Merry Christmas To You and Your Families

ian FTS Blog

The big day is nearly upon us and I want to take the opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and hope you all have a great time with your friends and family and remember they are far more important than Simon Mignolet flapping at a ball as it goes through his lettuce wrists into the back of the net.

I expect 2018 will be another year where Spurs continue to disappoint, why change after what will be my 38th year. It will be fitting that my 40th year of turmoil and torture (and probably last) will be in the new stadium if they get it ready. I found watching them in the Brighton game as big a bore fest as I have ever had at a football match and then the pasting at Man City, I do struggle with the hype around what is an average team , they look a tradeable lay at 1.6 tonight to get a few extra pounds before Xmas. I attended my greatest football experience last weekend in a flying visit to the Yellow Wall and having been to football for 40 years in this country, I can safely say we have no idea about how to enjoy the game. Those guys do it right and I cannot wait to go back. More on that experience early January as may organise an FTS trip to a game next season if interest is there and put up some prizes of free trips also, as I will look for any excuse to go back.

The new year will come and the World Cup will be upon us in no time, I can then have a good moan up and be proved right about Southgate. I enjoy my moans particularly when they get proved right, which is pretty much all the time to be honest.

Had some good feedback from London, one guy said I was like a second dad which I took as quite a nice compliment I think and a text last night really cheered me up. The key is getting everyone to do it and that is the hard part they key to this game is becoming more apparent is your guys managing yourselves and that is where my focus will be but it is without doubt the toughest job as people still think it is easy, want it all too quick, do too much, stake too little and bottom line cock it all right up. Hopefully over Birmingham and Cambridge we can steer some more in the right direction, then look at new and old visitors to the website and who could not make the days and get them looking at the game correctly as that is all it really is about between winning and losing, spotting value and applying yourself with discipline to it.


But all that  is for the future please take time to enjoy the next few days, be with people important to you and ignore the game in Turkey on Christmas Day. ( I might have a sneaky look) and those who attended London yes I will be producing the sheet for the game Christmas Day morning.


Have a great one and be nice to everyone (except for Agora and their family of sites who are 1.01 to send you some Christmas Day marketing BS as their parasitic marketing ways run 365 days a year and that is yet another post to come).


Enjoy and Happy Xmas and thanks to all for reading, contributing, moaning whatever your input has been, it always has some value on a daily basis.