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Been a while since the last blog post and that is mainly owing to nothing other than time. I was away for a 50th birthday. I have been trading quite actively myself and then dealing with queries re Portal, Trading Days, Ultimate etc the rest of the time so I have found time to bang the keyboard limited. I will try and make more time moving through the year. I was due to be in a meeting today but I have two flat tyres on the car and living in the middle of nowhere I cannot get it sorted that quickly so an opportunity presented itself. Not sure if it is potholes or random vandalisation which to be fair is odd in these parts.

So what has been happening. My brother announced he is moving to New york and he is off this week so with a sister in Australia and a brother in the Big Apple I can see a global FTS spreading as I can visit them and develop peoples knowledge overseas. I plan to do a seminar in Melbourne next year if all goes according to plan.


For those who attended the recent FTS trading days in London. Birmingham and Cambridge, I have today made a short video for you on your trading day page on this website. Please take time to go over and watch it. We are heading towards the end of February where you need to decide if you wish to access my files etc moving forward. the video covers methods One to Three I showed on the day and i will add a further video covering 4-6 probably next week. Any issues accessing it email me

I have been looking at my systems and improving what I can so my set up is getting much more efficient and everyone will benefit form that Portal members, 1-2-1 , Bet Direct which I will have news on next month and of course all other memberships. It has been a long process incorporating automation in the back end as well as the front end but as trading day members know, the use of features such as sharing my folders in dropbox mean you can access files and profit with very little effort your end. I intend to roll this sharing feature out to 121 now and then Ultimate for 2018/19 as you will no longer have to wait for anything then, when I update it in my office you can access it.

The relentless barrage of sales emails has been forthcoming of course and this will only increase as we head towards Cheltenham. I do hope to do a live Cheltenham blog at no cost at all and without promoting any products or bookmakers. Agora,Betting Rant etc have come up with yet another betting secret, I just never knew so many existed, they seem to fall off trees in Agora land. I have never seen them email one genuine bit of profit or betting themselves, which got me thinking, do any of them at all bet? I honestly don’t think, so they simply come up with garbage and mug people off. It is a topic that gets me going and I have been putting in motion some testers and reports this last 6 months. I am not sure whether to set ti up here or start a completely new website ( let me know any thoughts on this) but the results are staggering from what you get told to what actually is the real life.

For example one who emails everyday is the team Grey Horse Bot. Every single day without fail sometimes twice a day, I can’t bear the emails personally those “come on I am your friend” type of emails all a bit nauseating. Now I don’t know Malcolm or his team from Adam, I know he was associated with a few awful products some years back . I did however use GHB one of his bots which was fine for me until I found BetEngine which I much prefer.

But this crew or it may be just one person, I truly don’t know has gone into overdrive this last few years and openly boasts of making fortunes from selling products online, even selling a product telling people how to make fortunes selling online. He loves a, “I had 5 spaces they were taken but two of them have now dropped dead so miraculously I now have 2 spots left immediately if your quick” type of email – drives me mad. Well my man following all this hyperbolic garbage relayed a full written report to me on the subject matter of these emails and the reality. The emails almost daily extol the virtue of some ratings software which users subscribe to and they can fiddle around with about 100 boxes ( it all looked a bit messy and complicated to me) to their hearts content and come up with something that HAS won to Betfair SP. They can then share this and it gets saved on the page for others to see. There are currently about 250 shared systems give or take. Now given there are 250 systems and only 18-24 races most days you would expect that some winners are found, it is the blind squirrel syndrome.

The email modus operandi seems to be to see what systems had a winner or winners and then email about it. Each day more often than not it is a different system that gets mentioned. So how as a user are you meant to use that. You sign up giving them lets sya £99 I dont know the price, you follow the system mentioned on day 1 as it had a recent winner and the email is promising the world. Day 1 loses so then day 2 do you follow that days beauty and then day 3 and keep going forever more. These emails have been consistent like this for the best part of a year. So I said to my man the only way we can do this is to start to follow them. He took 7 days emails from a 7 day period at the end of December and followed every bet that came from a system that was mentioned/promoted/sang about over that week.

He is, since the 17th January, 75 points down after 418 bets across 6 systems – one system got mentioned twice in consecutive emails. It is staggering losses and he has only had one winning day.

It is simple there is no value in it, it is back fitted nonsense and the seller has no work to do, look what systems had a winner use that winner to promote. It is genius really, as people will by default just jump from one system to another and never ever have a chance of winning. Punters love jumping around so as a business model for the seller it is heaven.

The question I have is a come on to the guys behind it, make a genuine video showing your massive winnings from these systems and then make another one showing your Paypal/Clickbank or whatever account you use to take the money from the products you sell and prove that it can be done and your money comes from punting. If not what are the credentials. I have one benchmark actual PROFIT and I am proud that I always put my money where my mouth is, people betting Ultimate bets will be betting bets I am betting for much bigger money. I bet Golf Guru, I trade the trades from trading day and I show my PL spasmodically to try and incentivise people not to rub it in.

I struggle with how these guys get away with it when they show nothing. It may be people like fiddling about with systems and the like so buy into it but what is the long term purpose and why do you keep doing it? If you want to win that certainly is not the way, where is the VALUE. It is just very clever marketing from GHB as they will spot a winner every day. I could do exactly the same day in day out on football. Look where I had a winning bet and sell that method, the next day do another one.

People must have a valid reason surely to have a bet. I always used to say to Richard back in the days we had a forum, you have to have a reason to bet it. We can all aftertime and point to winners what we need is a reason before hand to place the bet. Think about that before you click purchase next time.

I will have a think about how best to display this info going forward in a way you guys (and gals – can we use that word in this day and age without offending) can access it easily. I do think to give it a foru./website of its own is the way to go as it is getting out of hand and when you read the gambling horror stories in the UK in particular, people need to stand up.

Hey ho busy couple of days ahead, kick my brother out of the country, prepare some material for 1-2-1 and then a weekend of football and trading, hopefully I can get back to a blog next week and look at what is in store for the rest of 2018.

Nice to see Wigan win, (Pep is turning into bit of prat to be honest- no doubting his style of football but don’t become Mourinhoesque Pep just entertain us with all your multi-millions), well done to Rochdale thoroughly deserved a replay ( who did pay for that pitch being relaid?) and looking forward to the return leg against Juve for Spurs the first game was a cracker best game I have seen in a long time, we have been quite good this last few weeks but it is as i stress just like punting all about the winning and for me Poch and Spurs have to win something in what is now the most barren period in the clubs history.

Enjoy your week.