino’s modus operandi and a correct  5th/6th place finish looks likely. Mauricio does make me laugh when he talks of winning titles, for all the great talk about Spurs youngsters we are in the most barren period of our great history and it is because we are simply not good enough. Kav has stated we will definitely get top 4, I will state we definitely won’t.

Zlatan and the real Mourinho look to have things picking up and I expect United to clinch the top 4 spot ahead of Liverpool for a return to the same old Top 4.

Leicester have returned to 2014/15 form and highlight what a miracle last season was, how they only lost 3 games is a remarkable achievement but still beggars belief.

Madrid and Barca look to be fighting out the La Liga – surprise surprise! Messi is looking in mouth-watering form so that will go to the wire in my opinion. One surprise is Simeone and Atletico and they seem to have lost their spark. With their big-name players being sought after by others in Europe, it could be a turbulent few years for Atletico.

Juventus will win in Italy, it’s just a matter of when and I would expect to see Bayern win in Germany but it would be nice to see the aforementioned Leipzig have a good go, and the others such as Dortmund just look to be lacking again and again. They have a couple of players wanted elsewhere so could take some rebuilding to be a title challenger.

On a personal note, thank you to Kav, Sally, Art, Kostas and anyone else who has helped FTS with different issues and also a huge thank you to you, our members. This last 6 months in particular have been very difficult on a personal level for me and to have people respect that and show some patience is greatly appreciated. I have also seen a significant decrease in all the garbage emails!! Things are going in the right direction at home (I do fear Mrs E has another dog on the horizon) and I am looking forward to a great 2017 all round.

On another front, we’ve had some great success stories over the last 12 months and some who have made the decision to change their ways and turn their betting around.

For some this has been as simple as reading all the information we have provided over the years and listening to the advice given. For others, it has meant attending a master class, booking a one to one session or, most recently, the FTS Football Clinics.

The first set of these were a great success and it was good to see a few of the master class attendees now coming to the clinics as this is the natural next step. We went through each of these guys’ current betting set ups and set them on what will be a road to success.

As you can see below we’ve had a lot of great emails from these guys. Thank you very much, you were a great bunch to work with.

“I’d just like to say how much I enjoyed the Football Clinic in Sheffield on Sunday, and that I think it will turn out to be the most important day in my betting career. Betting is a such a lonely business, especially when you know you are heading down the wrong road and don’t know how to turn things around, but I was a little surprised to find out how wrong things were – I think the only thing I had got right was that I don’t know how to quit! I was really impressed with the content of the clinic, and with the betting plan you have set up for me and your help, I now believe I will be able to make the breakthrough to success I have strived so long to achieve, and for this I will not be able to thank you enough.” – from Sheffield attendee

“I would just like to thank you both for the excellent clinic on Sunday. I found it very interesting and useful as always” – from Bristol attendee

The overall feedback we’ve had from everyone from these sessions has been how impressed they have been with the content, but also how much we have opened their eyes to what they were doing wrong. We really enjoyed running these and are looking forward to the next set in the new year and helping those attendees.

If you haven’t achieved what you aimed for or want to move your betting forward you simply can’t miss this opportunity as we won’t be running these clinics again for a few years. London is SOLD OUT but we have a few spaces remaining in Reading, Birmingham and Glasgow. Click here and make 2017 the year you changed your gambling path.

It’s fair to say that we have come a long way since the summer. We launched a new website, and FTS Enhanced and FTS Ultimate memberships, which have been doing incredibly well and are in profit after a slow start.

We also launched FTS Beginner, the FTS Learning Zone and released the Gambling Academy Newsletters to those who previously purchased them.  More content will be added to these in the new year.

But we have also been doing a lot of work behind the scenes and invested literary thousands of pounds in what will not only benefit FTS Members in the products and databases that will be available to them, but also by freeing up our time more to spend helping people. Some of the databases that we are currently working on are simply staggering. The FTS Clinic attendees are already receiving two of these databases in the FTS Top Bet and Score Predictor databases and already making a profit from them. There is so much more to come…

Some Of What’s Coming Up In 2017

Frankfurt Clinic – after the email we sent recently about a European clinic, it seemed Frankfurt was the most popular and convenient choice. So, we’ll be looking to run a clinic in Frankfurt on Saturday 11th March 2017. The booking option will become available on the website in the coming days so if you are interested then book your place. This will be subject to minimum numbers so hold off from booking flights or hotels until we have confirmed.

Australia Clinic – We will also be releasing information about an Australia clinic in autumn 2017. Watch this space in the coming weeks and months.

FTS One-to-One – a few have asked about these. We will be releasing information on our one-to-one sessions which will be available by application only. These are for the advanced members who are looking to move into full time betting.

FTS Racing Weekend – our first ever racing weekend is completely sold out. We will be sending more information in the new year and will confirm hotel rooms, and for those who requested, the additional nights. We are all very excited and look forward to celebrating our 10th birthday with those who are coming.

RTS – The racing weekend is also a celebration of what will be our new horse racing set up. FTS started with its emphasis on football gambling and we honestly don’t believe that there is anyone out there who can match us for the service and products we offer and also the value for money people receive. Now we want to do this with horse racing. There will be a whole new section of the site dedicated to racing, which will now be referred to as RTS, and new memberships that will suit every level of horse racing gambler.

We are proud of what we have managed to achieve over the last 12 months but it’s just the start and there will be much more to come from us which will all lead to a more profitable and educational website for you all.

All that there is left to say is, Merry Christmas and a happy and profitable new year to you from all of us at FTS Income.

FTS Team